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  1. My most recent hard mode playthrough was with: Ike, Zihark, Oscar, Boyd, Ilyana, Brom, Kieran, Lethe, Ranulf, Reyson, Mist, Elincia, Tanith, Nasir, and Giffca. I generally like to choose Oscar and Zihark a lot, but I found a liking for Brom. He got caps in str, ski, spd, and def on his own. It was so awesome watching him hit Luna after Luna consecutively during the same battle. I am probably going to prefer using him more often (rng blessed). :) Oscar does great job on my playthroughs as he never lets me down or gets bad stats at the end, this goes for Zihark and Kieran too. The only real upset was Ilyana. I had to stick her behind Zihark and position her between tight choke points to make sure the enemy did not attack her while Zihark acted as a wall off. The only three characters I will continue to use are Brom, Oscar, and Zihark more.
  2. Congrats Lord Glenn, I'm happy your being given a second chance. I forgot why you were gone in the first place, but your posts were nice and chill to go read. Though, I'm sad that the admin position didn't work out for you then, but I'm sure you'll have fun being a moderator now. P.S. Don't smite me with your hammer! =)
  3. Anouleth's is my favorite because there are many areas to engage in, and there are many breakable walls to open up more paths to attack from. Though, Feaw's snowtile theme looks nice.
  4. You should choose the darker one, because it blends in with the skin. The skin is already a dark blue color, so this should compliment it nicely.
  5. Congrats! Having Thunderman as a admin and Nightmare as a moderator is going to be awesome.
  6. It says on my Wii that I played Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn for 352 hours. I never thought I have been playing that game for such a long time.
  7. Dirty pictures are neither reason nor a mind being spoken. Oh, I didn't know that. I'm sorry then, I did not know what happened when I responded. I just took a assumption, my bad..
  8. I personally think that it's perfectly fine to speak your mind, as long as you give a logical explanation as to why you think so. If you say something like "Your a jerk," without giving an explanation, I can understand why. But, if you say something like "Your a jerk, because you did not take into a account [reason]," I think they will then respect the fact that your speaking your mind. Administrators and moderators are people like us, just because they have powers doesn't mean they don't listen to reason.
  9. Lali-ho! This will probably never get passed through congress. You have to remember that it will interfere with many things. Examples would be: sports, summer school, homework, tutoring, and much more.
  10. Lali-ho. I've spent the most time playing Final Fantasy 8. I think about 100+ hours, not sure.
  11. I didn't find Wi-Fi to be bad. I only saw one hacker after many times of playing, and I never get lag. People are really competitive though which is fun.
  12. I have to vote for Bastian, he is not good. He can't even heal. Despite having 12 strength, I doubt it would be of much use. Off topic: It's funny how many people despise Rolf lol.
  13. One of my favorite childhood games, my brother got me into it. I've played this game so much I memorized the first and second disc haha. I started a new game recently and I am now on to the end. This game brings back many nostalgic memories.
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