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  1. Hey, I've just noticed you attacked me in AR. That Garon was awesome! You might remember me as the guy with the +10 Brave Celica. I don't really know why you surrendered though, you could definitely win that battle (although with 2 or 3 kills).
  2. This looks promising, keep up the great work.
  3. Interesting concept of love there, obviously backed up by facts and actual psychological knowledge, rather than your own biased opinion. Thank you for being a guide to us all.
  4. "Sins"? :| I wasn't making this game for people like you anyway.
  5. Yeah, it's pretty hard to pronounce. xP
  6. I'm sorry if the question sounds stupid, but how does FEXNA interact with copyright strikes? Will Nintendo or IS send C&Ds for FEXNA projects, even if they don't bear the "Fire Emblem" title at all? I know that SPRG Studio makes for 100% copyright free projects, even if the gameplay is basically the same of Fire Emblem. So, I was just wondering if the same applied to FEXNA. Edit: Hmh, some research gave me the answer. Nevermind.
  7. Just beat infernal after 300 stamina spent in attempts. IS, wtf. You're drunk. I need more infernal stuff, tho. Give us infernal story chapters (+60 free orbs), other infernal GHB, etc. Seriously, it's... hellish (duh) but the sense of accomplishment you get is unexplainable. Great job, dev team.
  8. Ursula is a decent and free substitute.
  9. Always get A in survival and A in speed. 705 points per run. My team: Xander lvl40+0, inherited skills: Bonfire, Fury, Quick riposte, fortify cavalry Elise lvl40+0, inherited skills: Hone cavalry Reinhardt lvl40+0, inherited skills: Blàrblade+ Tharja lvl1+0, just for the extra points. Ez. Horse Emblem is really strong in this one
  10. Name your teams? Wow. :D And yeah, the defence team being the first one was quite confusing and unpractical.
  11. You can get Masked Lucina (named Marth in the game) in the new Tempest Trials. The banner is probably some sort of "Fighting Marth" thing.
  12. Wait, you were talking about my 4*+10 Hana here? :D Ok, I'll share some info. I had eleven 4 or 3 stars Hana's sitting around, one 5* Jaffar (-atk IVs, pretty useless) and a third Alm (I already have Alm+1). Since the stats and the Arena value for a 4*+10 unit is the same as a 5*+5 unit, I decided to invest into this one about 14k feathers, and a 5 stars Ogma, Alm and Jaffar that I didn't use. Otherwise I would've spent approximately 130'000 feathers to get the same result (a 5*+5 Hana); given that we get about 30k feathers/month, that would've taken me... what, 4-5 months? Got a huge improvement on my Arena score by using this Hana instead of the +1 Alm I was using before. And, most importantly, I did it now, allowing me to get more consistent Arena scores and Tempest Trials scores instead of waiting for months just to get the same result. Would I have got a better Hana in 1 year? Yeah, a 5*+10 eventually. Did I want to invest so much time and resources only for that? Hell no. It was worth it. tl;dr With the current state of the meta, I highly suggest to invest your resources on 4*+10 units, if you have many copies of the same character sitting on your bench.
  13. Great post, @Armagon . You made me change my mind about Faye. I used to like her mainly for her stats, and found her behaviour to be one-dimensional and a bit of a yandere, although quite acceptable. But your post made me reflect upon the causes of her demeanour and the possible consequences of her actions and... well, now I think she's just a reasonably well-written character, a countryside girl with a simple life and only one bright light: Alm. The war changed her to the point she finds acceptable to kill for Alm. Nothing extraordinary here, but that's probably due to the limited dialogue she has. All in one, this post served me to upgrade her from a 'meh' to an 'ok' kind of character.
  14. So I'm back into top 1000. I don't even know how, lol. I'm using a double mage team with neutral Julia +2 and Lilina (+Atk) +1. Lilina is a freaking monster, she takes care of 3/4 colours alone. With the raven tome, she oneshots Hector, Takumi, and any other green/colorless threat. With swordbreaker, she 1RKOs any red unit, even the bulkier ones like Eirika. Swordbreaker also serves her to tank a hit from any red unit as she has enough bulk to survive anything that has less than 55 atk. She's so good! A +Atk Sanaki can pull off the same feats, altough she sacrifices some bulk for speed (which is kinda pointless).
  15. This is pretty good and you can make it work out. I'd suggest Triangle Adept + Quick Riposte. Bonfire is a good skill too, since the -Spd and Quick Riposte would ensure charging it up for the next battle.
  16. How will the Hone- Skills work when Unit Repositioning becomes a thing with the April update? From my understanding, you can reposition units until your first move is confirmed. However Hone/Threathen skills are activated at the beginning of the turn. If you complete any action (and exit the repositioning feature), like moving your units or attacking, that means that the Hone/Threaten effect has already occurred.
  17. Sounds like a good plan. :) A 4* Shanna is enough for Desperation 3 anyway. So that'd be 40'000 feathers instead of 60k.
  18. Yeah that makes sense. inb4 you get matched against a +10 horse emblem team Horse Emblem is quite uncommon as of now anyway, so that doesn't really pose a threat. People are probably waiting for Xander and Camus, which are great, at least until the meta doesn't become filled with merged units. I think they missed a great opportunity to make Ephraim/Eirika the best mounted units in the game... but oh well, they still are good as infantry units. As for Julia, I do agree with you on Death Blow. That's life-changing; I know you're waiting for the new "equippable item" mechanic before starting to invest your SP, but you should really consider that. ...What are the Wall of Fire and Sharp Things? That's also true. I just hope that you'll pass the learnt skills, and not the learnable skills. It'd be such a pain in the neck to collect all the SP over and over again. On that note, I wrote to the development team asking for confirmation on this point, but they said that they couldn't reveal that information, and invited me to wait for the update. Sigh.
  19. Really? :) You've made great improvements to your team, then! I got 10 extra BST on mine by changing Ninian for Spring Xander with Fury, therefore I also get more points now. If you were scoring less than me before, that either means that you've improved your BST significantly, or that the matchmaking put you against highly valued players. Congrats, eclipse. Raven is pretty good anyway, but since Atk and Spd are his best stats, you should probably wait for one with a better nature instead of investing 60k feathers on that one. not that you really wanted to do that, I think
  20. Damn man, you got me. I scored 4640, ranking #581. ...It's impressive that you lose 40 positions with only 2 points of difference anyway, wow. ò_o Congrats for your ranking. That really seems like a full mage team haha. What are the units that are giving you the most trouble?
  21. "not to be rude", but then you call other people squares... hmm? Oh well it was just to throw my 2 cents in there, I don't read all the posts on this forum so I really didn't know if it was a known matter or not. And honestly I prefer efficiency over challenge for the gauntlet, if I need a challenge I go to the arena, not to a game mode where deaths don't even matter and units are randomised. But heh, guess I'm square for having different taste? snrk
  22. Hahahaha I do agree with you. I just found it funny to think about Hector stealing his best's friend fiancée. Fun fact, the best way to win the gauntlet battles is to use a lvl.1 character. The opponents will all be lvl. 1, but you get a lvl.40 for some reason (probably your friends' unit).
  23. I'd say Ninian is also a good pick. Her being an Ice Dragon and all.
  24. Fun fact, you can also do that in Heroes as long as you're using Bolganone/Cymbeline combined with Glacies.
  25. Actually a set with standard Blàrblade is pretty good, thank you so much! I didn't think about that, and it actually makes it easier for me to save on feathers (since I have other priorities). Hm hm, that makes sense. Thank you for answering me, Ice Dragon.
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