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  1. You're a nice guy for wishing my brother a happy birthday so many times, King Marth.

  2. I see you binch

    1. Ϲharlie


      What brings you here?

    2. Fox


      Drunken nostalgia?

  3. Am I officially an old fogey now?

  4. You still kicking around Bus?

  5. Fox

    W i s t .

    1. Wist


      !! Been a while! How's life? Still in Texas? Still playing Pokemon Silver?

    2. Fox


      No to the former! I moved to Boston a few months ago and am enjoying it. And yes to the latter. In 2012 I completed the second generation Pokedex as legitimately as possible. Maybe my greatest accomplishment in life.

    3. Wist


      Glad to hear you're enjoying Boston!

      And well done with the Pokedex! How long were you trying to for that? I'd love to play a cart again for nostalgia's sake. Might try my luck finding a copy online because someone threw out my game box. >8[

  6. Hay.

    1. Nightmare


      Wow Jesus DUDE wow where did you come from?!

    2. Nightmare


      Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox Fox get on the IRC channel (irc.darkmyst.org #Serenes_Forest) Wist and Hikarusa are both on.

  7. Oooohohohoho. Ahhhhahahaha.


  9. All we need now is a little Energon, and a lot of luck.

  10. You assume correctly!

  11. I started with Super Castlevania IV, then moved to Harmony of Dissonance. But since Harmony of Dissonance is unsatisfying and easy thus far, I cracked open my copy of Dracula X Chronicles and am letting Rondo of Blood destroy me. Seriously, I can't even get past the second level.

  12. I've finally gotten into Castlevania. I thought you should know.

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