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  1. Heal Marica, Hurt Vika. Omg, I keep forgetting to vote because of playing FE: Heroes again. >.>
  2. Heal Marcia, Hurt Vika. Off-topic comment: I don't care what anyone says - Wolf is a bamf. ouo
  3. Once a day. So if it's 11:50 PM and you vote because you haven't voted yet, go ahead and vote again in ten minutes; but that vote at midnight will count as your day's vote, and you'd have to wait another day to vote again. That's pretty much how all H/H threads, if I'm not mistaken. Heal Shinon, Hurt Vika. But no really I never expected to see Shinon in the top five. I always thought everyone hated him. ;A; -Goes to proud corner-
  4. I like this person. ^ Heal Shinon, Hurt Vika. ...And because it's midnight I have to wait another twelve hours. -Sits-
  5. UGH. I'm back. -flops lazily- Heal Shinon, Hurt Nephenee.
  6. I'm gonna have to steal someone's laptop over the weekend, because I have a con I'll be at. Must keep voting. Hurt Kieran, Heal Shinon.
  7. Ugh. GED is annoying. Bluh. Heal Shinon, Hurt Zihark.
  8. Heal Shinon, Hurt Zihark. Shinon's goin' up by two now~.
  9. Heal Shinon, Hurt Stefan. So Shinon's at even numbers again at 202~.
  11. HEAL SHINON, HURT ZIHARK. -Carefully shoos away the evil aura around me-
  12. ...Wow. No wonder Tumblr always says "this is why we can't have nice things". MADE IT 40 MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT. Heal Shinon, Hurt Zihark. EDIT: Zihark's in the 100 range now, so he's at the three points. c:
  13. Hurt Zihark, Heal Shinon. Just pointing out if you threaten our characters, we'll do the same to yours. So rather than threaten them, let's just play the game normally. <3
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