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  1. Oh, there is DLC attached to a DLC route? Man this game costs so much to fully see the story. DLC for a DLC route, why couldn't such lore just be included in the original DLC route already? Instead we have to buy more DLC for a DLC route that was already DLC in the first place. Grr......... -- Its a bit disheartening to see Mikoto being treated in such a way, then having to sacrifice herself in the game... man this is sad. Why cannot mother and father characters in this game just live and be good life?
  2. But do we hear from Hydra himself on his reasons? Do we see his human form? Do we know if Mikoto is angry at Hydra for doing this to her? Like this should be interesting lore to know...
  3. Whoah Hydra just impregnated Mikoto in some way? Shouldn't Mikoto be VERY angry at this? And just discard Avatar? I mean WHAT?
  4. The Hydra dragon? How come a Hydra dragon can wed a mere human? And how come a dragon like Hydra and a human can have offspring? I am assuming the dragon is male and can change to a male form since Mikoto is female. Seems plot convenience that Mikoto just happens to fall in love with the bad-ass antagonist evil Hydra dragon and marry him...... For what may I ask?
  5. How do you activate bathing with opposite gender? Isn't it random who is in there?
  6. Ok I watched support convos and S support convos - how come there is no voice?
  7. Where is this game voiced? Is there any short voice clips like in FEA? I read Gangrelion's review and he said there is sparse voice clips like grunts during certain story events?
  8. Once you raise enough bonds is it possible to have Male/Female Avatar bathe with the opposite gender? "You have an assorted list of funny things to do, but once you get married, your repertory gets expanded. You will be welcomed by your “waifu” or “hasbando” everytime you visit your room, and now you can do all sorts of cutesy stuff with them. Like waking your beloved up to see cute reactions, taking a bath together, or you can just blow your lover up (literally)." What is blow your lover up meaning?
  9. Does this leak of info mean EU is getting this game much earlier than NA?
  10. Thanks, extra line about spouse, does it actually name the spouse? And what the spouse is now doing @ endgame? What about random character x character married ending? Does it go into any detail...?
  11. Does male Avatar get any unique endings for the different routes? If so, how do I activate them? Do any other characters get any unique endings? I played Awakening and all I got was my Avatar loved his beloved wife, above all else. No mention who the wife is or whatever. :( Please I hope this game has better unique ending!
  12. I agree with multi-verse theory. If you didn't see the supports, then they didn't happen for your play through of the game. I support multiverse theory! :D
  13. So basically a king/queen in name only... there's nothing to rule over... no power to be gained? Do people from Hoshido and Nohr migrate to IK? You know building a new home/empire/nation! :)
  14. Do the stories and characters revolve around the Avatar? I mean besides Avatar x Character supports, are there any other cool and interesting interactions between Avatar and the world/characters? Please tell me some examples if you remember.
  15. I mean does it have important resources? Strategic location? I mean this is a war game right? This should be explained?
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