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  1. Now you can drink legally. :^)



  4. Happy birthday, Pride!

  5. Sooooooooo... I'm ready to be crushed... ;n;

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    2. Fruity Insanity
    3. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity

      I took you out at least once. *w*

    4. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity

      I feel like I could have won that first match, too. :3

      Thoroughly 2-stocked round 2, though. ;n;

  6. It's... It's... It's... Fia's birthday!!! Happy birthday! You should stop by sometime~

  7. Oh my God, your new avatar is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

    1. jacob (sol)
    2. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity


      I had an obsession with that show when I was little.

    3. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity

      I still remember all the main theme songs, now that I think of it. o.o

  8. Haaaaaaaaaaaapppppppy biiiiiiiirthhhhdaaaaaaaaaay, Saskkkkkkkkkkkkuuuuuuullllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssss!!!! You may be exempt from your labors for today. =3333333

    1. James Bond

      James Bond

      Thank you very very much for your (silly) wishes!

  9. Happy birthday, Boron!

    1. Sunwoo


      Thanks Fruitface :P

  10. So, when we gonna do dem battles? Showdown? In-game? Your call.

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    2. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity

      Whatever is more comfortable for you, really.

      Either is fine by me.

    3. Lance Masayoshi

      Lance Masayoshi

      We can do it by showdown

      I'll have time to do so on Friday, so remind me then.

    4. Fruity Insanity
  11. Bwahaha, I'm almost done with obtaining all the Ys/Kiseki games! I just need Ys Seven and Sen II, and I'll have all the games in languages I understand!

    1. NTG


      congrats, korean kid =333

      go and be a true falcom fan

  12. Oh wait, wow. It's your birthday today? Happy birthday! :P

  13. Haaaaappy biiiiiiirthdaaaaaaaaay!

  14. Happy biiiirthday, Specta!

  15. Happy, happy birthday~! Hope you have a niiice ooone~~~

  16. Maybe I should just leeeeaaaavvveee. I'm starting to care too much about the place. DON'T WANT TO BE TOO SENTIMENTAL, Y'KNOW?! ... ;n;

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    2. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity

      I... am not sure yet. xD

      But I'm guessing lower levels, as I just graduated from high school myself. :P

    3. NTG


      ooh who knows! i hope they will be nice kids.

    4. Fruity Insanity

      Fruity Insanity

      I'n sure they will be. Probably. Maybe. Because nobody likes summer school. :<

  17. Oh hey, it's your birthday. Happy birthday~!

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