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    Fire Emblem. Of course.<br />Other video games, like Metroid and Disgaea.<br />I like food too. A lot.<br />I read. Not much, but I like to. :D I write too, but it's not that good...
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    Radiant Dawn
  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a little late!!!

  2. Happy Birthday!!! (again)

  3. IMO, they are pretty similar in terms of usefulness. Two things seal my vote for Ephraim: 1. Lances have more might than Swords. 2. Ephraim's Route has the Map at Grado Keep, which is simply AMAZING. Eirika has Speed to her advantage, but she is more Fragile than Ephraim. Overall, it depends on your play style. Mine focusses on defense, so Ephraim is more useful.
  4. Mist using Alondite isn't too bad, in my experience. It can be put to much better use by other characters, though. As for the moral complexities around Mist using Alondite...I never considered it. It's quite a strange thought. I always consider Alondite the "Knight" sword, and so give it to Marshalls or Gold Knights. Vague Katti is more of a "Swift" Blade. So I give it to (er...) Marshalls or Swordmasters. Seeing Meg decimate with Vague Katti is actually quite amusing. But that assumes that you used her enough (or indeed, at all) to get her SS Sword level.
  5. I'm Bi. I can post where I like, and say what I like. :D
  6. I'm not so sure. His shirt is kinda hot, but something about his chin really disturbs me. =/
  7. Ehhhh. Let me think. Boyd. I prefer his PoR version, but this version's fine too. Ranulf. See above. His hunch is kinda creepy, but I instantly liked his voice. Geoffrey. And thank god his hideous green armour's gone. Naesala. Gets me every time with those beautiful wings. Kieran. 'Cos Red hair is awesome. Tormod. For the same reason as Kieran. Zihark. Cool and Calm. Volug. Hate him as a unit. Love him as a person. Ike is uuuugly. Caineghis' nose... Nailah.
  8. My best overall priest has proven to be Laura. Her high Speed growths compensates for Light magics somewhat low Might, and she doesn't get doubled, apart from her time in early Part 1. Her only healer in DB status means you pretty much HAVE to use her. And Sacrifice + Laura is a great Boss Abuse Combo.
  9. Sorry about the delay. Silly "Three-Essay-a-Day" Schoolwork. >.< Anyway, I've just finished the Part 1 Endgame. CHARATERS: Leonardo: Level 6 Sniper: Strength: 23 (Natural) Magic: 3 Skill: 24 Speed: 23 Luck: 24 Defense: 13 Resistance: 16 (Cap) Weapons: Steel Bow, Iron Longbow. Skills: Cancel, Paragon. Overall, I am very pleased with Leonardo. His Strength and Speed blessings let me use him consistantly, and he completely annhialated everything he came accross. He was even 100% Accurate with the Longbow, which was very useful. Only worrying point is his defense, but he is an Archer Class - It's to be expected. On a side note, I used the Energy Drop on him, so add +2 to his Strength. Micaiah: Level 20 Light Mage: Strength: 3 Magic: 20 (Cap) Skill: 16 Speed: 14 Luck: 24 Defense: 4 Resistance: 20 (Cap) Weapons: Light, Thani x 2 Skills: Pass Some slight dissapointment on Micaiah's front. Another point in Defense would have made me more confident in her, and the fact she hasn't capped skill is wierd - she usually caps skill. Still, she capped Magic - at least she isn't screwed there. Hopefully she'll compensate for some of these in Tier 2. Oh, I used the Ashera Icon on her, but she really doesn't need it now T_T Sothe: Level 4 Rogue: Strength: 19 Magic: 4 Skill: 23 Speed: 22 Luck: 19 Defense: 15 Resistance: 11 Weapons: Iron Dagger, Kard Skills: Adept Sothe has been very helpful with Adept, It's almost like he's been waiting to get his hands on it! Anyway, he's not been the strongest of my characters, but he gets the job done, and weakens them for Micaiah. His ability to steal has also proven useful, as I have too many vulneraries to use, now. No useful stats particularly low, so I am pleased.
  10. Sorrowful Prince Pelleas? I think that's it. My favourites are: Echoes of Daybreak Bearer of Hope March Unstoppable Destiny Beauty is a Mad Mistress King of the Sky Wheeling Corby March of the Lion King Cats at Play Micaiah's Dawn Queen Elincia (and the uber-awesome sort-of remix) Sephiran's Sorrow The Black Knight Lives Rafiels Aria Tranquility of Goldoa Dawn Awakens
  11. Name: Takeo Otori Level: 20/14 Class: Assassin Weapon: Jato - Sword HP: 47 Str: 19 Spd: 27 Skl: 30 Def: 20 Res: 13 Lck: 25 Skills: Silencer - Standard skill for all Assassins Stillness - Enemy will not attack Takeo if there are any nearby ally units. +25% Crit - because he's awesome. Misguided Honour - Will not attack female enemies. Supports: A Kaede B Shigeru Takeo Otori is a character from the novel series Tales of the Otori. Look it up, if you want to.
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