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  1. Thank you for the detailed report! We'll look into it. And thank you for posting about it on Reddit! Hopefully that will have some more people able to test it.
  2. FE6 Localization Patch v1.1b In short, this new version includes localization updates, bug fixes...and a new Support Conversation reader feature?! *It's real! Download here Apply to an FE6 ROM with a UPS patcher such as NUPS *If you don't know how to patch a ROM, please kindly Google it. Testers Wanted! Please Report Any Issues! Please let us know any issues you run into in this topic! Please also spread the word to anyone who may be interested in helping! Although tabachanker and I tested as much as we could between us, our time is beginning to run low. The game should be playable from beginning to end, but let us know if you encounter any issues! Changelist The vast majority of updates this time are new features and cleaning up of the ROM. These wouldn't have been possible without tabachanker, the Jesus of Hacking, so big ups homie! ■New Features Reread your favorite Support Conversations with a fully functional Support Conversation reader! Note that previously viewed Support Conversations will not be unlocked unless they are viewed again. The feature is available from the Extras menu (unlocked after completing the game once) and the battle preparations screen. There is a special Easter egg to view all Support Conversations once the feature is unlocked on the Extras menus... Press B to skip the credits and character endings page by page--no longer does beating the game have to mean waiting 20-30 minutes for the credits to end! You can now press Start on the Preparations menu to start a battle, as in the other GBA FE titles The cursor on the main menu moves a little more smoothly now The people who made huge contributions to the localization are now credited in the credits screen 😊 ■Fixes The infamous Hugh glitch, in which Hugh's stats were inflated in his recruitment chapter if the player resumed the chapter, has been corrected! File size of the patched ROM has been reduced nearly by half! Missing pause marker in opening scene added to make it flow smoother Other general behind-the-scenes data organization ■Localization/Text Updates All character names and titles have been updated for consistency with Fire Emblem Heroes and other current content (thin font used where names did not fit in UI) Replaced remaining unlocalized "Ereb" map graphics with localized "Elibe" map graphics (credits, preparations minimap) Other small text revisions, including an overhaul of the Tutorial for consistency with Nintendo's GBA-era terminology regulations To Be Done? Link Arena cleanup (lol) Small adjustments to Support Conversation reader, such as the order the characters are displayed and possibly display the Affinity for all characters Other cool stuff maybe??? That's all! Enjoy, and spread the word if you are so inclined!
  3. I’ve never tried that method. I would recommend just editing the text directly in FEBuilder in the future if you ever want to try again. It hasn’t given me any issues.
  4. In the next few months I guess! Can’t promise anything at this point however. I will post it in this topic when it’s ready. Interesting. I will need to make sure to test to make sure the newer version does not have that error. I have not encountered it yet. Text being in unused items/classes was a shortcut the original translation patch makers took to implement text that was too long to fit in the original space limitations. This is one of many behind-the-scenes fixes that will be present in the in-progress new version. For a changelog, do you mean for the upcoming version? If so, you’ll have to wait until it comes out. The text changes will include name and “ending title” (stuff like Roy’s “Young Lion”) updates for consistency with newly localized material, as well as edits to the dialogue/narration here and there for brevity and clarity. I overhauled the tutorial for terminology consistency with FE7, for example. I don’t think the text changelog will be point-by-point exhaustive, however.
  5. I’m afraid I can’t really recommend any previous versions, as I don’t think any that are in a complete state are below that size limit. If you can wait, tabachanker managed to get the ROM to half the size of the previous versions, so the next version we put out should work properly.
  6. Hmm... That must be an issue with the older version of the patch you’re using. If you want to make text edits, I would recommend using the latest version. Tabachanker and I are working on a new version to be released...eventually!
  7. Haha, renaming everyone to their FE1 counterparts! I like it. It is not difficult to change names in FEBuilder and it should create no issues. If you search a name in the Text Editor, all instances of the name in the game will come up, then you can just edit where it appears to what you want. I don't think there are any hidden instances of names. It is actually probably one of the easiest things you can do in FEBuilder, but it can be time consuming if you want to edit names on a large scale.
  8. I meant on the map screen. I guess that wasn’t clear. When you select Roy he waves the Binding Blade back and forth.
  9. I've never tried it myself but I've seen a few hacks that do it and it is "theoretically" possible. Maybe it does cause issues, though. Well, for one, promoted Roy is clearly wielding the Binding Blade, so it would be a little unfitting if going for believability, but that doesn't affect gameplay.
  10. I know this is a topic about an official remake, but many or most of the core gameplay changes suggested in this thread can be done fairly simply with the original FE6 in FE Builder without adding any new assets. I know that at least the following can be done quite painlessly. Hit rates "Balancing" units Making enemy reinforcements spawn before player turn Promotion timing for Roy Promotion item frequency Adding hard mode bonuses to Raigh, Douglas, Hugh Changing support speed Making Rapiers/Horseslayers effective against Nomads/Troubadours and their promoted classes If we were to get a faithful remake of FE6, I think the single feature I would most want is a "randomized" mode, where units, and possibly their classes, are shuffled. I think the classic FE formula lends itself well to this sort of mechanic.
  11. Karel is not bad but by the time you get him Rutger and/or Fir are probably much better and you probably will not need another Durandal/Wyrmslayer wielder for the last chapter, especially considering how deadly Manaketes can be at close range. For that reason, and also because you need to deploy either Bartre or Fir to get him at all, I would rank him much lower than, say, Athos. Personally I would rank Karel at C or so. Disregarding availability, I can see Athos being S rank, for comparison.
  12. Ah, so he is. Appreciate you looking into it. If anyone is going to call Gwendolyn a nickname, it would probably be Astolfo. I believe he only calls her "Gwendolyn" in the current revision however.
  13. There may be some way to do it, for example, using Nightmare or FEBuilder to put Armads into the inventory of a unit who hasn't yet joined, but it's possible there are other triggers involved with getting the true ending. I don't know if simply having Armads would be enough to solve your problem. The only surefire way is the old-fashioned way, I'm afraid.
  14. I'm not sure. tabachanker is working on fixing a couple glitches in the game, some of which were introduced by FEditor, which seems to have injected more code into the game than we previously realized. We did not intentionally prevent cheats, but something introduced from FEditor may have inadvertently done so.
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