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  1. [spoiler=Chapter 10x]This side story REALLY isn't anything special. Except someone i've grown to like dies. And i almost cried cause I felt bad abou-- NG's a softie. there, I said it. I'm a softie for units i've grown attached to. You can laugh and point now. >> Time to get rid of some fakes. Silver starts us off by slowly draining Fake!Rolo (Yes, I said ROLO. Not Roro. Sounds fuckin' weird when i try to say it, Japanese studies and all. roro... what.) of his life energy. MMMM. TASTES LIKE LOST CHILDHOOD DREAMS. Navarre starts his killing spree with his killing horse and his killing.. everything else. And... Draug kicks the bucket. Again. In his Knight form fending off the real Rolo from everyone else. Rip.. again. So yeah, nothing special. It's just killing fake Rolos and ending chapter. Woohoo. Things'll start to pick up next chapter, i promise.
  2. [spoiler=Chapter 10] Before we begin, I messed around with the Talk function back at base. Here Catria and Silver have unlocked what would have been their A support. Oh, and if you couldn't tell by the change in her armor, Silver's the third Whitewing member now cause SOMEBODY can't seem to get her act together and defend herself. We're dealing with a map that has water blockage and a ton of mages, so that means we're pumping up on Res today. But there are also physical walls too. Marth easily kills this mercenary. Unfortunately, as much as I love him, this is Arran's last map before he got shoved into the convoy. His level ups were absolute shit. and I mean ABSOLUTE shit. I had no idea Eleran was a mobile unit until he decided to launch Zap Cannon at Merric. Merric, being the pimp he is, wasn't going to take El's bullshit. So he Crit'd him with Outrage and El died a painful death of "i don't fucking care bye, suckass". Camus launches a Jav. at this cleric. That's two units down, now. Catria decides to crit this mercenary for me like a good girl. Everyone on my team fell under the infamous 'Help me! I can't stop killing!" disease. And Navarre levels up thanks to that instakill. Feena dances for Etzel and levels up. She needed Strength anyway, so i'm grateful for that. I forgot who Silver killed here, but she gets Magic out of her level. And Navarre gets one last crit in before we end chapter.
  3. [spoiler=Chapter 9] Awww, my favorite type of love. A love so forbidden that very few people cross its boundaries and actually like it. it's so pure and unforgiving that anyone who gets swallowed up in it never turns back. INCEST. *brick'd* I send my fliers out to start picking off the thieves while Julian goes to retrieve the next star shard. When it comes to my teams, at least where Akaneia is concerned, I prefer mobility and the occasional stalltanker over a mixed bag of classes or sweepers. Palla makes her way through the desert to gaurd the village Minerva's waiting for us in. But along the way, she kills a couple of thieves and mages that are pursuing her. Trying out the Air Cutter tome with Wendell. hey, at at least need him to do SOMETHING before he dies, right? Marth OHKO's this mage. And gets a nice level up out of it. I know I'm using a physical ROFLstomper team for this run, but I decided to reclass Silver into a bishop because, one, I'm dealing with a 6% crit blizzard Sorceror and i need someone to at least take a hit and not die easily. Two, she's my secondary healer after Wendell until he dies and we get Merric, so i can at least have her help somehow. A little magic goes a long way. 8 damage? Haha, no, Her first spell's a 24 damage crit. Good girl. Feena dances for Silver and levels up. Spoiler alert: She's scrawny now and only dances for people, but by Chapter 15, she's absolutely broken. First unit down. Several more to go. Sorry, Ryan. Catria helps take down some mages. And we talk to Etzel. He's my secondary main healer for quite a few chapters, but nothing more than that. FE 12 clearly doesn't know how to Dark Druid. Recolored everything. Wendell heals Silver and levels up. Not like he actually needed to. Catria's speed is completely maxed out for her class by this point. I was actually wondering why i changed Minerva's colors since i'm not really going to bother using her, but i'm a nice person anyway. :/
  4. Y'know Silver. Ya love 'er. She's a level 20 Multitype Promo as of right now, but when she sarted fighting, she was a Cavalier.
  5. [spoiler=Chapter 8] So I finally decided to make use of that in-base arena. guess what? It's time to promote! peanut butter's gonna come down with an awful skin condition, though-- just kidding, he's still my palahorse. I honestly have no clue as to why I find this even remotely funny, but, come on! It's a PINK general! That's not threatening, that's adorable! 'EY, it's saturated brother number 1 that we're not using! Ever. Hi! *oh whoops i forgot to recolor Marth whatever he's now a chameleon* Headcanon's telling me Cain and Abel are brothers not friends. LALALALALALALA, I DO WHAT I WANT YOU DON'T OWN ME. Roger must have a bladder of steel or an iron will cause he's not pissing himself in fear at Shiida-zombie-ghost. She's clearly hungry for brains. ..Or she forgot her meds. I can't tell which. Level up for Camus on the bridge by stallbreaking some cavs. Oh, great, more zombies. Bantu sacrificed himself to save Chiki from some heroes last game so he died and Chiki slaughtered everyone that same chapter this happened in. Akaneia is not a continent. It is actually an island in the middle of Raccoon City. Definately. Excellent level up, girly. ..Where's your HP? Y'know, I originally panned to darken the background on the top screen, give it some fog and make the bottom screen look like it was opening up a pitfall to hell, but clearly that's not as violent or threatening as a peaceful mountain field with grazing deer and bunnies and butterflies as well as sunny, perfect weather. That alone is the absolute definition of terrifying. I'm really starting to want to flip tables because of the AI's intelligence. Fucking moron, there's an archer who CANNOT attack right in your line of fire.. and you go after the unit that can not only attack, but DOUBLE you in the same turn? Are you blind?! it's a damn shame i have to kill you off again-- OOOOOH. SHINY BOW.
  6. Nav's been on my main roster since the get- go and he's already an excellent asskicking Paladin. I highly doubt i'll be kicking him off anytime soon, especially after chapter 16.
  7. Majority rules. Black and red it is, then. [spoiler=Chapter 7] We start chapter 7 with the not so wise idea of two people wandering around during the evening with tons of thieves. Navarre, everyone's favorite 'kill everything cause I hate men' dude is accomponied by a dancer named Feena. She never shuts the fuck up. I decide to have my fliers and high movement units head into the forest to swarm the thieves. Everyone just trails behind save for Camus, cause he has an important job to do. Catria's pegasus is an Appaloosa hybrid, but it'll be a couple chapters before we get to see the spots on his flank. His name is Aquarius. My entire team has to work quickly if we want all of the free treasure the thieves have on them, especially the next constellation shard. Catria levels up after killing the thief from before and I can tell that she's going to be amazing. Okay, hopefully this looks less blurry. Camus has to deal with reinforcements while flying to the cave in the westernmost part of the map. Cookies to whoever can recognize his garb. It's a dragon VS dragon face off! I think it's pretty obvious who won this match. Wyvern's colors have been corrected from its sheet design. Catria kills our boss and gets another amazing level up. But that's not really much of a shocker considering she's.. Catria. no, duh. Unfortunately i couldn't get all of the treasure. I think the only thing I missed was a Master Seal, but the thief that was holding it was dangerously close to Astram and his squad, so it wasn't worth throwing my fliers out into dangerous waters just to retrieve it. End Chapter.
  8. Okay, I need your help.. AGAIN. Pick out a pallete for Camus' scalehorse of death.
  9. Sorry for not posting. Playing for more screenies, thanksgiving, college, family, yeah you get it. All kinds of shit are getting in the way. [spoiler=Chapter 6] And we start. I have a feeling a certain not- assassin is going to be sneaking around here in three... two... You know what i hate more than flies? Besides this? This. Catria! Use a move that's completely not avalible in your type and have it be super effective in the most comedic and painful way possible! Now! ohai Frey. Catria! Oh my God, stop! You're not Shii- oh wait. KEEP GOING. YOU'RE BETTER THAN ZOMBIE SHIIDA. Yay! Cockblock staff! Oh, you're so silly game, That's not my birthsign. Can we put it back? No! Nava-- wait. who's that? *pulls up wiki* ... Ohhhh. Still don't give a shit. FREY. FREY WHAT Oh, you tried to kill me, hire a fake assassin AND slim my chances of getting free treasure? .. Don't care. You're triangled. End chapter.
  10. Starsphere saved my butt more times than I can really count for that chapter. Really helped with growth caps and boosts when I didn't have stat boosters.
  11. I added a poll for our mystery character. Just go ahead and pick an item off of that list. The one with the most votes'll be our new Altean army member.
  12. *looks at past stares at class* Shit, it's a hillybilly Myrm. RUN. no jkjk it's cool. Can't wait to see how you'll do on this, Tyrant.
  13. Beta. Hush now. It'll get cleaned up in the final version along with his armor and sexy flying scalehorse of death. OHOHOHOHOHOHO YES~ He doesn't want to believe that he's the pussy that was 'killed" by Marth in SD, so he went to Valensia, got a new name, stuck with it, followed through and went back to Akaneia without the mask cause he's too good for that shit. Completely denies his original identity because of his blown up ego. Everyone in Akaneia is confused as hell, but decide to play along with it. Hell, even the GAME goes along with it cause it's funny to watch him interact with the army and level up as something he's not. The only person completely swallowed up in this lie is Marth, 'cause as we all know, Marth's a childish, naive idiot who's fascinated and surprised at even the most minor news. Beep boop.
  14. Chapter 15's being a pain in my nonexistant dick, so to bide some time, today i'll be posting.. what else? More chapters. big fucking shock. Oh, and remember how I said that IS wasn't convincing me that Sirius and Camus were two different people? [spoiler=HAHAHAHA I'M SUCH A BITCH] No mask for you! There we go. Now you're completely exposed for the entire game. And for Nyna. Good luck with your life.
  15. I tried the method you posted, but when the savestate loads, the game jitters and freezes upon selecting my current file.
  16. My apologies, guys. That rule kinda slipped my mind for a second. But what I can tell you is that the site you can grab it from isn't impossible to find. It just takes a bit of hunting. Good luck to you.
  17. I can PM you a link to the 128MB file if you'd like, Horse. It's the one I've been using for my run this entire time.
  18. Is there any way to transfer my current save file data onto the patch from the first one you guys released a while back? If so, will everything remain intact as well as added translations to main story, dialogue etc.?
  19. I was just making a generalization. Trust me, the mug shot looks a lot more complex than that. I highly doubt I'd put so much effort into it if I didn't know what I was working with. My friend would probably shit rainbows and squeal with delight if it was a pony mug instead of a human's, though.
  20. I'm not exactly the best when it comes to splicing. So I asked my friend for a critique of my finished work and she laughed her ass off at it and didn't know what to say. Except for the fact that it looked like i just stuck a character's head on another's body. But isn't that essentially what splicing is here on SF?
  21. So, good news. NG's finally spriting. Bad news. My best friend hates the sprite I'm using for my FE 12 mystery unit. Then again, this is coming from a best friend who only draws MLP:FiM ponies and doesn't play FE whatsoever. But if she's laughing at it, I highly doubt the reception's gonna be any better here. ;/ Hm... What to do..
  22. Dragons are your best friend. Well, they're mine, considering i was ambushed and chased by ASStram's hero Squad in ch. 10 and never got around to doing some arena grinding. I'm pretty sure African Wyvs and Frosts give out the same EXP yield a pop (about 70+?). Dunno about European Fires and your Mage Lungs, cause I haven't dealt with them yet, but in any case, it's like Arena grinding without the excess amount of money you get from winning. Have fun with that Shaver tome!
  23. Reverse Feena it is, then! [spoiler=Chapter 5] Really short chapter here. I had Julian recruit Ricky Ricardo for that VIP Card I'll need in a few chapters. I can't use it here unfortunately because i'm broke. Barst joins our team for Triangle abuse. Time to abuse the T. Attack on this mage! I completely forgot who I had Catria attack, but this level up was so worth it. Seriously. EWWW It's my Senior year math teacher. IT BURNS. Anyway, long story short, I reclassed my Whitewings into Cavs. so they don't get OHKO'd by the Arrowspate. that happened to silver in a previous playthrough of this chapter and I was kicking myself the entire time after. The Wing Spear broke, so i forged Silver a Hawk Spear. Marth rests while she rides ahead and kills the boss. And we obtain a shard! Silver is aparrantly made out of titanium. That Javelin did nothing to her. Actually, that's pretty surprising... Anywho, the rest of the cavs were killed off, as well as the dracoknights sitting up on the mountain. Unfortunately, I completely forgot to move Palla for a turn so she didn't get to the village in time and i missed my chance at the Hammerne. Damn. End chapter. Our mystery character has been chosen for lategame!
  24. Interesting. I'll have to keep that in mind when I recruit someone I'll seriously consider using in later chapters. Thanks for the idea! :)
  25. How the fuck did i mess that up? Oh my God, i'm so sorry. I meant Leen. Jesus Christ, why did i do that? fuck my life. fixed.
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