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  1. If you look at his other votes, he hasn't actually played the game and is probably trying to make fun of the fact that having an "I haven't even played this" option in a poll is kind of redundant.
  2. Probably because the game was created by Capcom, and maybe they thought that they didn't deserve that right. I'm pretty sure that by then, the Zelda timeline was probably planned out, and the concept of a Master Sword origin story was already documented in some notes. IIRC all he did was give the go-ahead to let them use original characters instead of Mario ones.
  3. Nintendo has always been more stubborn and prideful than many other companies, and although that may be detrimental in some cases, for those worrying whether or not they'll ever ditch consoles, I'd say that's a more positive thought. Pride has always been a staple, even before Iwata.
  4. An officially licensed Mario game on mobile would make tons of money and hardly any effort would be needed to put into it. I don't expect the mobile games will damage the main console business since they have a different company handling mobile and they're just overseeing it.
  5. I dunno, I only did a minimum of sidequests and the game was still pretty difficult to me, I had to do a lot of grinding at places where few sidequests were available. Getting a handle of the combat system is also an essential part. I will say that you'll wanna stick in the level range of the enemies you encounter, if enemies are too easy for you, the game tells you by highlighting their nametags blue, and if they're kinda tough, yellow, and if super tough, red. I'd recommend, instead of doing all the sidequests in an area upon entering it, return to it later and complete them at your leisure, as although they won't reward you much experience by then, you'll still get some neat stuff.
  6. I've been to a few. I can say I much prefer forests, rivers and other places. I generally dislike bodies of water that bugs would prefer to swim in. I have to agree with above though.
  7. Perhaps penguins were birds who flew too far south for the winter.
  8. I've been lazing about. I sleep 10-12 hours a day now since semester ended, even though I don't want to.
  9. I'm gonna watch GoT and then go to sleep. Sweet dreams thread.
  10. My bro got home, yay! Now we can watch Game of Thrones
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