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  1. You'd be able to buy a Switch in a few months tops. :^)
  2. LOL. I mean I wanna take the N1 in like December, so I wanna study by playing games. :^)))) 漢字の以外に、日本語に対して、特に問題がないよー。今日本に住んでるし。 Quit spending so much money on coffee and start a Switch fund instead. This is good to know. Thanks. I was wondering if I should pre-order the JP or EN version, but I wanted to do the EN version to err on the side of caution, since 1) I want to make sure I get my free Byleth in FEH, and 2) in the case that I can't freely switch between languages, EN + JP voices is probably the better choice. Would still be nice to play in Japanese at least once, though, since I could use the practice. Bless. Thanks.
  3. So recently Nintendo has been trending towards international releases with their larger titles, and with that has come the ability to swap between languages. Pokemon being one of the first, it let you choose the game's language. Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate also all let you choose the language and swap between them freely. I know Japanese voices are confirmed for the Western releases of Three Houses, but do we know if we'll be able to swap the language of the text, as well? Of course, FE is a more text heavy game than any of the previous games, so I'm a bit doubtful, but I was simply wondering if we had any information regarding this topic.
  4. “I’m not blaming others.” You literally are. You said, and I quote, “Maybe I wouldn't have become the problem if the people didn't make the problem exist to begin with.“ Now let’s break down that sentence. You used the word “if”. What does this mean? It means that your action ‘a’ is contingent upon the conditions following the ‘if’. That is, because people made the problem exist, I have become the problem. Ergo, you act the way you do because they were a problem first. It is quite literally “BUT MOM THEY STARTED IT”. And I don’t know what to call that demeanor other than incredibly petulant and juvenile. If that’s not blaming, then I’m not sure if you have a proper grasp of the word’s definition. Of course, your actions are still your own, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t shifting the blame. The two are mutually exclusive.
  5. “I’m acting like an asshole on purpose! But it’s okay because it’s not MY fault! I’m only an asshole because others were assholes first!” Seems like a skip banner for me, which is nice because I need to save up orbs for Fallen Tiki merges.
  6. Spent all the story orbs and the monthly deal going for Faye, since I already had a 4% rate on that banner, and.......... got a 4.5% rate for my efforts. The game decided to pity me, however, since I free pulled a +Atk/-Def Lugh and pulled a +Def/-Res Idunn with a ticket. ...I still hope I can break that pity rate before the banner ends, though. Getting 4.5% on a 3-man banner is giving me flashbacks to last year when I went for NY.Azura on her debut banner.
  7. The English description of the skill is poorly worded. The Japanese is much clearer and states that she gets a stat boost to all stats equal to 50% of the difference between her res and the enemy’s, up to a cap of +8, and assuming she fulfills the conditions of the effect (more res and melee enemy). For instance, if she’s fighting someone with 22 res while she has 38, she will get +8 to all stats. If she’s fighting someone with 30 res while she has 38, she’ll get +4 to each stat. At least, that’s how I interpreted it. I thought the English was funky so I went and read the JP version, and it seems like a lot of misinterpretation regarding her weapon is going around.
  8. I think the English translation of Selkie’s weap is poorly worded. It seems to imply that the stats gained from the difference are calculated individually, whereas the Japanese description clearly states that you get an increase in stats equal to 50% of the difference in Res, up to a maximum of 8 (assuming your Res is 16 higher than that of the melee opponent she is in combat with).
  9. Haha thanks, I've been doing these since last month. Did Hrid's and L.Lucina's, but couldn't figure out Ryoma's in time, heh. Also I think I went against your AR defense the other day. Eldigan having exactly 48 health with the refine is rather convenient, though, ngl.
  10. Hey, you still playing Heroes? I ran into someone named SF_Fruity and thought of you.

    1. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity

      More time than I’d like to admit, probably, heh.

      I think you added me way back when and I accidentally declined and never bothered to re-add. (3878861298 Navarre Lead)

    2. Raven


      Lol, I knew it. You were first to attack me in AR this season, which is what sparked my curiosity. I sent a friend request.

  11. I didn't want to think for Abyssal, so I just killed them all on the first turn instead.
  12. Spent 340 orbs on leg banner. 305 free orbs and $20 of (35) purchased orbs. 81 units summoned. 3 5*s. On one hand, I got the two units I was aiming for, L.Marth and L.Azura (on the very last summon!!), but on the other, that's 3/81... I was hoping for a few more than that... Ah well. That's gacha for you, I suppose.
  13. A -Atk/+Spd Rein and somehow he got through a semester of med school...
  14. So, lost my first round today. It was my own fault, though. I should have cut my losses and finished off the enemy's last unit, but I went for both the Aether pots and lost because I miscalculated my damage and couldn't end in time. Ah well. What can you do.
  15. "Take this issue that I started (intentionally or otherwise) somewhere where I am not." 10/10 EDIT: I figured I should add something relevant to the actual topic. The game as it is now feels very stagnant. Many of the new modes that IS introduces feel either unpolished or just downright un-fun. (My most disliked modes being GC, Relay Defense, Voting Gauntlets, and Forging Bonds.) Rewards are nice, and they still motivate me to play, but it's certainly not very enjoyable. Hopefully version 3 brings some much needed fresh air into the game.
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