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  1. As some of you may know, I created this account back in 2012, and with it, an FE 12 playthrough entitled "Once Upon a Time" that chronicled all sorts of shenanigans, including a recolored cast, and a special guest appearance by Celice from Genealogy of the Holy War after I created a poll for a character to replace our beloved Jalepeno Knight, Abel. Unfortunately, the topic dropped off the face of the Earth for a very long time. Life issues got in the way, I moved house twice, and heart surgery. Worst of all, I lost all of the files for the remaining chapters of my FE 12-- so there was no way I could properly finish the run. Now that I'm alive again, and have the universal Fire Emblem randomizer running appropriately on my computer, I thought it'd be a good idea to crack open another nut. Unfortunately, I don't know where to start first. Since I have three games at my disposal (one I've played thrice, and the other two I haven't even done vanilla runs on), and the randomizer, I'm more than willing to dive into the deep end and give them a try. I've done Pokemon randomizer runs before, so this should be just a fun-- maybe even more challenging. I made a poll, so the rest is up to you. Have fun voting, and I'll see you when I have a decent badge set made for the future run topic.
  2. I'll see if I can hunt it down. If I managed to edit anything at default, I probably wouldn't have made the topic in the first place. So I was shocked when I gave everyone's natural growths on Serenes' Genealogy page a once over and found that a lot of them were screwed over. Thanks for the advice. Edit: Nevermind, you were right about the type of ROM. I found an .smc ROM and everything seems to be back in order.
  3. It's a weird return topic, but just bear with me. (And if this is in the wrong section, please move it elsewhere) Just zoom in on the image to check everything out. You can click on it to blow it up. http://suicunerider.tumblr.com/image/142324415187 To quote myself: I posted about it on my tumblr, but it seems like I'm not getting any leads there, even through a friend of mine who runs a primarily Jugdral focused blog. And the main Fire Emblem tag just swallows it up in a sea of Fates posts. If it's doing this with a clean Genealogy ROM, I'm absolutely stumped. Is there any way that I can fix all of this? Has this happened to anyone else running Genealogy on Nightmare, too?
  4. Thank you for all the warm welcomes, everyone! It's great being back on Serenes, and I hope I'll be a bit more productive this time than I was when I was last here, especially now that college is off my shoulders and there's a cool down period in my life right now.
  5. Hey~ How long has it been, guys? Three years, I think? Four? I can't remember. I think i dropped off the face of the Earth halfway through my custom FE 12 run-- just around time time Awakening was going to be released worldwide. A lot's happened since I was last here. I moved house twice, got heart surgery, college hit me like a bus, and I never got my degree. So that kind of sucked. But, I'm alive, thank god. So that's a thing. So, for anyone who hasn't talked to me, or has joined Serenes during the three or so years I was in the void, hi. You can call me NG. I love me some Genealogy, and i'm a massive Pokemon fan. I'm just a dork trying to find her place in the world, and I live to make people happy. I hope to make more friends, too. So I'll probably start posting when I can... maybe do some art, and a couple more LPs. We'll see where the wind takes me, as well as life.
  6. So I've decided to start playing Awakening for the second time, and I want to marry Nah for an OP Manakete!Morgan. Depending on who her father is, does Nah's scale "color" pass down to Morgan? (For example, if Nah's father is Gaia, will Morgan's body color be a mixture of orange and the typical Manakete seaweed color?) Or will she inherit Nah's hot pink scales? This isn't anything serious. Just curiosity got to me. Also, what's my best bet at a Wall!Nah!Morgan if we're still talking about genes? A sweeper as well if I want varying options?
  7. Nothing fancy. Just playing around with sheet music and doing cheap celesta compositions. And congratulations to you. That just means less work.
  8. Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm okay with what I have. No worries. I guess what I was trying to get at was that the trial version of WIDI Pro can do everything its paid for counterpart can, minus being able to save by itself beyond the ten second mark (and frankly, I know nobody wants that). That's why I threw in Audacity for recording and saving the finished midi as an mp3. You can download all versions of WIDI online, and through a bit of experimentation, I think 4.1 Pro is the most stable out of all of them so far. So yeah. does it cost money for the full thing (that isn't much more)? Yes. Does the "trial" still do the job with one extremely tiny drawback that can be easily fixed? Yes.
  9. I use WIDI 4.1 Professional for all of my stuff. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the full version in order to save midis as they are. The trial version still does its job, though, and it never expires. (which is probably why I record the finished products with audacity before saving them but...)
  10. So have the same clean rom as my first run. Got the updated patch.. aaaaand.. the bonus content isn't showing up. There any way I can fix this little bug?
  11. I went to go check my FE 12 rom to see if I had any new bonuses in, but for some reason, E.C stopped updating. The "internal clock" on my computer works just fine, and I can clock abuse by the minute. Yet... for some strange reason, this one section of the preperations screen doesn't want to budge. It always gives me 100% 0-hour quotes from characters and nothing else indicating that even a minute of time has passed. Not even stat boosts. Has anyone else encoutered something like this? Can I fix it?
  12. Doing this for my FE 12 redo run, and I wanna reclass my MU to help her growths. She's currently a Cavalier running a growth combination of Orphan, Beautiful and Humanitarian. That said, what class would be beneficial for her to run before level 20 and should I switch back and forth between the new class and Cavalier? Would a third option be good too? If so, what? Edit: Should I throw the M. Drop on her as well (even though I can't seem to find my bonus items in the new patch for some reason)? Or save it for someone else?
  13. UPDATE: Due to certain circumstances in early game, I'm, unfortunately, going to have to restart. But this time as a Cavalier (just like last run) with my Peg. Knight growths. I didn't realize I'd be dealing with so many archers during the prologues, and looking back now, I made a terrible choice. Expect a redo of prologue 1 soon. :/ - Your bagel, NG.
  14. Welcome to the world of Pokemon! .. Oh wait. wrong game. (OUTDATED MU CREATION) Oh ho, game. You so silly I swear. hahaha... FUCK CASUAL. Here we go again. Going winged this time. Fits P.B better. Ah yes. The.. queen of snark without her distinctive pallet. we're going to have to fix that. She really is the RNG Goddess if she can do all that. All hail Anna! We're not worthy of your unfair enemy crits and 13 percents! She is the Batman. The only Batman, and nothing but the Batman. That starving body! DEM SCARS. DAT PTSD. Silver is clearly the poster woman for bootyfulness in Akaneia. *GASP* I GET TO BE A MEAT PUPPET WHEN I GROW UP? yay. c: MYUNIT COMPLETE.
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