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  1. The shotas I would want the most are Ewan and Nils, I think, if only because we haven't heard their voices yet. Mostly Nils, actually, since he'd be the first male dancer, the first male dragon, hopefully an additional green dragon, and the holder if an additional dragon buff to make dragon emblem more viable. Shota archers and mages are too much of an archtype already. Either way, though, a balance of cute girls AND cute boys would be optimal, yes.
  2. Valter (1) Eirika's Army (4) Ephraim's Army (4) 9 new units?
  3. You can disagree all you want, but the fact remains that it is a free pull that can give you something of some capacity, no matter how small it may be. Whether or not that free pull is useful is a separate matter.
  4. Also Azure Siegfried, wtf. Is this gonna be more Phantasm shenanigans?
  5. Aren't there only a handful of us who actually post regularly here, though?
  6. Well shit, cause I don't have a JP save of Sen II. Or a JP copy in the first place. And Sen III isn't even a same-day launch in Korean/Chinese/Japanese. At least not to my knowledge.
  7. Well shit, cause I don't have a JP save of Sen II. Or a JP copy in the first place. And Sen III isn't even a same-day launch in Korean/Chinese/Japanese. At least not to my knowledge.
  8. As excited as I am for Sen III, I'm skeptical about how Falcom will manage to keep every character relevant. There are just so many of them. Like, at least Sen II had the excuse of "muh final dungeon." But in Sen III, they're more likely to be relevant throughout the main story. What I HOPE will happen is it'll work a la FC/Zero, where you're either forced to use to use a set party for certain parts of the game (FC) or have a set party with guest characters for certain parts of the game (Zero). Having as much party freedom as you do in, say, the 3rd or Sen II is nice in theory, but I don't want that to come at the price of the story and character development.
  9. Lol. Well, you have until September 28th, so good luck. :^)
  10. Not OldMan for nothing. It's something I was thinking about since I've only really inhabited the English side of the net, and as far as I'm aware, it's the largest side of the net, too, which is why I've never felt the urge to branch out. But I figured for the non-native English speakers, constant exposure to the language, even if only via casual/net lingo, would help them learn, since exposure is the best way to learn a language. I mean, I can say that watching anime/playing Japanese games as much as I have has definitely facilitated my Japanese learning. Like I've occasionally posted on Korean and Japanese side of the net, but not enough to say that they helped me in any meaningful way. Not to mention kanji is a bitch so reading can be a bit slow at times. .-. And I don't even know if discussions boards like reddit or forums like Serenes Forest exist on the Japanese side of the net. I mean there's 2chan, but I don't know if there's anything interesting there. I only ever occasionally lurk on 4chan. And even then, it's usually just the FE general thread.
  11. Question, question. For you non-native English speakers, do you think spending extensive time on the internet and posting on various discussion boards helped a lot with your English, or do you think you came in already knowing enough to properly communicate? In the case of the former, how much do you think it helped, and in the case of the latter, do you think your English levels have stagnated or do you think it's improving, even if only by a little?
  12. Zwei I is in Korean, I know. Also I torrented the PC versions of Zero and Ao, but the Korean translation patch came with a patch that broke the DRM, too, so I've never had any issues.
  13. The PC and Evo versions of the Crossbell games are the best way to play them, I think. PSP graphics aren't bad, per se, especially since Kiseki games aren't exactly possess great graphical finesse, but they definitely could be better - which the PC and Evo versions are. Too bad Ao's PC version hasn't been released in Japanese yet. If it will be at all...
  14. Meanwhile I'm still prioritizing leveling free 3*'s over my 5*'s thanks to Mkv. And I'm almost done, too. I have like 7 more free 3*'s left to level. As opposed to like my 14 5*'s still at level 1...
  15. Actually I think all of the "We Love Sora no Kiseki" arrangements are amazing.
  16. Actually I think all of the "We Love Sora no Kiseki" arrangements are amazing.
  17. It's definitely worth it. Also that 15 second CM had... a lot of stuff. Good thing I started up Ao again. I have two months to finish it now. And this arrangement is too good, hnnng:
  18. I still play FEH... and am guilty of having spent money on it..........
  19. So now that Slayers exist, is the Slayer sword stronger or Wo Dao? I'm still debating which one I want to give to Navarre, if and when I get them.
  20. So where do I find people to play with. :^)
  21. M-maybe they'll slowly phase out the weak Killer WeaWpons? Please do something, IS, instead of making it look like blatant power creep. Weird how they put the Wo Dao effect on a legendary tome, but I suppose I can't complain - it is a good effect. And the fact that Dark Aura only gives buffs to melees is a nice nod to the -blade tomes (or I supposed ranged units in general) being able to abuse the buff more. I believe the gem weapons advantage would be negated, as well, since weapons are also technically skills.
  22. So... we just get a straight up better Killer Bow and Killing Edge? I know the Killer weapons were a bit underwhelming, but wouldn't it have been easier to just give them a few extra might instead of making an entirely new weapon? Also, Dark Aura and Dark Excalibur are probably going to be unique, right? Seeing as they don't have a + on their names. Which kinda sucks because they both seem like good weapons.
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