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  1. Whoa, did not expect to get Luke of all things from my last ticket! For all people complain about unwanted pity breaks, at least his lines are 10/10. @mcsilas Nice pull! Great IVs, and just before the banner ends too!
  2. I suck at the abyssals but I like that they're there. I'll agree that the grandmaster tactic drills are pretty silly but abyssal maps you can beat your own way and they feel great to beat. I have a lot of respect for the people who just go in and clear them using whatever. -- Woke up this morning to find I was hit in AR 7 times while I was asleep. One of them was a -80, and the guy's team was actually insane. -- I have to see what you're planning with that!
  3. Panne is one of those units that is waaaaaaay better than she looks, yeah! I'd say she's as good as Naesala, but that's hard to say. It would only be because Naesala's weapon is underwhelming as the stat difference and mobility differences are quite significant. Beast armor effect is great as it lets you run Svalinn in the A slot and still DC - but the inability to perch next to a weapon/magic user and keep DC, as well as being a 1-move-1-range unit leaves the king as a hard pass for me. I might take Skrimir of Giffca because I like them, but Cecilia will by my colorless armor of choice!
  4. Yeah, the Cavalry effect is amazingly strong, and IMO they are the best beasts after the fliers - but the units have such an appaling enemy phase. Then again, this is just as true for Tibarn. The beasts being locked to melee range, and being locked to one weapon effect really do leave the units feeling boring to build. But I'm impressed at the wicked things some of them can pull off.
  5. Ooooh, +10 Brave Roy. I like! Galeforce cavs' stocks have been climbing over the last year, and Roy excels in it. Not to mention he's a candidate for best art in the game. I should probably add my own lads and ladies to this list. I'll put them in chronological order: Cecilia, my original carry: Reinhardt, because of course: Soren, my actual favourite, and an incredible arena support - also simply the best ally for training maps: Caeda, my arena queen (and now Alleigance Battle queen): (Yes that is Windsweep + Galeforce. Yes, I did that intentionally and it works quite well for arena!) Corrin, my ultimate Aether Raids wingman: Corrin's stupid bulk is there to soak chill skills for my Winter Cecilia, and stroll over to claim aether buildings - though, now that Chill Atk is a seal, I need to look into getting Fury 4 for him... not sure if I want to do that! As for Winter Cecilia, well she is 300 grails away from +10. Soon!
  6. Bless the merge bane removal, that was such a good change.
  7. Having a way to actually use defence mythics on offence would be super convenient. This is probably why they don't do it though, as the mythic hero bonus unit pool rotates very fast and it would become very easy to skip that restriction entirely. ...then again, I think I would sooner use the Askr trio than Duma on offence. Maybe it wouldn't be unreasonable, just messy when it comes to blessings. Evidence of the last two weeks of replays has convinced me that people with level 5 forts just don't pay as much attention. Probably due to an influx of people making it to higher ranks by relying on level 5 fort on offence and double mythics on defence. I got aced by a Bladetome+CC/Vantage Reinhardt this morning, but this was thankfully during my immunity. I don't think I could complain if that was how I got -80'd though! The following match was a clean success, carried by Seliph miracle cheats.
  8. Will give a read! Yeah, I'm setting up my team-building exercise based on +def, but won't actually commit until we see who it is. I really hope it's not a dragon or armour, but given the case available... Mila sounds likely, Gotoh I would love to see and can see the justification. If it is Mila, I hope she's a flier. A flier (or cav, but what cav candidates are there?) mythic means I can I switch my Winter Cecilia and M!Corrin to Astra without losing tactics buffs, and focus my light season units on pure flier synergy.
  9. I'm holding out on feather projects myself until I know what unit/stat bonus our Astra mythic will be. Also whoa hi it's been like, nearly half a decade since I was last here.
  10. Happy birthday!

  11. Yeah, the advantage of MariA comes in shotgunning, and the spread. Also, if you're crazy like me, you actually prefer the unfocused straight shot + focused spread. Too bad the difference between 7 and 8 power is so vast, and how you only get 7 after dying. I imagine it's a whole lot worse on normal onwards, too.
  12. My first easy 1CC had 5 deaths on stage 3, but 1 on 5 and 2 on 6. Also, Marisa A is far and away my favourite SA shot type.
  13. Balcer I see that no-death Reimu C run. I am very very glad you're not ranked. ><
  14. Whee, speaking of UFO, I finally cleared UFO Normal (ReimuA)! ...and promptly hit x on the replay save screen. =_= Don't care, though. EX Stage is fun and terrifying, and I can move onto other normal modes now. - Also, it was fun hearing Fera work on UFO hard earlier on skype today.
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