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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday NNR!

    1. Blitz


      blame my time zone, lol

    2. Blitz


      also, sign for a mafia game on sf if you have the time to do so

  3. so, any chance I could ask you to sign up for a mafia game?

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      I basically mean Shinori's Dot.hack mafia

  5. Did I ever mention I still don't like Beli at all? I forgot to mention Beli because there's almost nothing there to read. Two games at once or not, his content is still pretty horrible. One awful vote on eclipse, it was far well past RVS to warrant something like that, worse with the bad setup spec involved. Only other content post is a few hours from deadline on the main wagons, no attempts at reading anyone else.
  6. I forgot I should probably look at eclipse again, anyway I really don't like how Eclipse finally drops me to vote Beli, like, she had a bit scumread on Beli in the first place but she only drops it after finding she doesn't want to vote me, despite initially disliking Beli's vote a lot more, which I will again quote here: A lot of the other stuff (not related to her role, that was just more me being confused / dumb) still kinda applies. Don't like how she dropped Rapier after the scumslip nor had anything to really say about him aside from said scumslip, don't really like the whole rolespec / setupspec stuff in general in relation to the scumslip theory. Anyways that's all the reads I'm likely to push out before d2 starts. I dunno who i'll vote just yet, probably one of Rapier / eclipse or just talk with Randa in my Role PM about stuff.
  7. Clearly Mancer's scumstrat here is to drown the thread with so many posts that i will never have any desire to read him. pls vig Mancer I am suffering
  8. I'm reading quote, don't feel good about him since most of his reads are just based on gut or meta, but from what I can tell he suffers from time constraints as well, so it's probably best to see if he has anything good tomorrow.
  9. I tried to read BBM and realized I had no idea what I was doing so I went off to do something else.
  10. Apparently i am not looking into Marth hard enough but maybe that's just due to how ISO reading works that or I am just bad at Mafia it's likely the latter
  11. Marth has a lot more metareads then I would like, but otherwise I don't really see to many problems with him? He doesn't have a lot of posts (iirc this is normal) but he seems to be consistent in his reads and had solid ones, which is better then my last ISO.
  12. So I'm trying to ISO people in this hell of Too Many Posts, and I have low motivation to do it, but I'm trying anyway. I started with Rapier I guess. I've gotten to after the whole scumslip thing, and the only thing I really don't like is that he fails to come up with a scumread despite all the reactions to his wagon he should have, which from my perspective is strange since I can usually pick out a couple people I think have scummy votes on me even in hard defense. I don't really like how he completely lets ecplipse go after all that either He's even surprised but he doesn't analyze it nor does he seem to have a read on eclipse. When he finally does read Eclipse, he sides with Eclipse esp between me and her, which I guess to me doesn't make sense to me since it felt like he didn't really read my case but I dunno. Despite that he doesn't really find me scummy either, which I guess just confuses me more since every post on me has a different read (this is more noticable then the other reads he has) but never seems to lean too far in any direction with it. Anyway yeah finishing that I don't really know how to read him. He has a few oddities with his posts but nothing explicitly scummy enough to throw a case at. I don't even see the tone thing I mentioned before (albeit that doesn't mean much). The only problem is that he doesn't really have a lot of concrete scumreads on people it seems like, even though he really should, and he kind of just focuses on Elie eventually like everyone else does and jumps to that. He notes lots of problems with Refa tunneling him but fails to do much about it. I guess maybe he could be scum because of this? It would be worth a vote at least.
  13. Also yeah it's not like we can't just talk in our role pm instead if we wanted to. Hydra Insomniac seems kind of pointless now.
  14. 560 posts....You guys are going to going to drive me nuts if this keeps up... I am utterly lost here. Where do I even start? Maybe I should spend time ISOing people
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