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  1. I gave the Japanese a quick check, and what do you know, you're right. The kanji "従兄弟" is used, which contains "兄弟", the word for "brother", so I can see why it may be an easy mistake for someone who doesn't know the word and doesn't know how to look it up (back when I first started learning Japanese in the early days of the Internet I remember I myself looked up words kanji by kanji by the radical in a kanji dictionary, which is not easy or necessarily accurate). I will include this on the list of small things to edit in a future update. Maybe once a few more build up, or if I get around to it sooner rather than later.
  2. We did consider implementing the maps based on existing photos and screenshots but ultimately did not because there is not enough information available for us to accurately recreate them. Basically they would become entirely original creations, which is not in line with the spirit of this patch.
  3. Thank you for checking anyway! If the Japanese I found is correct, then it is indeed missing that information. Thanks for pointing it out. This is something to consider for a future text update I think--kind of hard to justify a new version just for this 😛
  4. That would be a great convenience feature, but also outside of the scope of the project. The goal for this patch is basically "immersion"--that is, does it feel/act like it could be a contemporary official localization? None of the GBA games had this feature, so unfortunately it would be a little immersion-breaking.
  5. I have updated this patch if anyone is interested. I kind of did it mostly for myself because I want to make a complete save file with all support conversations and trial map characters unlocked and the base game starts to feel a little repetitive after the 6th playthrough, but I'm happy to share it. Details in the first post! Please let me know if you run into any issues. EDIT: Aaaand I realized FEBuilder messed up the placement of some units when I made edits to them. That's what I get for uploading without testing thoroughly I guess. I made a very small update and replaced the file on Mediafire with the updated one.
  6. So it does! I appreciate you pointing these out every time they come out 🙂 Feel free to let me know if there's any dialogue that may affect anything in the patch.
  7. So, it took me long enough, but it was indeed an easy fix. I confirmed and it seems that the "bad" ending now plays correctly in both the Ilia and Sacae routes. The latest version (1.1.1) is available in the first post. Thank you for the report!
  8. My interpretation has always been that Roy is meant to be generic and good so he can basically stand in for the player in the story and in dialogue. This was before the series started using avatar characters, so the worship from all the auxiliary characters instead goes to the main lord. He's always right, he can be paired with a vast number of cute female characters, and he's even the 15 year old male target audience. With the kind of easy-to-understand story Roy is placed in I think this is all just fine. I do like how some of his conversations seem to reflect the ways players may think. He tells Alen he wants to win the war with no deaths, and if you get an A support with Marcus he tells Marcus he never wants him to retire...much like what a player who got Roy an A support with Marcus is probably thinking.
  9. To end the dialogue at a place like this does seem like an issue--it's not a coherent place to leave the player, and the song changing seems to indicate something else should be there. I will take a look in the next little while. Hopefully it can be taken care of with a simple text/event edit.
  10. I gave it a check and all of Lilina and Garret's support conversations look correct. I may have corrected it already? 🤔 Hanon has always been referred to as female in this patch, even before I got involved. It's clearly an error due to lack of context the translator was given for FE7 (Japanese does not use gender-specific words/pronouns as often as European languages) so it wouldn't have made a lot of sense to keep her male, especially since Hanon being female is like...the only thing that's said about her in FE6.
  11. I'd released 1.1brx versions up until now, with the intention to suggest 1.1 was not complete. 1.1 is complete now, so it loses the suffix.
  12. No changes have been made since 1.1br7, but I am going ahead and declaring it complete by changing its name to v1.1! Enjoy~ And do continue to feel free to point out issues if you have any.
  13. Hey, thanks for the comments. Right now I'm just focused on getting the localization patch to a "final" state (just waiting another week or two to see if there are any more error reports at this point), but after that I might want to make a new version of the ol' Numbers Patch. I think I could get it done in a day or so in FEBuilder. Having played through the game a couple times without anything like that again, I just can't help but feel that characters like Wolt, Bors, Lot and Ward deserve just a little bit more, and it kind of bums me out when I use them in place of the usual suspects like Alance, Rutger, Dieck, Shanna, etc. With such a huge cast, more worthwhile characters would give the game higher replayability. It does to me personally in any case. Having Roy promote earlier is a tough one--his late promotion is clearly something many people don't like about FE6, but Roy is wielding the Binding Blade in his map sprite after promoting, so it feels a little unconvincing to have him promote before he gets it. I think a more "immersive" compromise may be to increase his bases or growths slightly so he's not quite so bad in the chapters leading up to his promotion. Then again, Roy being bad in the mid-late game is arguably an intrinsic part of FE6, so I don't know if I'd personally want to change that.
  14. Wow, that's a lot of suggestions! I'm not sure about implementing so many minor text edits at this stage but I do appreciate the time you took. I'll certainly consider whether any of these warrant another version.
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