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  1. Cobalt Doom

    FE Recolor

    Hey, where exactly is the directory with the sprites that aren't included? I wanna be able to recolor female shamans in my randomizers :I
  2. The link to the more battle images for FE Recolor doesn't work. Does anyone know where I can find the images that don't come with the program?
  3. Oh no, I like Touhou actually, the music in it's really cool. Is there a cosplay thread? Eh, I probably just should've looked.
  4. Well when I play the games, I just use the characters I like :I However don't get carried away and do something absolutely ridiculous... Like I dunno, deciding to only have Roy and Lalum. I mean. Yeah nevermind.
  5. Hello everyone! I am newly into the Fire Emblem series, I learned of it from Marth and Roy's appearance in Melee, and looked at some gameplay, and I like it! I've only played the three gba games, and a little but of 1 and 4. I also copied this tihngy from a different thread and figured I'd just put it here.. Online name: Cobalt Doom Real name: Just call me D.J. DoB: 7/22/97 heh Favourite FE Game: Tie between 6-8 Favourite Game (other than FE): FF, Pokemon, SSB, MOTHER... I like a lot of stuff as far as games, just ask me about it. Favourite FE Character: Damn it... Hmm.... Let's say Roy at the moment. Depends on my mood honestly. Least Favourite game: I hate hate hate hate hate shooters, keep them away! Sports: Fencing (ironic, eh?) Online friends: I dunno Favourite music: Fire Emblem music :3 Favourite artist/band: Dunno Favourite song: Dunno Country: 'Merica. MSN/Yahoo/AIM: yim: djrow97 (ask me for my skype, if you want it xD) Hobbies: I collect action figures, and cosplay. (currently working on a Roy cosplay) Good Point: I'm very mature for a 15 year old. Bad Point: I'm terribly socially awkward in person.
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