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  1. Is anyone still even watching this?
  2. Ep 3. In which I also narrate over the cutscene as well as the gameplay.
  3. I derped earlier, and put up the wrong video. The one that's up now has voiceover commentary with it. And, yeah, I noticed the game audio de-synching. Gonna try and experiment a bit more with VBA's in-program recording options, see if I can't do something about that in the future. OBS might be worth checking out in the future, though.
  4. Part 2. In which I attempt to use a microphone.
  5. Eliwood's circlet qualifies. Which, in turn, also qualifies the Pegasus sisters (otherwise, I wouldn't get to use any flying units ever). However, this project has been postponed until the next opportunity I have to go to one of my IRL friend's homes and use their recording equipment to try and make a video with audio commentary. Which will probably involve re-doing episode 1 as well.
  6. I haven't yet made up my mind regarding Serra's twintails.
  7. So, eh, I'm going to LP FE7, using only units with some kind of head decoration? I will probably not be attempting for LTC. *Lyn Hard Mode, Prologue I hope you enjoy it!
  8. .... okay, this seems pretty darn cool. I'm looking forward to more. I especially salute you on that spine-tinglingly epic narration of the opening.
  9. I'm really fond of Nino's supports with Canas, myself. And also Lyn's supports with Wallace. As for non-Support moments... eh, I think you covered everything I can think of.
  10. IMO "Brozales" rolls off the tongue a bit better. Just saying.
  11. There is no shame in crying over the death of a project you love. Indeed, the more you loved it, the more I expect you to cry. For the tears we shed over a beloved friend/romhack project, will ascend to the heavens as stars, and guide them on the path to heaven!
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