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  1. One of FE6's defining traits within the series is its immense cast, so I wouldn't actually want to cut any characters. Considering Guinivere and Galle, the game could even use a few more without it feeling unnatural. I also feel like the game's support conversations get unfairly labeled as boring--there are actually some really great characters that shine through in their support conversations! I guess the boring ones like Alen and Lance's are easiest to get, however, so that's what most people see. In terms of impact on story and gameplay I'd go with the following. Ogier - Superfluous mercenary generally outclassed by Dieck who is just tagging along with the Ostian knights, only there for players who somehow lost Dieck, still want a mercenary/hero, and don't want Echidna. Barthe - Gwendolyn sucks, but her suckage is legendary, elevating her to national treasure status. Plus she is the sister of Bors, making her a rare female armor knight. Barthe is just sort of there and is terrible. Garret - I actually like Garret (very useful in chapter 21 and enjoyable personality) but rules are rules. We already have a bandit character in Gonzalez. Trec - There are a total of seven cavalier/paladins in the game, so in terms of gameplay it would have the least impact to cut some of them. Trec is an amusing character but isn't really connected to anyone very deeply but the other Ilian knights. Zelot - A replacement for Marcus who is only slightly better in combat but has similar stats overall... Perceval doesn't come THAT late so Zelot might not be that necessary. Larum - Really either her or Elffin, but Elffin has more relevance to the story, being the prince of Etruria. Wolt or Dorothy - Neither is very good or particularly important to the story. I would want one of them at least though. I guess Wolt would be the one to keep if given the option. Karel - A decent character who comes right at the end, recruitable by only Fir or Bartre... If he had a unique class and/or dragon-slaying weapon and could be recruited by Roy then he could be this game's Athos, but he does not and is not. Cath - Now this is a character I enjoy the personality of, but there is not much room for thieves to grow in FE6 making them kind of unpractical in the real final chapter, and Chad and Astolfo may be enough as is. Merlinus - Fine as an NPC, and he has no supports anyway.
  2. I'm surprised Sacred Stones has so few votes. I thought it was generally considered to be the lesser of the three GBA games. I appreciated that it tried to do something slightly different from the linear resource/unit management focus of the previous two games, but it didn't take the emphasis on character growth far enough if you ask me. Not that it's an important argument, as all three games are great, granted.
  3. I was not able to replicate this. It displays correctly for me. I wonder if perhaps because the enemy is on the throne when you end the chapter it displays the faulty message?
  4. Thanks, I will look into this when I have a moment. Thanks for the info! For FE6, the Choose Your Legends Poll seems to be an accurate representation of the names, at least of the ones we've gotten so far. Melady and Dieck were both consistent. Windham and Myrddin already have their correct spellings!
  5. Ah, nice catch! This will need an update too. Thanks. Thank you! I will include a correction for this in the next update.
  6. And wouldn't you know it, a few more FE6 characters appear in FEH. Dieck will need his title updated, but it looks like that's the only change needed. I'll do it sometime.
  7. I have only known a few people who actively enjoyed the Link Arena. Since you're not playing on a map, it basically boils down to a kind of card game, but one that requires all players to have a decked out party from a 15-20 hour strategy RPG. Getting the resources and people together to play it is a big hurdle. In my opinion the feature reeks of "Nintendo requesting a social multiplayer feature in a new game on the recently released GBA to push social virality and to sell link cables", and wouldn't have been there otherwise. My theory is that IS originally wanted to make more involved multiplayer maps but ran out of time, which resulted in the Trial Maps in FE6. Since the Link Arena feature was already in the game, they just included it in the later games because why not. Of course that's just my theory. That said don't let me stop you if you find people who want to have fun with it!
  8. FE6 Localization Patch v1.1br2 A quick update fixing the excessive text issue reported above! You can continue any save games from the older version. Download here Apply to a Japanese FE6 ROM with a UPS patcher such as NUPS *If you don't know how to patch a ROM, please kindly Google it. Testers Wanted! Please Report Any Issues! Please let us know any issues you run into in this topic! Please also spread the word to anyone who may be interested in helping! The game should be playable from beginning to end, but let us know if you encounter any issues! Changelist Fixed issue with Roy's dialogue with Zephiel in Chapter 22 ending too soon due to the text being too long. I just shortened the dialogue a bit. No meaning should be lost. I checked other lengthy conversations and none I found had this issue, so hopefully it was an isolated problem.
  9. Appreciate the report! I think I should probably give other lengthy dialogues another look over too.
  10. I see. I can say that data was moved around to reduce the size of the ROM, and there was nothing I noticed in FEBuilder that was affected, though I didn't try fiddling with everything.
  11. Is there something you are no longer able to edit in FE Builder? I didn't have any issues editing text or anything, and I did make some changes after the initial version of the feature was implemented.
  12. I'm glad it was helpful for you! The vast majority of the technical stuff for this patch was done by tabachanker, so I may be unable to answer questions directly, but if there's anything else feel free to let me know.
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