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  1. Neither here nor there, but I've always liked to imagine that, because both of them get "they disappeared forever and were never seen again" endings, they eventually do end up getting back together in some far corner of society, possibly under different personas. This is of course nothing more than my personal headcanon though.
  2. So... the moral of this story is "wait to make accusations, because reality might be even worse than you think it is?" I guess that's not wrong but man that's an awful story
  3. Would it be reasonable to change the title at this point? Even if it is technically a datamine spoiler, what it says now is factually wrong: there are not 3 same-sex male relationships in the game. I feel like that second sentence makes more sense now. I would disagree on some level. The last few games created a very clear expectation of what an "S support" was. Additionally, the last game created the concept of an "A+ support" to serve as a platonic counterpart to an S support. Combining these two things, there would have been zero reason for anyone stumbling upon the same-sex S supports to assume that there would not be three options. Even if one might question why they would choose Gilbert/Alois -- there exists precedent even for that (e.g. Gunter and Walhart.) By using the "S support" term for these at all (and abandoning the previous "A+ support" functionality), they went out of their way to obfuscate the number of available options in a way that would confuse anyone looking at them without external information. Even if no review mentioned this, it doesn't change the fact that (had the game not been datamined) there would have been people seeing the S support option, taking it, and realizing that they've made a mistake. Perhaps the other review sites messed up, but at the end of the day, it is the fault of the game for providing that impression at all.
  4. I am actually amazed that it managed to get worse. I wasn't exactly thrilled with what it seemed like we had to begin with, but man, we didn't even get that? This is disappointing even compared to Fates and Echoes, never mind what we thought it was or what it could have been! I mean, the game still looks great, but damn if this isn't a massive slap in the face that it'll be hard not to think about while playing. All the "FE isn't centered around romance" and "platonic supports are a good thing" I've seen surrounding this is cute, but when such ideals do not typically apply to straight people despite being forced on us, I'm not inclined to view these things as benevolence. I'd honestly rather such people just openly say they're happy that the gay options are trash instead of trying to mask it behind a "positive" reason.
  5. For better or worse, the 'daddy' thing has an easy parallel in the 'mommy' or 'MILF' thing. If you put a little effort into it, I'm sure you could find a perfectly reasonable audience of people who are devoted to characters like Cecilia, Reina, or Manuela -- who all appear as much older and more mature women than most of their competition. What they won't typically be is the majority. People appreciate that Titania exists, but when it comes to romance, people will usually turn to Mia or Nephenee or Ilyana. I'm perfectly confident someone out there likes Eyvel, but there's a reason Mareeta and Olwen were prioritized for Heroes and it isn't plot importance. And similarly, there's always going to be an audience for older men like Alois, Haar, and Saber... but it won't generally be as large as the audience for the younger dudes like Claude, Hrid, or... 70% of the males Echoes cast. I guess what I'm saying is that having the option for Alois is nice. It'd definitely see a lot of use, since there's very much an audience for that. Having it as the better of only two real options is a bit shakier, though, and when women have five options (probably including an older woman as well) it becomes a little harder to justify as reasonable. I'm sure there are a lot of people who wouldn't mind their straight avatars being locked into choosing between Hinoka and Reina, but many people would probably be a little annoyed if Camilla wasn't an option despite her... everything.
  6. Good. I'm glad that a roster that added Incineroar and Piranha Plant over characters that people actually wanted was set up to get as much backlash as possible. People deserve better than accepting low expectations when everything comes at a price. Would it really have that hard to add... pretty much anyone on the Assist Trophy page instead, honestly? Isaac, Shadow, Waluigi, Krystal, Skull Kid, Lyn, Black Knight, Ashley, Midna, Shovel Knight... I'd argue that even Dillon, Yuri, Sukapon, the ghost of Saki Amamiya (why is he gone sakurai explain yourself), and the Prince of Sablé would have been much better. But nope, gotta add the obligatory advertising mon and a joke character in a game that already has Pichu, Jigglypuff, Wii Fit Trainer, and several other characters that could potentially qualify like Duck Hunt. If you're going to be that tone-deaf in your roster-decision making process, you don't deserve praise. The Grinch roster demonstrated how easy it was to make a roster that would have pleased most people (even if you remove the unique third-parties!), and if it's done anything to make Sakurai's failure to do so more apparent, I'm glad it happened.
  7. aw shit it's niime and canas and redhead canas and a bunch of other less important cards
  8. I think it represents how many cards Awakening and Fates have.
  9. i spent my morning watching japanese people eat fruit incorrectly and all i got were these lousy fates sets S15 looks interesting besides Fates but I don't think it's physically possible for me to be more disinterested in the loadout for S14. Don't really care about Tellius and basically everyone who matters from the 3DS games already has a card. I'm not sure why they bothered with secrecy.
  10. If we exclude Tempest Trial and Grand Hero Battle characters, this is equivalent to roughly eight banners' worth of character releases at the current pace. I am pretty sure that most people would consider having eight banners effectively ripped out of the calendar to be significant. If we assume each banner has the aforementioned two free characters attached to it, it is only four banners; however, inevitably, two of these characters are underwhelming as anything other than fodder due to being free and the third is likely to be demonstrably weaker thanks to being the 4*-5* demotion, leaving only a quarter of those characters to be thankful for their inclusion in our World of Alts. Have you considered the possibility that many of these people are usually trying to appeal to the emotions of people who like these semi-popular characters, and not necessarily doing it for the sake of the semi-popular characters themselves? I personally have little serious investment in characters like (for example) Flora or Maribelle relative to any other absent character, but because these are popular characters from games that the developers know the fanbase is aware of and are capable of making money, they are logical fanbases to appeal to when trying to reach out to other people for support. Furthermore, even if these people are motivated by selfish interests, what does it really matter? The vast majority of people I have seen defending alts are usually the sort of people whose favorite character already has upwards of three of them in the first place, like Chrom or Lucina. What makes the opinion belonging to these people morally sound when their opposition is apparently selfish, if both groups would like to be appealed to at the expense of the other, one has received multiple offerings, and one has been completely ignored and has only increasingly less to look forward to as time moves on? We have seasonal banners for alts and new hero banners for new characters. This, as it was, was a fair balance. But now we don't even have that: we have seasonal banners, legendary banners, brave hero banners, and new hero banners for alts, and the scraps of new hero banners for new characters (with a few rejects handed out for free via events, killing their stats and potential for the sake of at least getting them into the game.) How much more can you possibly defend them for taking from the people who still wish to see new heroes?
  11. I wonder what sort of person one would have to be to actively take joy in other players realizing that the odds of their favorite character ever getting into the game is very rapidly decreasing to zero. Not a remotely good one, certainly.
  12. This section of an interview might or might not be relevant. The impression I get his that his personality -- which in this case is also his sexuality, for better or for worse -- may likely have been inspired by his rather beautiful portrait for a male Famicom character, rather than any dialogue in the original game. And things snowballed from there. No intended agenda. No intended offense. No intended pandering. Just a flat-out "he looks gay lol, let's work with that".
  13. I always liked to humorously imagine this was the case for Gaiden, but then Echoes made Lukas and Forsyth into actual Christmas soldiers, so It's definitely not the intent, but it kinda works out that way so it was easy enough for me to have fun with it.
  14. Duma is also able to move in FE2, for whatever little value that has.
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