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  1. This thread is for questions about the multiplayer aspect of FE:Fates My first question - to anyone who has their Japanese copy - is are captured units from the prison usable as units over multiplayer? (This is my first topic so I'm sorry if I broke rules.. I dont think i did though.)
  2. I want to see their battle models:3 I kinda like how they reused the art:)
  3. Sacred Stones: Myrrh Lute Radiant Dawn: Sanaki This is all I need-3-
  4. Hey guys. Does anyone that owns a Japanese copy of Awakening have some Spotpass characters yet? Because I've been looking over the internet for pictures of two specific Spotpass characters and I can't find any. SO! I turn to my fellow Fire Emblem fans! Can anyone direct me to, or take their own picture of the Spotpass characters: Lute (Sacred Stones) and Sanaki (Radiant Dawn) K Thanks guys=^_^=
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