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  1. This kind of reminds me of how people tend to remember negative things easier than positive ones, which is why they might forget the positive things altogether. If the bad stuff is bad enough, anyway. I think I've seen similar sentiments towards Kirumi from Danganronpa V3, though that's not (really) a JRPG. What is one is Eredia: the Diary of Heroes. It's got one of those jerk protags, but he grew on me as I kept going along. Though, other than a certain character, I've felt that the playable cast could've gotten more development. I do like the writing, though, especially in the screenshot here.
  2. The ending of V3 suggests that's definitely a possibility (and I can see why they did it the way they did), so I don't see why there can't be a DR4. Maybe they'll do something fancy with the title, like V3, but yeah.
  3. I'd say I'm about average. Finished Iron Man runs of Conquest Normal and Birthright Hard, with the only differences in those runs being the map designs and the units I had access to. No DLC, no help from other players' My Castles, no Scout/Challenge maps. Just story maps and paralogues. Lost 15 units in Birthright, 7 in Conquest. Though, a few of the units that survived only did so because of bad moves that led to my Corrins' deaths. I'm surprised how squishy Corrin gets when promoting to the Wyvern Rider line ._. One of those deaths taught me not to use Corrin as a tank without a Def boon; even with a Dragonstone, he just melts on Hard mode.
  4. Pretty sure that political corruption is a common theme in FE plots. I'm not sure what to say on its execution of religion, but I feel its execution of the racism theme was rather shallow; it didn't say anything much with it other than "racism's bad". I'd like each theme tackled to be delved into further than that.
  5. I agree that how you can have a good (or even great) villain be two-dimensional, though I myself am more partial to the ones that seem more real. Along with all this, I'd like to see social commentary on a real-world issue that doesn't get much (if any) attention in the usual FE plots. I know that's extremely unlikely (FE likes to preach to the choir, it seems), but it'd be pretty dang cool and fresh. That is, if it were pulled off well; I worry the writers might go with something they can't handle.
  6. He means that getting to post in Discord in the first place is complicated, due to the steps not always giving consistent results. Dainank isn't the only one having trouble; I am, too.
  7. I like the idea of having both the avatar and S supports since I find them both fun, and not a problem in and of themselves. It's just execution I'd worry about, like others here have mentioned. I'd worry about the quality of the writing and (to a much lesser degree) overall customizability more than anything. It'd be cool if they'd let you customize your avatar to make them a trap or reverse-trap, which might affect who you can or can not S support with. It makes sense since people have varied physical tastes in mates, which can make the difference between whether or not they can be attracted to you romantically. It's true to life and would be a nice step forward in accepting the varied sexualities and gender identities there are.
  8. How is Hidari's art style old-school? It has very refined shading and lighting, and the eyes are quite a bit smaller than what you'd see in, say, Inuyasha. I think it'd be cool if the artist for FE Switch had a style that either fits well with the tone of the game or very much contrasts it. I can't think of any examples of the former off the top of my head, but Madoka Magica's art style VERY much contrasted with the show's tone.
  9. Fair enough about the lighting on the armor. And when I said "feathered", I meant anti-aliased; you know, the thing you do to make edges look smoother. Also, about when do you expect to have another piece out? : o
  10. I see the resemblance between hers and Lyn's bangs, though Lyn's were still slightly longer. I mean, if you yourself think the shorter bangs you drew already look nicer, then fine; that's your stylistic preference, and you're entitled to it. When commenting on the bangs, I was really just expressing my own taste xD And yeah, sometimes using a ruler doesn't get you the right results. Perhaps because as you edit the lines you made with it, it starts being slightly off-aligned. I dunno, but that's just my experience xD As for the highlights, I mean the brighter, off-white one you see on her breastplate and shoulderpad. I think the boots and gloves could use some of that, albeit taking up a lot less space than they did on the aforementioned breastplate and shoulderpad. And, looking at them some more I think the highlights would look nicer if you made them smaller, and less feathered. I think it'd fit more with the shading you have, since most of it is hard-yet-slightly-feathered.
  11. I think you're art's gotten quite a bit prettier since a while back! Well-done :) If you'd like some feedback, here: - Her hair would look somewhat prettier if her bangs were a little longer, and were composed of less strands. Perhaps have that classic leaf in the middle, too, by fusing a couple of the middle bang strands. - There's an alignment issue between the part of the spear above her head, and the part below. Look at the red line in the attachment to see what I mean. - Some areas could use small highlights. Like the green things on her arms(?), or her boots. That's all I can see and explain, right now. Keep up the good work :>
  12. Perhaps the role-playing was intended as a result of the NES' limitations. I found it interesting how Kaga intended Ironman to be the way to play. The developers of FE10, in the interview on this site, also intended it to be the way to play. I like how at least some of Kaga's vision remained, even after he left Nintendo.
  13. Based on all the story hype, I imagine he'd be about as powerful as Lv20 Vanguard Ike, with stats around Ike's averages there. Would be nice to see his power be less of an Informed Virtue; they could make a prequel to the Tellius Saga. Don't just TELL us how powerful Greil is, IS! No, those few fights hardly count. Let us feel his strength by being able to play as him, and see his rise to greatness (like we do for the average FE Lord)! Imagine Fire Emblem: Origin of Radiance (I dunno, I'm not good with naming this stuff). That'd be kickass.
  14. Before Conquest came out (and while watching a fantranslated playthrough of it), I expected something like Anyway, as far as RD v. Conquest goes, I'm on the "they're both good games, dont feel guilty for liking one over the other" camp. Despite its story and characterization flaws, I rather enjoyed RD. I'd so buy an HD remake of the Tellius Saga if they ported it to 3DS.
  15. I've not much so say, other than that I like how well-thought several of the responses are. FWIW, the college I'm going to isn't too different from typical public K-12 in this country; everything is still more about memorizing facts than actually learning why it's all useful. Even the programming classes that I went there for were very lackluster. The only real difference is that there are some labs and tutors that make things slightly more bearable. Though it's probably because my college is a public one, despite charging really high tuition fees. Since I actually want to become a competent game programmer, I'm aiming to study abroad in one of the world's top 5 countries after getting my game design degree (though I'm certainly not going to suffer through a system like SK's).
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