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  1. You're a nice guy for wishing my brother a happy birthday so many times, King Marth.

  2. Definitely Binding Blade, though I still like it. Blazing Sword came out when I was 12-13, and considering its proximity to The Return of the King in 2003 there's just no way I can disavow it. Sacred Stones offered up a lot at the time with branching classes and nonlinear grinding. I think Sacred Stones is actually the first game I ever imported, ca. 2004 or so. FE6 has a banger of a soundtrack, at least.
  3. Fox


    Here I am. Your altars to me yield less and less, yet I will overlook it this one time. Tell me, where is Musashi?
  4. She's feeling very Halloween.
  5. When I was religiously playing when FE7 came out I'd play super late into the night on school nights. Like, 4:00-5:00 in the morning. I'd wake up to my brother shaking me telling me it was time for school and my game-addled brain would dumbly try to calculate how many turns it would take for me to get out of bed and into the shower. Good fucking times.
  6. I see you binch

    1. Ϲharlie


      What brings you here?

    2. Fox


      Drunken nostalgia?

  7. Am I officially an old fogey now?

  8. You still kicking around Bus?

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