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  1. Yeah I think with the shining bow stuff you might have confused it with the blessed bow? I can see how they're very easy to mix up.
  2. it's times like these i wish the sf forums had the papyrus font oh well...
  3. Beat undertale a few days ago, definitely one of the best games I've played this year. This game is redonkulously amazing, has anyone else on the forums been playing it? I'd love to know your thoughts!
  4. Out of curiosity what happened to requiem? or can u only handle two threads at a time?
  5. The green patch is definitely finished and has every chapter that sacred stones has with no route split, as both routes are now the one. (27 chapters plus the one gaiden)
  6. If you're going to put the FE - Girls patch, you could also probably put the FE - Green Patch which is from the same person/people and is also for the sacred stones. Link here
  7. It was so nice to promote ardan only to see that he has 0 hit on EVERY enemy
  8. I beat this hack a week and a bit ago Just wanna warn you that at some point in Ephraims story My end team was Eirika, Ephraim, L'arachel, Sothe, Nino, Lugh, Raigh, Nephenee, Lyn, Gerik, Vanessa and Safy Also if you want to extend this LP to the creature campaign, I don't think you can since after 4 maps of the tower the game crashes on me on any map I try to play. (Not enough people have finished this to make me think its just on my one)
  9. Hm, maybe i was just very unlucky then. Unfortunately i dont have save states or anything that could recreate it so I guess ill just leave it at that.
  10. So there is a glitch (or intended? unlikely though) in Limstella's chapter where she infinitely respawns after dying, basically it happened after she moved off her shrine and was then got rekt by Lyn, but she comes back afterwards and just refuses to die, making the chapter a lot more difficult when trying to evade her. This also happens in the last last chapter with the dark druid in front of the dragon.
  11. I remember playing fe7 and (somehow) getting to the final chapter with only eliwood, lyn, hector and jaffar because I was 8 and i thought Jaffar was the shit and i dont think i understood permadeath well back then. i dont even know how i even unlocked jaffar with the level of playing my first run was.
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