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  1. Oliver because he's rich and beautiful.
  2. FE11 Marth : I don't know if it would be an advantage or not for Marth if everyone could visit the villages, as it can distract him from battle and experience. On the other hand, I also think that giving him experience for visiting and seizing would be good, since it seems fitting that, being the leader, he would also improve by doing his lord job. So yeah apart from that he is not bad, maybe a bit more speed would be good, since he often has trouble ORKO if he's not using his effective weapons. FE12 Avatar : Just go back to FE7 Avatar, maybe with more screen-time, but his usefulness shouldn't be "I'm the best soldier around", but rather "Despite those crappy odds, my intellect has granted us this victory", or that's how I see what a tactician should be personally. And if he is part of the battlefield, why would he have to be a god tier character? Lower growths all the way for him/her.
  3. Can't really say, I find soda disgusting in general so...
  4. Yes, that would be cool to see a bit of Hispania, they need more love from your legions of death and despair!
  5. What the hell is that thing? xD And well, B&B I suppose.
  6. Chrom should be Major Naga, not Baldo, after all he has the mark of Naga, not Baldo.
  7. Wyvern/Dragon Rider/Knight/Master/Lord because so much badass.
  8. My first was FE7, but my favorite is FE9, so nope.
  9. That can't be... can it... it's Arioch!!!

    1. Aether911


      Yes it is, Drakengard best game ever <3

    2. Lord Raven

      Lord Raven

      dear lord... it's the best worst game ever

  10. Not sure about this one, however I agree with the rest, it's not about how much sex you have or anything, more on how your sexual life is actually seen.
  11. Nice to see you still have the time to continue this, your FE5RT and FE8MR are really great!
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