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  1. What does the information contained below mean? So Gimle time-travelled back to the present using MU's body? Avatar is possessed by Gimle after he/she and Chrom defeat Fauder and kills Chrom. When Lucina attempts to escape to the past, Gimle follows her to the past in the future Avatar's body, causing his/her memories to collide with the present Avatar's memories, giving Avatar amnesia. But that specific body is much older, like at least 15+ years older than the current MU in the current timeline (remember MU in the future was already married and his/her child/children already grew up quite a bit). So is it more logical to interpret the information as suggesting Gimle time-travelled back into the body of the current MU in the current timeline? This will explain why MU lost his memories due to a memory clash and the fact that the MU has a young adult age and not a middle-aged man/woman. In other words, the Gimle possessed MU from future time travelled to the current timeline. The Gimle possessed MU then spiritually inserted himself into the current MU's body. This did not change the current MU's appearance in terms of his/her age, but it did cause current MU to lose his/her memories. Is this a correct/logical assumption? Note that the war in the future unaltered timeline lasted MUCH LONGER than the 1-2 years you'll be playing in FE13. Arguably, it lasted more than 15 years. Given MU has married and that his/her child/children has actually grown up quite a bit. This is logical because remember Gimle was able to play a much bigger role in the future timeline (thus prolonging the war) and the the future children coming into the current timeline will logically provide some tips/advice/strategies/tactics/crucial information to aid the war in the current timeline. And of course gotta remember that the very fact that future characters ENTERED the current timeline will have already altered the current timeline's future in ways that no future can possibly predict. The very fact that people or events that are not supposed to happen in the current timeline has occurred means that the future is very much OPEN - thus giving the players a solid and logical way to shape a future in whatever way the player seems fit.
  2. No I didn't think that Sariya caring for male MU's cold is in anyway too suggestive, its simply a caring friend watching over (you) with wet towels, water, medicine and maybe a bit of Sariya's cooling curses... I do not believe it is anything suggestive at all. But I was just scared that oversensitive NOA localization teams may think otherwise...
  3. For those of you who played previous FE games, how close does the localisations resemble the original Japanese text? For example, the supports --> you can read quite a number of them translated by fans on the FAQ page. At the very least they give a good idea about what happens during supports and the general conversation dialogues are fleshed out. Do you think NOA might COMPLETELY alter the conversation dialogue for example? I ask this because didn't Kid Icarus allow NOW "freehand" in terms of localization? For example, this may contain spoilers: Remember Sariya x Male MU? She says your her first love. She then makes a lunched box for your then later on you collapse due to a cold and she cares for you. Now will NOA deem the the support with Sariya too mature? They may completely change the support convo with Sariya into something less suggestive and less mature? Maybe she will just say "can we be friends" or something? And Sariya will not be caring MU after he passes out from a cold because that is suggesting that Sariya and Male MU are alone together and that will be deemed suggestive? I just want to know if previous FE games had more suggestive convos than the above and whether they have been completely altered in the NOA localization.
  4. Awakening will be my first FE game and so I've been diligently reading a lot about Naga FE's history. But I am so confused about Naga. Apparently, Naga died but was resurrected as Nagi? And then Nagi also "disappeared". So did Naga die or is she still alive? Because she clearly appears in Fire Emblem Awakening? And then there's Tiki. Tiki is Naga's child born via blood-bonding with The Saints or in particular with Heim. Judging by past events, Tiki is about 3000 years old (probably a young adult in terms of human ages). Tiki has been sleeping for at least 1/3 of her life (1000 years), she then awoke and was taken care of by Marth and Gotoh when she was still in child/teenage form. Then apparently she slept again until a few centuries before the start of Fire Emblem Awakening and is currently the Divine Dragon priestess of the continent of Warm - in which Valhart is the Emperor. For those of you who are very acquainted with FE's history, can you please answer my question regarding Naga? And can you check if my understanding of Tiki's history is more or less (more or less because I think even the developers are sort of vague on the specifics?) correct?
  5. Wow thanks heaps! So I guess I can treat Lenha and Sairi as lords/nobles who reside in Warm under the rule of Valhart? Is that a logical assumption? Thank you, I have a specific question regarding Tiki. How old is she exactly? When was she born? And how many years did she actually spend asleep? And how come she ended up as the priestess of Warm? From what I've read, she is born at the time of Anri? Put to sleep then awakened during Marth's time, then put to sleep again until a few centuries before the start of the timeline in Awakening? Pls correct me if I am wrong...
  6. As this is my first FE game - I found it really confusing to understand the relationships between the different kingdoms... I tried looking at the history of past games but OMG its like taking history courses all over again... too complicated. So this is what I get: 1. There is the Holy Kingdom of Iris? So this is a kingdom? Or is this a country? Krom is the prince of this Kingdom and the next-to-be Emperor. So this Iris Kingdom 2. The reason I ask is because there the Kingdom of Warm and the emperor is Valhart. And apparently, Sonshin, which was was located in Warm, was formerly ruled by Lenha and Sairi is the former princess of Sonshin. So Sonshin is a country? How can a country exist in a kingdom? So confusing. 3. Please tell me where Sonshin is. And how come Sonshin can exist in a Kingdom who already has a ruler? 4. And Viole comes from some other Kindgom that we don't know of? So Viole is a king right? 5. Finally. Marth. So Marth is the hero king or something. And he was the person who formed the Holy Kingdom of Iris thousands of years ago? So in this FE world, there are only 5 major Kingdoms. Iris, Warm, Viole's kingdom, Perezia and Felia. Please help me! So confused.
  7. From the webpage: http://serenesforest.net/fe13/support.html It says for example Sariya --> Nono as support. Anna - Tiki as support. Viole --> Frederick, Libera. Does this mean that Sariya can ONLY same gender support with Nono? That Viole can ONLY same gender support with Frederick and Libera? I know MU can support with any character. But I would like to have further clarifications on the table... because imagine you have 2 same gendered characters fighting together for a long time thinking they establish support to increase battle powers but in the end you find they can't... is there any sort of "indication" in the game itself which tells you at the beginning X & Y (for example) cannot establish ranked support?
  8. I know this question has been asked many times - is there canon or is there not? I understand that its really a matter of perspective... But you know I've been scrolling through Sumia's supports with the opposite genders and based on the content/nature of the support convos it seems to be "shipping" Krom and Sumia. I dunno how tactfully I should put this, but Sumia's supports with other male characters except for Krom are surprisingly bland. She cares deeply about Krom during her supports and she tries SO HARD to make Krom a healthy meal (lunchboxes) all the time. Now, the only other person that made lunch for someone else that she loved was Sariya. And she made it for MU... I'm not trying to imply anything here... BUT you can argue that Sumia's efforts at going so far for helping Krom is the sign of a canon relationship. The question is, in her other supports, let's take the Sumia x Male MU support convos for example - don't they seem particularly bland (talking about books)? Where is the spark? Where is the affection? Where is the kind of care and understanding between Sumia and Krom? Again, as much as I would want to believe there are no canon pairings, the nature and the content of the support convos seem to point the other way... at least to a certain degree? What do you guys think? In a sense I want to be proved wrong because I don't like this canon paring thing but I will know that I will feed bad if I paired off the "wrong couple" and failed to realize X person's feelings towards Y...
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