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  1. Not even close. Oh well, "Saint's Staff" it is. 😛 Or I can go with an abbreviation like "Stf of the St"? ...Don't worry, I'm kidding. Other progress: - Fixed typos (Genral, postive, of our of our, who was who was) - Updated endgame title for Gonzalez (Gentle Bandit→Kindly Bandit) and Hugh (Traveling Mage→Worldly Mage) - Edited Hugh's dialogue to refer to Niime as "nana" from "grandmother" - Edited Idunn's dialogue to refer to Zephiel as "Your Highness" from "Your Majesty" (other characters still refer to Zephiel as "Your Majesty"; "Your Highness" is otherwise used by other characters in reference to Guinivere and Elffin) - Corrected R-button description of "Talk" command To do: - Check generic enemy names as pointed out by German FE Nino
  2. Oh gosh, didn't expect so many posts since the last time I visited! Let me just go through and address some of the reports... First, with regards to actual hacking, you can think of me as basically the muscle in the operation, spending time in tools on a large volume of technically easy tasks, while tabachanker was the brains who actually has technical knowledge and skill. So other than fixing text and other things that can be done in FEBuilder I can't really address some of the errors brought up here. Unless of course tabachanker or someone else with technical knowledge wants to--though in my opinion the patch is "good enough" that it'd be kind of a luxury to do so. I've beaten the game probably 10+ times without much issue. 😛 All that said, now that some new Binding Blade characters have come to FEH, I think it may be worthwhile to make a new update. I'll see if I have time soon. I'll address the issues brought up since my last post below. On the Support Conversation menu's differences from FE7: The menu tabachanker made for FE6 was actually made from scratch using other menus as a base! So there may be some differences from FE7, and that's fine. On the title screen crash: this isn't something I'd be able to do on my own, so I will leave this for now. On Marcus's ending not displaying: I believe I've seen this with other characters, but not always. I'm not sure why this happens, unfortunately. Again, it's beyond my limited ability to resolve. 😞 On chapter names not displaying in epilogue: I may need to look into this. Although it's a difference from the Japanese version, I don't think it's a fatal problem so it is a lower priority in my eyes if I can't find a solution on my own. We may have disabled it due to chapter names being too long--seems like something I might do. 😛 On switched-around generic enemy names: Not sure about these. It's possible I meant to "fix" inconsistencies with the setting by making a change here and there. I will look into these. Typo: "Genral Murdock" I thought I fixed this with the latest version, but I will check. Typo: "one of our of our" I will look into this. Typo: "you're that guy who was who was" I thought I fixed this with the latest version, but I will check. Typo: "I'm postive" I will look into this. New text with the new FE6 characters in FEH: character names look consistent with the spellings we used, but I will need to check whether their endgame titles need adjustment. Gonzalez: Kindly Bandit Cath: Master Thief Hugh: Worldly Mage Niime: Mountain Hermit New text for FE6 content in FEH: I think I can make "Staff of the Saint" fit by using a custom thin font for some letters like I did with "Binding Blade". Will give it a try. Other dialogue-related stuff for FE6 content in FEH that I will look into to see if adjustment is needed: Hugh refers to Niime as "nana" and his father as "old man"; Idunn uses "His Higness" to refer to Zephiel (don't remember if I used "highness" or "majesty"); Gonzalez talks like a caveman and Cath has her trademark snark in the official English localization so nothing needs to be done there I think 🙂 Feel free to let me know if there's anything else, and especially other FE6 content in FEH and typos. I'll keep track of other bug reports, even if I'm not able to handle them myself.
  3. Thank you for the report, but I'm afraid I was not able to replicate either of these. I watched the opening about 5 times but it never crashed like the video you posted, nor does the opening graphic look weird for me. They are either rare issues or it may be a problem on your end. I guess I'll just run down the usual troubleshooting list if no one else is having the issues: - Have you applied the patch to a clean Japanese ROM? (in other words, a ROM that has no other patches applied to it) - Are you using the latest version of the patch? - Is your emulator up to date? If your answer is yes to all of the above, then there is unfortunately not much I can do to help. 😞
  4. Oh hey, nice! Just came to check in and you've found a fix! I followed your instructions to correct the issue and also went ahead and corrected the text errors that you and CedAodh pointed out to make a new version that I put into the first post. https://www.mediafire.com/file/9nejkex9owaihn8/FE6Localization_v1.1.3.ups/file
  5. Nope, this is just the localization with no changes to gameplay/balance. The numbers patch with this latest localization can be found in one of the links in my signature.
  6. All right, well, these are worth consideration. Just so you know, the patch is more or less done, so I'm not really actively brushing up the localization at this point. If there is a mistranslation I would certainly want to correct that, but typos of these level on their own don't warrant a new version with the current state of the project. I will list these up for candidates to possibly edit in a future version, but I'll let some time pass before I seriously consider that.
  7. Thanks for all the feedback. Regarding descriptions from FE7 and 8 that are a little iffy: we're going for "immersion" in this patch. When compared side by side with FE7 and FE8, does it look like it could've come out around a similar time? Changing these to be more accurate would make them stand out slightly, so it would go against the goals of the patch. Thanks for pointing out the typo. I'll also look into the range display and see how it's shown in the Japanese version. The range is technically based on Mag even if the actual equation is a little more complicated, so I don't think it's entirely incorrect as is, just imprecise. Regarding the font: it's already kind of pushing it in terms of immersion, but accuracy to official localizations is higher priority. For such immersion reasons I won't implement it across the board, but it's not difficult to edit the font in FE Builder if you want to try. I just exported the letters I wanted to shrink, edited them manually in Paint, then imported them into letter data that is unused in the actual game to Frankenstein a solution--looking at Gwendolyn's name in FE Builder, you will see in the data her name is the lovely "Mwendolyn" because I replaced unused full-width letters. If you replace the actual half-width letters this way, you will effectively replace the font. I'm glad you're enjoying the support conversation reader! Tabachanker really did an amazing job implementing it. I've always thought FE6 support conversations are undeservedly bashed a lot in comparison to its successors, so hopefully the increased visibility changes some opinions over time.
  8. My bad. I've fixed it! Also updated with some small translation updates (also reflected in the localization patch) and Bors's base HP reduced by juuust a little bit. Also, I found that moving Zelot and Trec's spawn time back a turn didn't change things too much... Although the cavs and Marcus are no longer a hard requirement, Roy still needed to move the maximum possible range each turn to make it in time, and because they spawn later the ongoing confrontation with the enemy is much more intense than their original spawn time. I moved them and Noah back one more turn each. If this doesn't change much I may just adjust some enemy AI on this chapter so they only attack when in range instead of charging the player. https://www.mediafire.com/file/u7dy7vcgkjxscpo/FE6NumbersPatchv2.1.ups/file
  9. I needed to make an update to the Numbers Patch, so I went ahead and made the two updates to the text (Saint's Staff description now says it "fully restores all allies" and Orun is now Hector's cousin) to the Localization Patch as well. Version 1.1.2 is available in the first post!
  10. I gave the Japanese a quick check, and what do you know, you're right. The kanji "従兄弟" is used, which contains "兄弟", the word for "brother", so I can see why it may be an easy mistake for someone who doesn't know the word and doesn't know how to look it up (back when I first started learning Japanese in the early days of the Internet I remember I myself looked up words kanji by kanji by the radical in a kanji dictionary, which is not easy or necessarily accurate). I will include this on the list of small things to edit in a future update. Maybe once a few more build up, or if I get around to it sooner rather than later.
  11. We did consider implementing the maps based on existing photos and screenshots but ultimately did not because there is not enough information available for us to accurately recreate them. Basically they would become entirely original creations, which is not in line with the spirit of this patch.
  12. Thank you for checking anyway! If the Japanese I found is correct, then it is indeed missing that information. Thanks for pointing it out. This is something to consider for a future text update I think--kind of hard to justify a new version just for this 😛
  13. That would be a great convenience feature, but also outside of the scope of the project. The goal for this patch is basically "immersion"--that is, does it feel/act like it could be a contemporary official localization? None of the GBA games had this feature, so unfortunately it would be a little immersion-breaking.
  14. I have updated this patch if anyone is interested. I kind of did it mostly for myself because I want to make a complete save file with all support conversations and trial map characters unlocked and the base game starts to feel a little repetitive after the 6th playthrough, but I'm happy to share it. Details in the first post! Please let me know if you run into any issues. EDIT: Aaaand I realized FEBuilder messed up the placement of some units when I made edits to them. That's what I get for uploading without testing thoroughly I guess. I made a very small update and replaced the file on Mediafire with the updated one.
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