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  1. Originally, yes. Later versions decrease hard mode bonuses very slightly in the early chapters to account for this. Additionally, the Rapier has its FE7 stats, essentially buffing Roy, and Bors starts at level 4 with appropriate bases, making him a little better at tanking, so it should be playable.
  2. I made the Numbers Patch so I am not an unbiased source, but Rising Wind looks like it makes a few too many changes for my taste. Additional supports and newly playable characters gets a little too close to fan fiction territory for me. I mean no insult to the author—it’s just not my cup of tea. The Numbers Patch purely makes changes to...well, numbers, and isn’t too far removed from the original. A lot of people like to crap on FE6 these days, but I don’t think it’s entirely deserved. The original game is a solid experience, but if the thought of low hit rates and “unbalanced units” kills you and you end up deciding to go with the Numbers Patch, I recommend the latest version in the latest post from me in its topic. I just completed a playthrough with it. However I’m in the process of updating the localization patch and will further update the Numbers Patch as appropriate when done. It won’t significantly alter the experience but will have a slightly revised script.
  3. Sorry about that! Here is a hopefully more permanent link. http://www.mediafire.com/file/ltv3bdn01m6zqh2/FE6-NumbersPatch_v1.6beta.ups/file I am in the process of updating the Localization Patch and will update this patch as needed once that is complete.
  4. Hah, that is one option. The only issue I could see is that, even if it works in context, people who are familiar with the Wendy⇒Gwendolyn change may find it distracting or even think it's a mistake in the patch. I would probably go with Gwen or Gwendy, but I don't know if I will anywhere. It seems like it might be fitting in Astolfo's support conversation, but there aren't too many others where people are so casual with her. Even her brother Bors, although he's overprotective, doesn't exactly talk to her casually.
  5. Yeah, it's just the unit select screen and ending screen that were an issue. I appreciate the suggestion though!
  6. Hey, great to see you're sill around too, tabachanker! Once I get the script revision complete I will let you know.
  7. I think you're right about an abbreviation looking much better here. I will go with this for now.
  8. Because Demonbreath is not the official name. I'm trying to be as slavishly accurate to official names as possible, and "Demonic Breath" is one that we have. Abbreviating it to "Demonic brth" or something might work though. Also, I believe "Binding Blade" originally clipped to the right as well? It was a while ago so I don't remember completely so I could be wrong here.
  9. Progress update. I do have all the names and character titles updated with official names, using the thinner font as necessary and for the "Binding Blade" (it is the gosh darned title of the game after all, might as well show the full name), and graphics for the changed location names. Note that screenshots are from when I was testing the graphics. The text has since been corrected as well. Battle of the thin-ass weapon names. Note that "Demonic breath" displays in full on the item screen. I am considering it being covered slightly here to be acceptable. I am not using thinner fonts for the capital letters right now. I could, but everything I want displays anyway and I think it looks fine. If anyone thinks "Binding Blade" with normal B's looks off do let me know your thoughts. Going over the script, some of the experience I've gained over the last few years working in game localization has become apparent. I want to go over the script and revise slightly for clarity and brevity as necessary. I only expected to update proper nouns, but I've come this far. Might as well go all the way. I don't expect to change anywhere near as much as when we first made this patch, however.
  10. In the font table in FE Builder, you can see how each symbol/character is displayed in game. Outside of Asia, we typically use what are called half-width characters, but the full-width alphabet is also present in the game data. The full-width lower case letters are unused (the full-width upper case letters are used for weapon skill levels and maybe some other things). You can safely replace unused characters with others. Basically I exported the half-width letters and edited them to be a pixel or two thinner in Photoshop, then imported them to replace the lower case full-width alphabet, then decreased the display width setting. If you want to use these thinner letters in game, when editing the text, you just have to write the letter you want to use in full-width. Some letters, such as w, would be indistinguishable if they were made thinner, so I wasn’t able to do this for all letters, but enough to accomplish what I wanted. Theoretically you could also replace Japanese characters or kanji with thin letters that have nothing to do with them, but this will make it difficult to find them if you want to edit them later. You could also entirely replace the original half-width alphabet with thinner letters if you really wanted to.
  11. Good to know. That means the spelling I went with originally will need no edit. (•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ I can't be the only one who found some of the location names distracting in Three Houses... Brigid, Dagda, even my boi Fargus got his name garbled with Faerghus.
  12. I thought I saw it mentioned here but it seems I was mistaken. Feverishly checking around late at night can do that I guess. https://feheroes.gamepedia.com/One_of_True_Sight There’s a grand total of four instances of “Almar” in the text however so it won’t be difficult even if it is changed again. Even if it’s unused, there is a graphic with an acceptable romanization within the game, so I see it as correcting an oversight.
  13. I asked on the FEH board for some help but no one seems interested. Oh well. This seems to be an accurate resource... https://fireemblemwiki.org/wiki/Name_chart/Fire_Emblem:_The_Binding_Blade I was able to find other sources to back up the names of the locations as well, but I have found no mention of "Leygance". Was it perhaps a mistake? In any case, the four new location names are in, and I made the graphics for their display on the world map. I was expecting it to be quite a task, but it actually wasn't so crazy tough. I could find no "x" in the lower case graphics, however, so I had to make one... I think it looks acceptable. "Armagh" as a graphic already exists with this spelling, but it does not seem to be used on the world map, so I just need to correct mentions of it in text. Easy. With Jutes becoming "Juteaux"... I don't remember if the latest name for the evil tribe in Sacae was Djute or Djuto. If it's Djuto I guess I'll have to change it to Djute.
  14. Hey there, I've gotten the itch recently to update the FE6 localization patch and FE Builder makes things that were a challenge before super easy, so the hurdle is not nearly as high as it once was. For example, I've been able to deal with official names and titles that do not fit into the original UI of FE6 by making an alternative thinner font. I am having trouble, however, finding a comprehensive list of officially translated terms and locations that have appeared in FEH. ============================================ Here's what I have more or less confirmed. Names that have been released or are mentioned by released characters These are names that seem exceedingly unlikely to be officially updated again. Names that have not been released or mentioned in released content These are names that, as far as I can find, have not been officially released or mentioned, but may have been used in popularity polls and whatnot. Some of these names seem liable to change if they are ever released or mentioned in FEH. ================================================= And below, we're getting into what I have NOT been able to confirm and could use some help with. Names that seem to have been mentioned in an event in FEH? Or not? And maybe there's more? HELP! The fandom wiki is somewhat inconsistent and unclear, but SEEMS to suggest the following names have been mentioned in an event in FEH. The helpful German FE Nino also pointed me to some of these (thanks!). Basically, what I'm hoping for is one of you fine gentlemen or gentlewomen to help confirm if the above names did indeed appear in FEH, and to help me know if any others have appeared as well! Any help would be much appreciated!
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