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  1. So basically, my Fa's INCREDIBLY speed blessed right now, nifty! This is after the first tower trial by the way. Sheesh, now I'm curious to see how blessed some of my other units from my screenshot LP (Sae'rah most importantly) are.
  2. Yeah, I could have. Of course, not bringing in half my underleveled squadmates and not even getting a bunch of levels for them since everyone else did the killing contributed to that, heh.
  3. Last part of the LP to be posted until v2.0 makes its glorious entry down the road. Enjoy! [spoiler=Interlude Part 5: The First Trial II] Just cleaning up a couple more enemies en route to the southwestern base. Oh boy. Had Menmus scout ahead and some fresh reinforcements appeared after ending his turn. He'll be fine once I toss a Physic shot his way though. Good thing I healed him, didn't I? That's what two enemies did to him in a single enemy phase. Schwarz kills a Mage, then some take & drop magic brings Rya much further forward. Nope! Rya doesn't get a kill, but she does get more magic. Works for me! Not much enemy resistance left until I reach the southwestern base. One last enemy falls, then a warning comes, stating the powerful reinforcements will be coming very soon. There we go. Not a moment too soon as well because... The reinforcements come in and they will ALL rush you now. Nice strength there magic using class. As the turns pass, I find very quickly that I'm going to get overwhelmed if I stay where I am so I begin retreating & healing up. I guess I'll have Letruffe steal some Elixirs and...wait, I can steal the SIlver Lance? I'm not sure how that's possible, but hell, free weapon. Not complaining there! Rescue & fall back everyone! Leader man hits hard, that's for damned sure. Pretty good defensive line here. Once I back into the room to the north, I should be able to turtle up and wait out the rest of the turns. This is roughly around the norm for damage on some of the fresh reinforcements. Good thing I'm retreating because I can't handle that many strong enemies with my current party. Maybe if I had brought all my A-Team members. Oh how I wish I could just murder you right now, but I can't sadly. Clusterfuck III: Revenge of Clusterfuck Anyways, the remainder of my time here was spent walling up and taking pot shots from range at whatever I could. I suppose this level is the closest thing to karmic revenge for all the good levels I picked up here though. Once time's up, you'll be handed a reward for surviving the ordeal. What is it? While it can't be used yet, I want to say this item will eventually let you promote a unit. Oh how I wish I could see what Sae'rah's promotions are now, but it'll have to wait until v2.0. With that, this screenshot LP will go into hibernation until that version is eventually released. See you then!
  4. [spoiler=Interlude Part 4: The First Trial I] Welcome to the Tower of Trials. No longer a place where you can just grind your face off until you hit max level, this tower now features trials you can challenge for a price. Only one available right now for 1000 gold, but it's worth it. Dang Anna, when did you go get bulked the hell up? She's not the person you talk to on the first floor, but rather that green army Soldier. Do so and you'll move on to the first trial (and get a chance to make your preparations). The goal for the first trial is to survive for 23 turns. Quite awhile to survive, eh? Anyways, the main gimmick are the four bases the Soldier pointed out (Forts in the SW & SE, both sets of stairs in the center). After enough time has passed, a ton of reinforcements will pour out of said bases. However, if you can capture a base (just step on either the fort or the stairs), reinforcements will not come from that area. As such, the optimal strategy here is to pick one of the bases and camp out there until time is up. The stairs are quick to reach, but as you'll see later, that may not be a good spot to setup your defenses. I'll be heading for the base in the southwest corner. It has a nice narrow hallway just to its north, allowing me an escape route should things get overwhelming. Much like the monsters, the human enemies in the Tower of Trials take a notable jump in power. They do cough up much better exp than anything from a skirmish though. Shouldn't be too hard to get any one unit up to lv10-12 with some effort put in. Also, see that Soldier boxed in on the left there? Well, look who's itching for a fight. He's got crazy good stats across the board and a couple strong weapons, though only one is going to factor in to anything right now. He also has a passive ability, Renewal, healing him for 1/10th of his maximum hp (so 4 hp) at the start of every enemy phase. Can be annoying, especially paired with Elixir use. Now, you can defeat him, but there's a catch that he'll warn you about if you or him initiate a battle. If he's defeated, the whole base gimmick spawning strong enemies after a certain turn just gets activated right now. Use your own judgement to determine if springing the trap early is a good idea or not. Watching enemy damage is critical here. Everything can hit so hard it's easy to lose a unit in 2-3 hits if you're not paying attention. Luckily, Letruffe ORKOs this Mage (he does take a hit though). Lucky dodges from Djambo & Menmus as they attack some Mages. Rya & Garion engage in some Mage killing themselves. Sae'rah is going to start clearing a path to the north. The only thing of note during the enemy phase besides the weakened Myrmidon suiciding on Sae'rah. Sae'rah & Rya take out an Archer. Healing for Letruffe. Two Mercenaries attack Fa on the enemy phase, but get nothing done except for eating a blast of magic in the face. Enemies hit hard here, simple as that. Menmus & Cattleya take out a Fighter while Rya kills one herself. Sae'rah begins work on breaking down a wall. Both Mercenaries attacked Fa again. Same end result, but this time both didn't have the hp to withstand the magic assault. Random Mage, whee. Rya breaks down the wall, causing the Mage behind to get killed when Sae'rah attacks her afterwards. She does take a hit though so I'll need Ceapana to heal her up fast. Especially when this happens. Reinforcements in the northwest now. Lots of enemies here, but see this highlighted Pegasus Knight? She's wielding a Killer Lance. Finishing off some of the last remaining enemies coming from the east grants Djambo a level. More speed! More enemy dispatching. Menmus can't double his target, but nobody can be killed at present so I'm not worried. Ceapana heals up Sae'rah, then the only enemy to attack on the enemy phase gets counterattacked & killed by Djambo. Next turn's actions for both sides. Alrighty. Just going to have Sae'rah weaken this Archer, then Rya can deliver the killing blow with her Longbow. You know what, I like this outcome much better. Gotta love them 1% crit chances going off! Djambo cuts down the Soldier that attacked Sae'rah on the last enemy phase. Female FE units = assholes. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING, can disprove this claim (Yes, Letruffe got doubled there). Previous statement still upheld for one dingbat Myrmidon. Not so much for someone's mount who got spear'd in the face though. *Insert Final Fantasy victory music here* Djambo & Letruffe clean up some more trash. Ceapana tosses another shot of Physic over to Sae'rah. Keep trying buddy. Mage tries to annoy Sae'rah and fails. Also, gaze upon this awesome level and realize she has SEVEN levels of growth left. Cattleya weakens a Fighter, then I have Fa blow him up just because she can level from this kill. *Looks up speed growth from v1.2* *Speed growth is 35%* 35% growth. My. Ass. If that has been unchanged, it means that Fa is at least +6 points ahead of her average at this level. Fa, please continue to be awesome forever, thank you. Djambo's doing pretty damn well for himself too right now. So much for that nasty weapon when the dingbat is attacking one of my tanky units. Good thing I healed Letruffe before this enemy phase. He picks up a largely defensive level from the experience. Quite a bit of defense for a Thief class, isn't it? Anyways, ending the update here. Rest of the trial run to come soon
  5. Here's a quick rundown from a typical skirmish. Hopefully I'll have the screenshots from the first foray into the Tower of Trials up tonight as well. [spoiler=Interlude Part 3: A Random Skirmish] Not going to toss around a bunch of shots for this since you may get a different place selected for your skirmish fight. One thing to expect going into skirmishes...the monsters take a notable jump up in combat capabilities. Best to tread carefully no matter where you fight them on the world map. Skirmishes will not give very much in the way of experience unless your around lv5-9 in your tier 1 class, but the real reason to do them is free rewards, especially forging materials. Doesn't seem like that mechanic will be in until v2.0, but it's nice to get some early ones for the pile. Also, that Luckos was my boss for the skirmish. Good thing the character I had lure it in was Sae'rah because lordy that's a nasty enemy, especially to low defense/low luck units. Closing out this short update with a level report. Just because the gained exp is low for the most part (Boss kill still gives a large chunk of exp), doesn't mean you can't gain levels here. Everyone managed to get a bunch of useful stats from their levels (especially Letruffe, holy crap).
  6. [spoiler=Interlude Part 2: The Big Decision] Seems like Fa's out of her slump, that's good. Shiori reveals a little of her backstory. Due to her prophetic powers, there's some people that would rather see her die. I suppose she's lucky that none of them ever really showed up to impede her yet (Demon King not withstanding). And here's why Shiori wasn't exactly surprised to find Fa so quickly. Now, one very important question remains to be asked... Back when Hellios claimed there was a "reaction" when he bitchslapped Shiori for triple digit damage on a critical, he said "You took them back" while he" got back His/Demon King's power". Fa would be right to assume that's around the time Shiori lost what technically was the Demon King's ability to sense malice. What exactly though did Shiori take from him? Something Fa guess right on, his red eyes. If you remember, Shiori's eyes were always blue whenever they opened. So yeah, Shiori is apparently a royal of Hoikade. No idea how that's possible, but the truth is sure to be out there somewhere. For now, it's time to get down to business. Route split time! Choosing what route you'll go down will be more than simply one set of chapter for a character. Each one has some different tasks and what she'll be dealing with as their quest goes onwards. For Fa, she'll be heading to Midbar, but since going through Hoikade would be a death wish right now, the only other option is to go through the criminal filled country of Tartaros. Fa will be dealing with enemies that can inflict various status ailments and her chapter goals will be the standard FE fare (Defeating all, seizing a gate/throne, etc.). As for Shiori, she's going to Lazulis to convince the king to stop being a stuck up stubborn dingbat and join the cause. She'll be running into enemies that are very powerful, possessing high move & con. Her chapter tasks will be very innovative and take awhile to complete. That being said, my intention when v2.0 is finally released is to do Fa's route first, then at the inevitable chapter where the two reunite, go down Shiori's route to see how her task goes. Whichever one has the better overall units will be the one I take to the endgame. Before closing out this update, let's check out a couple quick things. If you decide to go down Shiori's route, you'll see her character bio has changed. She also has some new equipment in her inventory, including the Holy Badge (Basically, the Barrier staff in item form with 3 uses to its name). Any equipment she or Hellios had on them at the end of chapter 8 gets automatically sent to storage. The big boon for Shiori though...when the Demon King took back the malice sensing ability, he also stole 10 levels from her, meaning she can regain those levels and pick up some extra stats in the process. While storyline content from chapter 9 and onwards hasn't been released yet, you can enter either character's respective chapter 9 destination and get a small summary of what the beginning of their quests will entail. Finally, the Tower of Trials & skirmishes have opened up. The former is much different compared to Valni in vanilla, namely due to the fact you can only enter once per chapter and it costs a fee to enter. This same once per chapter rule applies to skirmishes as well which won't give you too much exp, but will drop some of those materials the voice from chapter 6 mentioned. Next time...we'll check out these two places in greater detail before putting the LP on hold until v2.0 comes out. Stay tuned!
  7. [spoiler=Interlude Part 1: Reunion] Well, it seems the girls will survive their ordeal, that's good. Paraphrasing much of what was said regarding how the Demon King was able to break free so easily. Shiori though is the more pressing concern at the moment. The Demon King claimed she was the Saint of Pylum. No idea if that claim holds any water so Cristoph is given the task to go talk with her. However, it doesn't take long for Cristoph to find out from Shiori that the Demon King was indeed telling the truth about her being the Saint. Shiori's realizing her power isn't as absolute as people may think it is. Hellios's malice was faked by the Demon King and he was likely responsible for doing the same to Fa. He was almost assuredly 100% responsible for the Skeleton incident back at the Midnight Shrine too. Rya takes another jab at Cristoph. Poor guy. Back at Magnolia, Phoebe is brought up to speed with the events that transpired as of late. Fa's soon brought into the picture and the next major goal is set...Magnolia can't fight this battle alone. They will need companions. The King of Lazulis is a jerk who doesn't want to join forces. Alrighty buddy, Shiori is going to be sent your way to snap some sense into that think skull of yours. A little more backstory to Shiori being the Saint of Pylum. Someone needs to go to Midbar and Phoebe finds nobody better fit for the job than Fa, the last representative of Hoikade. ...Wait, "last representative of Hoikade"? Oh great, what happened now? Things have just gotten VERY seriously bad. If ruining Fa's life by making her fight her own country wasn't bad enough, the Demon King decided to kill damn near everyone in Hoikade and take the country as his own. Munie is nowhere to be found. Fa's added another counter to her rage meter. It's quite understandable though, considering the hell she's gone through already. Another tragic moment like Hoikade being overrun is just too much for her and she runs off. Outside, she runs into Shiori. Fa's pretty much breaks out into tears. Turned against her own country, forced to kill her own countrymen...it's hard to bounce back from something like that. Shiori then reveals that her power to sense malice has disappeared. Shiori tries to cheer up Fa, but this is just as hard on her right now. With her one strength taken away from her, she's just a blind girl right now and she's quite frankly very scared and starts to break down herself. Really don't want to cut it here, but I'm running out of screenshot space for this post. Should be finished up by the next one though.
  8. Alrighty, time to wrap up everything before the route split. Once again, very heavy story spoilers coming up so you've been warned if you haven't played this far and want to see for yourselves how things turn out. [spoiler=Chapter 8 Part 4: Prelude to the Route Split] Picking up right after the fight concluded, Shiori wants to get Fa back to the shrine since their might be some residual power to place a band-aid seal on her. Although Shiori insists on carrying Fa herself. Dedication to her job at its finest. Shiori wants an explanation from Fa, but before that can happen... Hellios is quite insistent about taking Fa on his horse, but in a shocking twist, Fa tells him to stay back. Hey, she wants Shiori's help and only hers. Oh boy. Fa's starting to get pissed off at Hellios, stating she knows the truth. Suddenly, flashback! Here's a VERY good point made by the now deceased Saai. He said the same thing Munie did back in the prologue, saying there was no way Alvano could have brainwashed that many people at one time. Hellios then makes a potentially fatal slip by saying that Saai thinks Fa had some small hand in everything. She did not. Remember, she wasn't all that strong back then. Even if she could control so many people at once theoretically, what reason would she have to do that? Absolutely none. She loved her country. Sure, she was annoyed by Munie on a couple occasions, but she never would have gone to such an extreme level to get back at her. As for Munie? She's only doing what she has to in order to protect her own country. Why would she go to such great lengths to try getting Fa killed (or at the very least, the Demon King's soul transferred)? Better yet, who would she have hired to do the job if Alvano wasn't strong enough to control all those people? Actually, here's a better question...how do we know that Alvano wasn't brainwashed himself at the time? Almost seems like Hellios is pulling random facts out of nowhere here. Now that I think about it, it was Hellios who gave Fa that alcholic beverage right before she stormed off to a forest and the Demon King managed to manifest himself as a voice in her mind, thus indicating that her seal had been broken. In fact, Hellios called Fa "interesting". The Demon King did too when Fa said she'd seal him up once more. Going to extremes, Fa once said Hellios was lying when he claimed to be her half-brother. Sure there's the red eyes of the Hoikade royalty, but why would Fa not know of her own brother's existence up until that point? Perhaps he did have some secret inside of him, but still, I don't think Munie would have been that bad of a ruler to let Fa go see her brother once in awhile, even with some guards going along to ensure nothing goes awry. Suddenly, Fa comes to a shocking revelation back in non-flashback times. Hellios has been lying to Fa the entire time because... Hellios is the Demon King. "Hellios" is just an emanation of his power. Fa's annoyances with Munie, however minor, weakened her seal ever so slightly, allowing the Demon King to create the body known as Hellios after twenty years. Shiori can't believe it, but Fa most certainly can. Still, why not kill Fa right away? Why keep her alive for so long? Fa alluded to this back at the end of chapter 4, but if she had died back then, part of the Demon King's power would have gone with her since the two were still bound at the time, hence why the Demon King had to separate his & Fa's souls "in a natural way", hence why Fa's seal had to be broken and she herself weakened so much that magic of hers wouldn't have done a thing to keep him in check anymore. What better way to break Fa's mind & spirit then to make her fight her own country by having the Demon King brainwash the soldiers at the castle and convince Fa that he was good hearted and, in fact, her brother. Humans...such a weak race and easily manipulated into doing whatever the evil forces want. ...Oh boy, I think I know what's coming next. How did the Demon King get free anyways? Used everyone, that's what. The Demon King gets everyone to bring Fa to the shrine, he corrupts the Vassalage ritual (He did it when "Hellios" said he was going to check the ritual to ensure it was still ok after Shiori failed to detect some monster malice), Fa gets possessed by the Demon King. Her friends, wanting to save her, beat her up, but at the same time, pushed her body to its limits enough that the Demon King could finally break free from his prison. Why yes Cristoph, that indeed was a demonic trick. I'd be interested to know what you thought were demonic tricks in the past though. You know, right after saying goodbye to Fa because she's about to be removed from the board. Ok Shiori, I know throwing yourself in front of your friend is a good idea to protect her and all, but you should have checked the following things: - Your chance to hit & damage done - Demon King's chance to hit & damage done. Bonus critical chance which went off too! Demon King, you MIGHT want to double check and make sure Shiori's really dead. Friendly advice there. She is the Saint and all...wait, WHAT ?!? The Saint mentioned in the opening narration? Well, this is about to end badly...except he REALLY should have checked to see if Shiori was dead. Another flash and...Shiori took back something from the Demon King, but he gets whatever power Shiori had stolen from him. Odd. Well, when your race decides to actually do work, please don't fuck up in killing people again because you're likely going to have a very angry pair of girls coming for you at some point and you KINDA need the power to accomplish your murder quota. Damn right Shiori is more wounded. She just ate a critical strike for ~3.75 times her max hp of 28 in damage. I'm surprised she didn't die from that honestly. Anyways, the two girls need to get healed up (Ceapana dammit. She's got so much magic that she'll have them up right as rain in no time!), then everyone needs to return to Magnolia and explain the events that transpired to Phoebe. Death Count: Faratrass (1), Shiori (1), Menmus (2), Sae'rah (1) Next time: The beginning of a new journey!
  9. Having just made it to the route split, I don't have much left to do for v1.6 (First foray into the Tower of Trials + skirmish to do yet). Figured I'd post my characters stats for kicks before trying both places (and to see just how damned blessed some of my units are). [spoiler=Character Stats (Route Split)] Granted, I don't know what the growths are for 1.6 to count for the Str/Mag split, but something tells me my Fa is INCREDIBLY speed blessed to hell and back. She could use a bit of skill, but otherwise is doing incredibly well for herself. 1.6 is the first time I extensively used Cristoph. Besides low defenses, he's doing pretty good for himself. Rya was always one of my favorite characters in terms of combat capabilities and it's no less true here. Being able to hit an enemy's defense or resistance as easily as she can is a hell of a quality for a FE unit to have. I foresee her sticking around to my endgame party considering her good spread of stats so far. Andre had a slow start, but he's kicking all kinds of ass now (and even managed to shame the chapter 8 boss largely on his own). I find it hilarious he has 11 strength though. Rather insane for a magic heavy unit. I said it before back in 1.2 and I'll say it again...this old man is not to be underestimated despite his stats. He's able to take some of the healing work off my primary healer if needed and he does surprisingly well against monsters. Looking at his stats, Menmus is proto-Haar in a couple respects. Not a whole lot of speed, but plenty of strength, skill, and defense. Don't think his position on my team will be in danger anytime soon. Grouping these two together because they're in the same boat right now. Namely, they're not god awful, but I've got people that can do their job just as well, if not better. I do have the Tower of Trials & skirmish to run through so I may give these two a chance and see if anything interesting comes of it. Never had a chance to really use Djambo extensively until 1.6. He's not doing too bad really. Could use a bit more speed, but he is several levels lower than Cristoph. Will be interesting to see how he turns out. Another guy that I tend to sideline just because I already have a dedicated flier in my group (Menmus). Might give him a shot in the tower/skirmish and see if he picks up any valuable stats. Ah yes, Captain Weiss. Ever a stalwart warrior and one that never disappoints me when I use him. He's basically Menmus, but more durable and a little quicker on the draw speed wise. Will be fun to see what his promotion options are like. Ceapana has evasion in droves right now. 56 base avoid means she's reliable about dodging fatal hits when it comes down to it. Tons of magic too, making her a solid healer. Not much strength sadly, but depending on her promotion choices, I may just kick both of my Luckos Fangs in her direction to remedy that. Always nice to have a Thief who's combat capable. Not much for defense, but whatever. He steals if he needs to and can kill reliably so he's staying until someone better shows up (if at all!). And now, for what maybe is my most broken character so far in my playthrough... ...Holy. Crap. Words cannot describe how absurdly AWESOME Sae'rah is right now. She even has 9 damned levels of growth left too! I'm expecting her to cap at least two or three stats in those 9 levels.
  10. Boss kill in this update. Still need to take screenshots for all the post battle end scenes so hopefully I can get that up either late tonight or early tomorrow. [spoiler=Chapter 8 Part 3: Out of Time] Oh boy, here we go. Oh god an army of deathwall members! Also, the Demon King isn't bullshitting when he says for them to get faster. Yeah, they have max stats, but more importantly...see that 0 move? That's different than the -- move they used to have. After this turn ends, that move goes up by 2. After the next turn ends, another 2 points are added (4 total now). A couple more turns pass and 2 more move is added (6). Finally, after three turns or so, their move goes up by 2 points yet again. Whether or not it can go even higher doesn't matter because by then, they'll be at your doorstep. When these guys appear, best to say you have ~5 turns or so to beat up the Demon King. Sae'rah continues to shame the Luckos squadron. Puledra takes a couple things off of Letruffe (For the record, the other chest he looted had a Holy Fire tome) so the "artist" can go lift a Wishbone from a Skeleton. Cristoph takes care of a Skeleton. Ceapana & Schwarz double team the lone Luckos that wandered north. *insert rumbling here* Whenever rumbling happens after you end your turn, the Achilletaurs get that +2 move boost. Fucks given by Sae'rah: 0! Cristoph offs the other Skeleton by the Demon King. His defense may not be going up, but as long as his offenses increase, that's just fine by me. First thing's first...take a close look at the magic stat, then Reablumbra's Mt, then the total Atk. Weapon ranks in this hack confer some small bonuses as it rises. That being said, possessed Fa hits like a freight train packed with trains who are also packed with trains themselves. At a bare minimum, the magic blast will knock off at least 1/2 to 2/3rds of basically anyone's health...and that's if the attack doesn't go critical. I don't need to tell you what happens if said attack goes critical of course. Well damn, I didn't know tier 1 characters could hit S rank in a weapon type. I'm sure not complaining though. Sae'rah visits the house in the southeast, picking up a new voice as well as a another stat boosting relic. This one increases the holder's resistance by 2. Lots of small, but useful stat boosts to reward a high weapon rank. For example, possessed Fa's A-Dark grants +2 Mt while Sae'rah's S-Spears grants +1 Def/Res & 10 Hit. Just to give you a rough idea on your time limit, you'll have to end this fight around turn 19 or 20 at the latest. Possessed Fa has one glaring weakness...Holy Fire's reaver effect + my blessed Andre = One owned possessed princess! Yeah, the Demon King might have wanted to make sure Reablumbra can nullify reaver weapons. Andre can just outlast the jerk as is. Also, pretty rad battle theme here. It's from Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia and the song is called Sorrow's Distortion which is played during the fight with Albus. However, I have Sae'rah get her first boss kill just for kicks. If she's going to use spears, spearing enemies in the face will become her full time job. ....I'm just going to go put my hardhat on and get my flame-resistant shield because this quote means something's not ending well. You'll just have to find out next time though!
  11. [spoiler=Chapter 8 Part 2: Almost Out of Time] Schwarz takes a slight risk of getting one hit killed to drop a Centaur for a...slightly ok level I guess? This is what Sae'rah SHOULD have been using against the Centaurs. The rest of the Centaur squad gets crushed by Weiss & Rya. Shiori & Hellios open up a wall to the east. Probably all but the final "YOU ALL WILL DIE NOW!" wave I'm guessing. Bring it. Here's a before & after shot. The Demon King basically just resummoned every wave from the the outside zones and then some. This is your cue that things are going to get really nasty in several turns if you don't have enough of a strike force up at the Demon King's doorstep. "Might" be a trap? Girl, knowing the Demon King, that's is TOTALLY a trap . Damnation! I would have Sae'rah gut the jerk, but I don't have anyone close enough to switch her weapon back to the Axereaver. Plan B: Switch up the inventory of Hellios, then send him through the wall I broke down last turn. With any luck, he'll have a clear path to the siege tome jerk on the next turn and melt it with his Warp Sword. Until then, I'll have to endure at least one shot of the siege tome. Since I need to hold up for a turn so some of the enemies thin out, Sae'rah & Weiss get the last two uses of my Barrier staff. The magic using enemies don't fare too well this turn. Very interested to see what Sae'rah's promotions will be for the future. She's just doing so good that I'd seriously consider promoting her now if I could do so. A couple enemies try to annoy Hellios, but just end up dying horribly in the process. You can die now, thank you. The front line of Skeletons gets smashed. Letruffe kicks off the murder with a crit on the only melee based pile of bones in the trio.. Weiss & Rya polish off the other two Skeletons. Rya gets yet another 6 stat level of win for herself. Some healing takes place while Shiori goes for a walk in the forest. It's a good thing I decided to heal up Cristoph there though. Why? Two Centaurs attack him and both hit. He one shots both of them with his Halberd and picks up a good level. A Centaur tries to do something to Shiori, but she's having none of that crap and counterkills its ass. Weiss & Puledra open up a wall leading to some chests for Letruffe to loot over the next couple of turns. Sae'rah runs up to Letruffe to grab the Dark Flesh so she can use it, then gets ferried a good distance to the southeast thanks to take & drop magic. Andre fries a Skeleton, picking up a rank in Anima magic and a fresh Klingensturm sword. Yeah no, nice try there jerk. Sae'rah quickly counterkills a potentially nasty threat and picks up its axe which goes straight to Menmus. Letruffe loots the first chest while my healers do some maintenance on a couple injured units. I want to start pushing hard into that northeast corner soon. The Demon King's whole line of Big Eyes suicides on Andre & Weiss. Weiss fares much better in the level up department this go around. If you see this, start hauling ass if you've only just gotten outside. Trust me. Sae'rah goes south to reach that village. She decides to stick to the forests on her way there. Letruffe will be stealing that next turn. On the next turn, Sae'rah goes...south? Why not just go southeast? Well, I hope you didn't send a low defense unit down this direction. Yeah Demon King, I saw that trap coming from a mile away. Nice try though. Cristoph offs a Skeleton up north. So much for the Demon King's supposed "trap". The Luckos squad either can't double someone (Ceapana) or can't damage someone (Sae'rah). Going to end the update here. Next time, the Demon King gets his ass kicked.
  12. [spoiler=Chapter 8 Part 1: A Race Against Time] Panic: The Game! Time to rush back to the shrine and try to talk to Fa. We know how that's going to end though. Well Shiori, you could ask Fa if she's fine. She'll live I guess. Besides being possessed by the Demon King and having deep red eyes you know. Standard ancient evil procedures and all. Anyways, music trivia time! The theme of the other phase for the last couple of chapters (and it happened once in chapter 3 when Garion started talking) was the second battle theme from Etrian Odyssey called Destruction Begets Decay. The song playing now as the Demon King begins speaking is from Etrian Odyssey as well which is called Dyed in Blood, the stratum boss theme. So yeah, that whole Fa getting possessed by the Demon King move? That's all on your head Hellios. You checked it and it looked like it was working. Evidently you didn't check if some monster ninja stepped on it when Shiori wasn't looking and, well, here we are. I'm getting the feeling that this is going to end really badly, isn't it? I really hope you two have a plan to stop the Demon King right now because he probably has most of my Fa's stats and I don't know if anyone can withstand that kind of assault. On the plus side, the music changes into what happens to be one of my favorites from the hack by a long shot. It's another Touhou song, this one coming from Embodiment of Scarlet Devil and it's the theme of the stage 4 boss, Patchouli Knowledge. The name of the song is "Locked Girl ~ The Girl's Secret Room". Best part about this song? The only time it gets interrupted is when a battle is started by the player or enemy. It goes to show just how severe the situation is right now if a song is going to be playing for that long. Shit's about to get real. Tons of monsters spawned. Time to do battle! Lots of monsters to plow through in order to the reach the Demon King and get him exorcised from Fa's body. I'm going to play VERY aggressively here for a reason that'll reveal itself later on. Shiori finally gets her personal tome back. Hellios also rescues Shiori and backs the hell up to the rest of the southern team. I'll mention why in a second. First, Sae'rah opens up the can of monster slaying by critting a Skeleton to death. Pictured: Why Hellios had to get Shiori the hell out of there. She gets hit by this and, while not dying in one hit, would have to dodge four killshots in a row because she'd be on something like 1 or 2 hp at best. Not a risk I'm willing to take. Luckily, some take & drop magic puts her down right behind my main tank for the southern team. She's going to be attacked by six enemies. I think she'll be fine with her absurdly good stats. The northern team has quite the powerhouse squad. I'm going to have to hold back from moving too far though since a Zombie has something very nice I want Letruffe to steal, Dark Flesh (+2 con when used). I'll need at least one turn to clear enough of a path for him to run in and steal it safely. Djambo might be the lowest level of the crew up north, but he certainly is no slouch in dealing damage. He one shots a Bow Skeleton to the southwest with his Bonecrusher. Ceapana comes over to keep the lone southwestern Skeleton boxed in and to provide Djambo with healing if needed. Andre, Menmus, and Weiss each pick a target and murder it, making sure not to step into the range of the Zombie with the Dark Flesh. Sae'rah pulled a Rex on the enemy phase. Six enemies in total (two Zombie, two Sword Skeletons, two Bow Skeletons) attacked her. Two survived because of bow shenanigans. The other four? She crit their asses. Total damage she took was 3 from a Zombie. Sae'rah, please continue to be awesome, thank you. This Skeleton can double Djambo, ouch. At least Djambo dodged this hit though (Which wouldn't have needed to happen if he had just hit the pile of bones). Everybody else attacked manages to take only the lightest of wounds. Both Bow Skeletons that didn't get counterattacked die on the next player phase. Djambo finally hits paydirt as his second attempt at dropping the other southwest Skeleton is a success, granting him the first level of the chapter. Ceapana picks up Djambo and moves east. Menmus comes down and grabs the Bonecrusher from Djambo, then parks himself in a forest just below Letruffe, allowing Weiss to come over, grab the Bonecrusher from Menmus, and use it to smash a Skeleton's face in and pick up a rank in axes. Killing that Zombie allows Letruffe to rush forward and lift the Dark Flesh from the Zombie. Still a Skeleton in range so Cristoph grabs the Bonecrusher from Weiss and plants in the jerk's face. Andre runs forward and blows up the Zombie that Letruffe stole from. All in all, this chapter is going very smoothly so far. Tricks, strategies...oh shit the Demon King's going to find a way to one hit kill my entire party, isn't he? Kinda like what Letruffe did to this Zombie after the poor fool attacked him. Pretty good level up to boot! Wounds getting patched up by my healers. With how fast I'm going to be moving here, I'm going to need to stay healthy at all times. Sae'rah continues to tear apart the enemy forces. As for the weapon the Skeleton was using, it's basically the spear version of the Devil Blade, reversal chance & all. Eh, I needed an excuse to break the 1 use Klingensturm I had lying around. The Centaurs will start moving once this is said. Of course, if the Skeletons here were intended to be "scouts", they're going to die before the "Cavaliers" get to my team. Especially when the scouts don't care about running away to save their hides. Any mounted unit would do best to stay back once the Centaurs approach thanks to this weapon. Rya & Schwarz clean up the rest of the Skeleton scouts. Remember the Bonecrusher trading chain I went through to crush some Skeletons? Same idea here, just with the Heavy Spear. I also don't use Shiori to switch Sae'rah's weapon back to the Axereaver. Whoops. Sound advice from the Demon King actually. Specialized squads are ok & all, but you might want to send more then 2-3 units from said squad for it to have any impact. *facedesk* This may top my stupidity from chapter 3. Sae'rah kinda got owned once because I'm a dingbat that forgot to switch her weapon back to the Axereaver with Shiori. Here, I STILL forget to do that, but somehow she decides to dodge both hits. Alternatively, I could have done this as well one turn earlier. Nope, didn't do that either. Sae'rah goes to the Death Count list because I'm such a good strategist. Part 1 of the update is over with. More to come!
  13. Let's wrap up chapter 7 shall we? Chapter 8 screenshots up until the boss's death have been taken so those will be following shortly. As a forewarning from here on out until chapter 8's all said and done with, there's going to be some heavy story spoilers so if you haven't played this far yet and don't want to be spoiled, turn around now. For the rest of you, sit back and enjoy the show. [spoiler=Chapter 7 Part 4: Revenge] Fa's quite relieved, knowing her long and arduous journey will soon be at an end. Walking corpses...yeah, she has a point there. Clearly though, Shiori doesn't remember when she got offed by a giant eye. Fa's about to begin her Vassalage ritual, but suddenly... Random monster out of nowhere that Shiori somehow didn't sense. A good point brought up here. If Shiori didn't sense that monster from before, how do we know the ritual isn't screwed up now with monster energy? You know, I don't think the question was "Is the ritual working?", but rather "Is the ritual corrupted, thusly turning our heroine into a demon if she undergoes it?". Oh well, she'll be fine I'm sure. Meanwhile, Hellios runs off to tell Saai his cover is blown, prompting a flashback to start. This one takes place right as Munie is telling Saai of his new orders which were to escort Fa to the Midnight Shrine, using force only if she doesn't cooperate. Obviously she wants to do what's best for her country, but more importantly, she mentions one thing already known by now...if Fa ended up being fought in Lazulis, Hoikade would almost likely be drawn to war. "If she was really controlled by Him"...Oh hell, I know what she REALLY wants Saai to do when he gets to the shrine with Fa! Remember, she mentioned back at the end of the prologue that Fa was lying and it really was the Demon King talking there. So it shouldn't come as a surprise when Munie tells Saai to off Fa and perform the ritual of Vassalage on the kid, Lyvonis. A fair point actually. Even if Fa's seal were to be redone, how do we know it won't break again down the road? Actually...here's a better question. How do we know that the seal will stay more intact inside the body of Lyvonis? So, Saai's Soul Mirror has a purpose besides cancelling out critical hits. Interesting. Back to reality and a scuffle breaks out. Hellios may actually be able to scratch Saai, but he would die in 3 hits so the odds are stacked against him. Suddenly... *Insert rumbling here* Well, Hellios is off to grab Shiori because something happened. Welp, Fa is about to... ...dodge? Sweet, now she's going to use Reablumbra for a counterattack. ...Wait, she never had that tome before. Also, she never had that much hp. Guess that's the enhanced magic of Ceapana at work there. Fa's critical is different too (the shadowy demon looks a little more defined and there's a bit of a demonic scream right before the magic spell goes off). Her eyes were red too. That wasn't there before. And Saai's dead which means Hoikade's pretty much decimated in terms of leaders besides Munie now. Now Fa, would you mind explaining why you just killed Saai? I mean, you weren't on THAT bad of terms with... .....uh oh. The Demon King has officially taken over Fa's body and killed both Saai & Lyvonis. We're doomed. Anyways, that's chapter 7 done with. Death Count: Faratrass (1), Shiori (1), Menmus (2) Next time: One giant monster filled battle against time!
  14. Getting tired tonight so I'm going to wait until tomorrow morning to post up chapter 7's ending cutscenes. [spoiler=Chapter 7 Part 3: Sae'rah's Absurdly Good Stats] Letruffe wipes out a Zombie and picks up his first level. Looking spiffy there sir! Sae'rah likewise engages in slaying a Zombie this turn and picks up her first level of the chapter. Thanks to her godlike stats for a lv1, she's not too concerned if she gets one or two meh levels like this, though speed is always good. Well, I can see why Shiori sensed a dangerous enemy. That Skeleton could almost one shot her. She waits on the pillar for now. Also, see where Menmus is here compared to the last picture? There's a reason for that because he got offed by what I consider an equally dangerous enemy behind the Devil Blade Skeleton. Lots of healing takes place for the eastern team. Menmus & Letruffe are going to help Shiori with her protection job while the rest are going to go west towards the chests. Another turn has passed and Shiori senses another strong enemy to the east. Joy. Also, see that Skeleton with the bow behind the other one? Welcome to the reason that Menmus got on to the Death Count list...twice. Damned crit rate shenanigans. Know who isn't dying right now? Andre. He just entered into double digit levels of defense and got more magic. Rya is awesome. Just saying. Djambo finds himself a target to smack with Puledra around to provide healing. Fa grabs some Tonics out of storage so Ceapana can patch herself up with one. I don't think I'll need to worry about her taking any more damage this chapter, but I'd rather be safe than sorry here. This Skeleton shows off the other quality of the Devil Blade...it can randomly do a reversal on the user. Not sure if it's any different in this hack, but the usual formula for a reversal is a (31 - user's luck)% chance. The Skeleton really had the worst luck. Yet another reversal happened on a counterattack to Letruffe and the pile of bones died. Welp, no critical to slay the jerk. Please don't crit me, please don't crit me... It actually didn't crit, yay. Hell, I realized that even if a crit happened, Letruffe would have still been alive with 1 hp. One person doesn't counterkill, the other does. Killer Bow asshole dead, thank god. This was the third powerful enemy Shiori sensed? That might have been overestimating things girl. At the very least, this Big Eye drops a Circulum tome and a good level for Letruffe. Sae'rah has some enemies all to herself now to slay for experience. Andre covers for Djambo after he missed a Skeleton. Sae'rah's spear strikes now hit even harder, awesome. Meanwhile up north, the "boss" of this chapter finds a target in its range. All the boss gets though is a crit hit & normal hit. It does have an item I want to get though, the Ominous Eye (+2 skill when used). Shiori & Menmus finish off the boss on the next turn. Menmus picks up the Ominous Eye and a good level. Sae'rah continues to kill things for experience. Fa empties her inventory into storage. She's going to act as a distraction for the enemies so Sae'rah can poke for experience. Djambo gets a rather un-physical like level smacking around a Zombie. Yeah, she'll be fine. Let's just skip ahead to some highlights since the worst of this map is over with now. Earth shattering kabooms. Always a pleasure to see. Defense for Sae'rah and a free Zanbato. Offensively focused level for Djambo. Honestly, Andre doesn't really need a whole lot more right now except for magic and perhaps luck. Everything else is a bonus. Far in the north in one of the stone buildings is a lone chest containing the weapon Letruffe was looking for. With this, he'll keep his promise and stick with Fa's group from now on. Also, Solaris is awesome because it's effective on monsters and 1-2 range. Loot from the two remaining chests on the map. Now, levels! Sae'rah's levels from clearing out a bunch of trash around the map. Last chapter, she was needing assistance in getting kills. Now though? She's operating just fine on her own. Also...damn her stats are stupidly good right now and she has TWELVE levels left to grow. I have a feeling she's going to ram into three or four tier 1 stat caps by 20 at this rate. Levels everyone else got as the remaining monsters were kicked off the map. Puledra's level was just a big giant "...Huh?" followed by chuckles. Finally, Fa waits at her destination, her inventory still empty. Gotta be sure nothing can get potentially zapped away during the ritual you know. The conclusion of this chapter will come next time. Stay tuned!
  15. [spoiler=Chapter 7 Part 2: Thievery At Long Last!] Shiori finishes off the Skeleton that attacked her on the enemy phase. Sae'rah is just so combat capable right now and it'll only get better as she picks up levels. Probably a little paranoid here since I don't remember what's around the southeastern portion of the map too well, but oh well. Ceapana getting even more evasive is good enough for me. Despite that Barrier use being a little of a waste due to my paranoia, there was an upside to it. She can now use that Physic staff I picked up last chapter, sweet. Rescuing a couple green army units for the moment. One dead Skeleton results in Andre picking up a Wishbone, boosting luck by 2 when used. Dodging like a pro, great! Ok, let's be fair here. She basically deserved at least one of these after getting speed blessed to hell and back. Menmus gets to some Zombie slaying action for the first time himself. Fa's going to have a chat with the Thief she sees. Letruffe is doing what all...ahem, "artists" do. Loot random places for treasure. An artist that's a spy. Clever profession if it were true. So much for the "artist" motif there chief. He's a little weird in the head, wouldn't you all agree? Fa takes a chance to take a little funny stab at Letruffe. Fair's fair there sir. Of course. He's here for a sword. His reasoning for looking for it as Fa asks him? Well, he's not telling. You know what you little dingbat? Get in my team, now. Oh yeah, real cute saying there chief. Anything else witty to say? Works for me! We'll need to find this Solaris weapon before ending the chapter, but that's fine. I've got a goddamned Thief now, yay! Anyways, Letruffe might not have a whole lot in the way of defenses, but he's surprisingly strong for a Thief. Couple that with two very good weapons and he's quite capable of killing or severely injuring any monster he runs across. Now, let's skip ahead a bit because something happened... Ok, just going to wound the Zombie in the back. Shiori can then just counterkill these two to death. Ow. Still this is the second Zombie killed so she oughta... Oh dammit I thought these dingbats came after this turn. No matter, this is the only one in range, right? Motherfucker it wasn't. Ok, new plan! Blow up the Zombie that's weak. That way, she has enough hp to eat one physical & a Vacuanox hit. Letruffe breaks out his shiny Hook Blade against a Skeleton. Ceapana finishes it off with her Lancereaver. Lots of damage getting taken by a couple people in the east, but this is all they have to worry about this enemy phase. Thank god for that dodge. She now has some breathing room for killing the Big Eyes once the Zombie kicks off. Like this! You're not a Soldier unless you crit on single digit odds. It's an unspoken rule amongst the class. Menmus wipes out the other Zombie in the area and picks up a level. He might not be very fast right now, but he's got solid strength & defense which is good. Letruffe takes some Potions off of Fa so he can patch himself up. Yeah no. Try again some other time jerk. She'll be just fine. Oh god dammit. She got really lucky that she dodged that last hit because this asshole just critted her. Ceapana returns the favor with a crit of her own and picks up a level. More magic is good. Shiori's getting sick and tired of dealing with giant eyes so she deletes both of them on her counterattacks. Finally, Shiori gets a breather to heal herself up. The eastern team gets to some more monster slaying activities. Oh hey, the western team is still active. I've just been trying to get two green army units killed on their side (and failing miserably because -- move enemies are quite prevalent on this side). This is about all that really happened on the enemy phase. Shiori senses Hoikade, but also some new threats coming in from the east, one of which is very dangerous. That's a bit of a lie actually because there's two dangerous enemies on that side. For now though, some healing takes place and Ceapana picks up Saai so he doesn't steal precious exp from me as part 2 of the update comes to a close.
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