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  1. I'd say it's not something he'd be naturally inclined towards, but with the addition of the sax and trombone, Edelgard thinks some funkier bass work would be good, so of course he goes for it. Rather than SS specifically, I went for all the playables associated with the CoS, which led to... a dysfunctional mess. How Seteth and Catherine would play together is beyond me. But without El & Hubie, the only overlap with BE would be two guitarists (Catherine takes the lead, Petra backs her up), and two vocalists (Dorothea and Manuela would happily share the role).
  2. Edelgard: Drums - She may not be at the front, but you can bet that everyone's following her beat. Hubert: Bass guitar - To aid Lady Edelgard in maintaining the group's rhythm, and further enforce his Hot-Topic style at the same time. Ferdinand: Trombone - No-one can ignore the presence of a trombone on stage, just as no-one can ignore FERDINAND VON AEGIR. Also, it blends unexpectedly well, just like Ferdy. Of course, he wanted to be lead vocalist. Linhardt: Light percussion, e.g. tambourine & triangle - "I can't say that I really want to be here, but if I must, this seems like it won't be too much of a bother." Caspar: Saxophone - Put a pair of sunglasses on his post-timeskip design and tell me he doesn't look like he should be playing a sax. Bernadetta: Keyboard - Not generally too front-facing a position, so she can tuck herself away in the corner; given her bow proficiency and her hobbies, she should have nimble fingers. Dorothea: Lead vocals - I mean, she's actually canonically qualified. Petra: Guitar - She's never held one before, but she's going to practice non-stop and be shredding with the best of 'em in two week's time.
  3. Slight correction, Byleth doesn't actually even have to fight Lysithea during Ch.14, never mind be the one to beat her. The option to spare her comes up even if she falls to someone she has no relationship with, like Alois or Ingrid. Edit: My personal theory is that she's intended as a sort of freebie as compensation for the Flayn situation, and CF route just generally having more limited roster options.
  4. For a list of those you DO kill, organized by chapter, there's this thread.
  5. It gets restored. I'd assume it's a full repair, but I've only ever knocked 6 uses off of it before the event, so I can't be totally sure. At least post-skip, it seems all battalions use your chosen faction's colors regardless of the leader's personal colors or country of origin, and also regardless of the battalion's origins. My Byleth's battalion has an imperial red color scheme, as do those led by Ingrid, Leonie, and Alois. And between them they're using battalions from every faction. Pre-skip might be different, but I can't recall.
  6. They're not guaranteed. Specifics for my experience contain minor spoilers for Leonie and Linhardt's paralogue.
  7. It appears that Lysithea's post-skip recruitment can be made more lenient. Out of curiosity, I purposefully avoided recruiting her pre-skip, but did raise her to a C support with Edelgard and B with Byleth. I'm currently on the chapter post-skip where she's an enemy, and I get the persuade option regardless of who I have beat her, including original Black Eagles, Ingrid, Leonie, teachers, and knights.
  8. This certainly seems to be the case. While I can't view all the combinations at the moment, I've yet to see a restriction that wasn't due to being in a flying class or not having enough Authority. I'm not quite sure how a bunch of heavily armored foot soldiers can keep up with their 8-move horse-riding commander, but they sure manage somehow. I'd wager that the biggest (or maybe even only) reason flying units can't use non-flying battalions is that the battalions would need... something... for when the commander is battling over the open water. Having a bunch of horses standing on the ocean would be less than desirable.
  9. When a support is ready in blue for Byleth, you'll be prompted to view it on a randomly-selected day during the next in-game week. You can choose to view it then, or wait. From my personal experience, it seems that not viewing it when prompted will allow you to view it at a future point like you would supports that don't feature Byleth. This can be used for manipulating the motivation gains from Byleth supports to maximize tutoring gains. (I'm curious what would happen if you managed to get like 7+ supports that should all trigger in the same week, since I've never had two trigger on the same day.) You can also view Byleth supports when using a free day to Explore the monastery by stepping close to the support icons on the map, but it seems to take a significant time just wandering around (without fast-traveling?) for the icons to appear. Some supports are also time-gated behind certain story events, but those should be indicated by a paler shade of blue and if you try to select the support for viewing, it should indicate that it will "take some time", or something to that effect.
  10. Yes, magic can only be used in classes with the appropriate highlighted blue text in the description. He/she will need to reclass into a Monk, Mage, Priest, etc. The timing is really up to you and whether you care more about getting the mastery bonuses or the promoted stats. And, yes, you can return to any class the unit is certified in. Edit: Actually, it's most beneficial to move into a promoted class ASAP for the immediate stat boosts and then make the decision about whether to go back and bother with mastering the old class.
  11. Not too hard to avoid spoilers in that linked post if you're aiming just for the class info at the end, but either way, here's the suggested ranks in text form rather than in images: Edit: No previously-unknown classes mentioned as far as I saw.
  12. Exactly. I meant to say (but apparently accidentally deleted it) that the specific circumstances of a given fictional world can provide ample explanation for developing technological advances at different rates than we have. Not to mention that when some of our advancements are made by accident, all it takes is for that accident to not happen, and we're set back by 50 years. And societal trends like fashion are anybody's guess.
  13. There's also this to consider from this article on the main site https://serenesforest.net/2019/06/21/three-houses-famitsu-4th-article-follow-screenshots-details/: It's possible that CA effective damage does double and armorslayer-types do triple, vice-versa, or like @Siskan said, the two double effects combine for a triple damage effect. That would actually make the most sense to me.
  14. Fair point, I tend to think of FE games as taking place in times roughly equivalent to 12th or 13th century Europe, to account for the lack of firearms but relatively advanced swords and the like. While headwear like you've suggested might be more appropriate for a singer of the era, it'd be pretty hard to wear anything like that jauntily, and it'd greatly change the impression that Dorothea's current appearance gives off. Actually, opera itself actually throws the time-period equivalency off even more, as a quick search suggests that it wasn't really a thing until the 17th century. Then you have the real anachronism, the length of the skirts worn by the students and in this costume DLC for Byleth. They wouldn't have been socially acceptable in the West until the 20th century (and even now you'd have trouble some places). It's just that we've had these skirt lengths since all the way back with Sheeda/Caeda. This is where I personally end up saying, "Meh, it's a fantasy world," because the time equivalency is spread out over nearly a millennium. Oh, and just for the record, M!Byleth's DLC hat is the closest to what comes up when I do a search for "stripper hat." 😛 Gonna Magic Mike it up, I guess?
  15. I'm against jarring anachronisms, I just don't see Dorothea's hat as being particularly anachronistic. While it may not follow real-world Medieval fashion trends, it's not like brims/bills required great technological advances to achieve. Really, many more "period appropriate" hats would look fairly ridiculous to modern eyes. (I'll leave out my snide comments about Donnel, here.) Then again, I also don't get why people started calling it a JoJo's cap... And I'm not sure that Rambo in Star Wars is that great an argument. If he got hold of the appropriate technology, he'd be largely indistinguishable from a Mandalorian, and considering that Stormtroopers didn't fare too well against the Ewoks, I'd have pretty high hopes for Rambo.
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