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    Hiyo! c:

    Thanks for the warm welcome, Strunk. Well, i've only played SD as of now (haven't gotten around to downloading Virtualboy yet, so FEs 1-8 might be my end of semester graduation gift to myself.), but I can tell you it's a lot of fun. I don't really go for turn count as much as I do decent level ups for my entire team. I'll usually spend whatever amount of time I can in the arena, not only for the massive amounts of cash I stockpile for my convoy later on, but it just might be because i'm a bit greedy. Nah, i'm joking. i don't want my units getting slaughtered in later chapters. I'd hate to admit it, but i actually haven't completed SD the first time I played. now that this is my second run, and I really know what I'm doing, I wanna complete it with flying colors.
  2. N.G

    Hiyo! c:

    Hello, everyone. Some of you might know me on Ginga Board judging by my name, but if not, lemme go ahead and introduce myself. I'm Nagareboshi Gin, but you can call me NG for short (it's a lot easier in the long run, trust me). i've known about Fire Emblem for a few years now, but never really got around to seeing what all the hype was about until a few months back when I started my Super Smash Bros. Brawl obsession. Things really got into overdrive for me when my friend sent me FE 11 in the mail for my birthday back in July. You can probably guess what I've been playing nonstop. I'm an artist by trade, as well as a developing author. You just might see some of my work posted on here if I'm not too busy. So.. yeah. That's pretty much it for me. Nice to meet you all!
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