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  1. Why, yes. Yes I did. Is that a problem? Moving on. Prologues 3-6.
  2. In the far away land of Akaneia, NG had to completely restart Shin Monshou no Nazo because her wi-fi setup is a complete douchebag. so now I have to run the entire game Raw. No potions, no stat boosters. Just completely raw. "But what about your FE 6/4--", I'll get to that later. I promise. [spoiler=Chapter directory (fan names used)]Prologue 1: "My name is Silver." Prologue 2: Friends. Prologue 3: Transparant Wings. Prologue 4: Vun Voman Prologue 5: *not avalible* Prologue 6: A Test of Skill. Prologue 7: The Final Exam Prologue 8: Protect the King! Chapter 1: Grust's waning fate. Chapter 2: Of Dragons and Men. Chapter 3: Reunited. Chapter 3x: A walk through the forest. Chapter 4: Behind the mask. Chapter 5: Take the bull by the horns. Chapter 6: Doppelganger Chapter 7: The Crimson Swordsman Chapter 8: Crossing the bridge. Chapter 9: Magic City. Chapter 10: Medics and Mercenaries. Chapter 10x: Bloodied axes everywhere! Who's the real Rolo?! Chapter 11: Grains of diamond. Chapter 12: Graveyard of scorched bone. Chapter 13: Frozen Land Chapter 14: The Divine Dragon Child: Chiki. Chapter 15: Prince of Light. Star and Savior. Chapter 16: A Sickening Feeling. Chapter 16x: I believe in you! Chapter 17: Gra's last stand. Chapter 18: Reclaim the pass! Chapter 19: Determination. Chapter 20: Dark Emperor Hardin. Chapter 20x: The Abyss. Chapter 21: Dragon's Den. Chapter 22: The Torn World. Chapter 23: Sword of Naga's fang- the Divine Falchion reborn! Final Chapter: "For the sake of new life! We are Heroes of Light and Shadow!" Anyway, rules are rules, so they are as follows: 1. I'm following Shadow Dragon canon so anyone who died in my original playthrough STAYS dead. No zombies, no "Oh, this never happened, I did a full completion with all characters alive in my sleep"- nothing. Those people are as follows: (Killed by Pegasus Knights in Pro. 4. Replaed with Norne.) (Died walling off the back exit of Akaneia Palace from enemy Cavaliers and Thieves who were trying to make off wirth important goods.) (Died trying to fight off an enemy Draco Knight in "A Knight filled Sky". Killed by enemy Archers in Chapter 5. Killed by enemy axemen in chapter 4. Stabbed to death by enemy cavalier's javelin while trying to recruit beck and failing because I completely forgot to talk to Anna in the previous chapter. Died in the arena. 2. Levels WILL be doctored/ Save stated. I do not trust the internal clock and I can't clock abuse anyway. The emulator won't let me. 3. Feedback and contribution is welcomed. Units are up for debate if my team seems unsatisfactory. 4. Yes, I WILL be reclassing units for appropriate stat growths and chapter survival. Canon class means nothing to me. Anywho, with that, let's begin. [spoiler=Pro. 1]Nothing interesting happened. Plus I didn't screencap anything like a dummy for this chapter, so you'll all have to settle for text. 1. Our MyUnit is created. Her name is Silver. She's a starting Cavalier who is an orphan (past), kind- hearted (present) and a truth seeker (future). *Did I mention her horse- pegasi hybrid's name is Peanut Butter? *shot* 2. Silver goes up against an enemy soldier during her training. She doubles him with no problems and the soldier only does 1 damage to her. 3. Jeigan enters with a javelin but doesn't bother launching it when Silver's in double range. why he doesn't take the oppurtunity to do this I will never know. 4. Silver comes in for her turn and strikes Jeigan with an Iron Sword. This does 10 damage, but, naturally, doesn't double like last time since Jeigan is a Paladin. Jeigan moves in to counter attack, but Peanut Butter lowers his head and helps his rider dodge the attack. 5. Silver takes the next turn to take down Jeigan with the IS for another 10 damage and we get our first level up, which consists of HP, Stength, Speed and Luck. On to Prologue 2! [spoiler=Pro. 2] Silver sets up to attack Luke from Melee range. Oh, um, say hi, guys. This is our protagonist. I won't be using Ryan this run. That's where every other archer/ general/ berserker etc. etc. comes in. Here we see him running away screaming like a litte girl. like brother, like brother. Ryan takes a Melee range hit. Silver stabs Luke. flashy flashy. Not Leaf comes in to revenge kill Silver. Things don't go well for him. Silver gets her first crappy level up of the game, and with that, on to Pro. 3!
  3. I mentioned in my FE4 topic that i've been spending my week playing FE 12. Now i've noticed the downloadable content floating around, and I was wondering how to distribute it properly among my units as of chapter 7. I can't access it right now because Desmume doesn't support wi-fi (for whatever reason), but for future reference. So are there any classes I should consider when thinking about my unit options? Should I give these items to the weakest member of my squad? what about MyUnit (yes, I mean THAT MyUnit- little overpowered bitch that she is. Makes a better Shiida than Shiida.)? Should I just stockpile the Maturity Drop, Rainbow potion and Bond drop in my convoy until much later on? I'd love to hear your opinions and experiences with the DLC. :)
  4. * Gonna be brutally honest. I like FE 11's Unit animations. Even if there isn't a lot of variety spread out between them. * I find Celice to be extremely sexy.. (Probably because of my preference for guys with long hair.) * Thieves are my favorite class even though they're really, really squishy. * Marcus is my favorite Jeiganator. Ever. * Frey makes a better Sniper when promoted than a Paladin. No, seriously. * FE 1... everybody scares the crap out of me Especially Abel's pedoface in his character booklet art. ._. That or they make me laugh my ass off. I can't take the cast seriously in FE 1. * Alvis and Yurius are my favorite mages. Dunno why, I just have a soft spot for them. * I have a soft spot for 'cest. (Including Celria <CelicexYuria>, Eiphika <obvious turquoise twins> and ClaireKlein) This'll probably be thrown in when I do an FE 13 run... IF I do an FE 13 run. Still a bit hesitant. Except with selfcest.
  5. So I got the ROM, I got the patch, and I got the emulator. i'm also really lazy. You know what that means. NG veers off to yet another FE game and probably won't stick to it for quite some time (seeing as i'm juggling FE 12 and 6 along with this one). I already started the prologue and played a couple turns. Nothing interesting happened so far, save for my units' sprites being completely lost in the battle animations for.. some reason. ._. Oh well. Picking up where I left off next post if anyone's interested.
  6. You try using Tinypic? That's the site I use for all of my graphics/ screenies. I find it to be very reliable.
  7. And, you, sir, are god- tier. i'm not worthy of viewing such amazing stats.
  8. i'm debating on wether or not if I should use Dieck this run because Dieck... let's just say he's died more times in the arena than anyone else and can't double to save his life. Even AFTER promotion.
  9. "Frozen Isshu/ Unova"- Pokemon Black/ White 2. Does this help at all?
  10. Just out of curiosity guys, but does anyone know how to work codebreaker codes in FE 6? I want to base everyone's current level stats before I can begin with some stat boosters. It's the least I can do to make up for their less than perfect leveling as of right now and it's not hurting anyone if i'm just pumping them up a little bit.. is it? Edit: Nevermind starting next post.
  11. Joking, my friend. Joking.
  12. Actually, i'd like to see how they'd mess that up, myself. I was never the biggest fan of the anime til D/P, so this might be hilarious to watch.
  14. http://features.peta.org/pokemon-black-and-white-parody/ I have nothing else to say. I mean, I knew this would happen SOMETIME, but... seriously. as a long time player and fan of Pokemon and avid PETA basher, I'm disgusted. First Cooking Mama, then the SM3 Tanuki suit, and now this. Just... why.
  15. Take your places, people. Plenty of spots open for screenshot abuse. EDIT: Renaming topic because everyone's going to suffer the wrath of GodAnna.
  16. Oh good. lance died in the arena and I saved stated right as he was dying. Go me. God, now i have to suffer Anna's wrath again. Hope she doesn't screw me over this time. Anna, please help Roy, he sucks. Who wants to watch me suffer? Any takers?
  17. Must be because of that 40 Avo. Roy can pretty much double all units, aside from high leveled Cavaliers, Myrms and Peg. Knights, but nothing can double him back. Almost all attacks are dodged save for the occasinal Armor. Knight lance to the face or low leveled spell from a lv. 20 mage ( Minus flux which, surprisingly, doesn't hit at all).
  18. Edit: It's not just Roy anymore. Watch NG's entire casual team struggle in the arena. K, so we all know Roy's a terrible lord. Doesn't have decent growths, blahblahblah. So, I decided to arena grind with my casual run roy and i was wondering, what do you guys think? are these stats a bessing or am I completely screwed over? Be honest, please. LV. 19. HP: 39 Strength: 16 Skill: 12 Speed: 15 Luck: 16 Def: 5 (gee, thanks, Anna >_>) Res. 9
  19. OH YOU No, Ginga Board (Gheenga, or Silver Fang) is a fan forum dedicated to the works of Yoshihiro Takahashi and his mangas, Ginga Nagareboshi Gin and Ginga Densetsu WEED are his most notable works both in and out of Japan. A whopping THREE people aside from myself are active FE players on the Board. And a whopping.. I dunno, maybe 7, counting myself, actually know what it is. Everyone else is either too stupid or doesn't care enough to look FE up on wikipedia.
  20. May I contribute? 7-26-2012 8:00 All units gain: HP, STR/ MAG, SKL, SPD, DEF/ RES. Luck will pop in on occasion for a perfect level up if unit gains experience on enemy turn 30-45 seconds after being hit by opponent. For best results, immediately hold B down after the hour mark chime plays in your DS' internal clock. Units will not Crit during this level up, and I highly recommend being careful with this time when leveling up Archers, Snipes and Priests. especially in the arena. Arena bets will range anywhere from 670-710 (non promotes) and 950-1010 (Promotes). Promoted Units will gain anywhere from 1-2 HP leveling up (as is the case with both my Wolf and Zagaro).
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