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  1. What is the decryption key to the prepatched fe12 rom on Mega.

  2. I can see the value in putting in character names that have been used by released characters in Heroes like Thea and Gwendolyn ("Gwendolyn" doesn't fit in the UI on all screens by the way), but the names of unreleased characters on the website seem very liable to change. If you have the time to spend on it then I guess that's fine, but it seems like a waste of time to change names like "Allen" to "Alen" at this point. Just my thought on the matter, though.
  3. IIRC a lot of the Link Arena would be a big pain/something I can't do with my current knowledge, so although I'd like to, I can't say for sure. A couple points I've realized since making the last post (thanks bookofholsety): I won't consider the names on the website official until the characters are actually released in FE Heroes. Murdock was apparently called "Marduk" previously? It seems to me that Nintendo isn't considering the names on the site final, so I won't either. "Gwendolyn" actually won't fit within the constraints of the GBA games character limits on certain screens, which means we have a couple options. Hack the screens that won't fit to make "Gwendolyn" fit (not something I can do) Make her "character name" a nickname and have characters call her "Gwendolyn" in the story. (Bors, being a doting older brother, would probably call her her nickname.) We have a couple options for her nickname. Wendy (as is) Gwen Gwendy
  4. Long time no see! I actually downloaded Heroes and saw that Wendy's name was now Gwendolyn and came to comment. Looks like there are a lot of other changes too. To be perfectly honest my job now (which this translation helped me to get!) has me a lot busier than when I made this patch originally so I won't be able to put the same kind of time into it that I did before. But, being the OCD kind of person I am, it feels like as good a time as any for an update to the patch. So in other words, eventually! Hopefully! It looks like quite a few names will need changing. I'm a little surprised at stuff like "Dieck" but hey.
  5. That's been pointed out before, but I've never been able to replicate it, unfortunately... :/
  6. This isn't so much a gameplay tip, but I would recommend downloading the English translation patch and Japanese ROM and patching it yourself. There is a pre-patched ROM floating around the Internet that causes the game to hang after a certain chapter halfway through the game.
  7. I like how the game has so many characters. A lot of them aren't too useful but that's why I made the Numbers Patch the game isn't all that crazy difficult anyway. Makes replaying the game with different characters fun. Each character in FE6 has at least 5 support conversations, which equates to... well, a lot more than either FE7 or FE8. Most of the supports are pretty good I think, but a few characters in particular are very dull. Wendy, Ogier, and Cecilia in particular. The developers just had too much volume to tackle, I guess.
  8. Outright changing a character name like this would go against the philosophy of this translation. Basically, literature and mythological references take priority after official names, and as weird a name and unfitting a reference as it is, Milady is a reference to Milady de Winter from the Three Musketeers. So, unfortunately, it stays.Crimson Red: If the original writers considered their name renditions sacred, they wouldn't allow NoA or whoever to change them in localization.
  9. Easy there, no offense intended. It was just a quote from the opening song of MST3K. :P
  10. You're not the first and probably won't be the last. :p"Repeat to yourself, 'it's just a game, I should really just relax.'"
  11. Nah, that's just FE6. It has only Vendor music.
  12. Well, unless someone wants to step in and help with the Link Arena, don't be so sure that'll be done. ;P I used to do fan translations of manga, but I find that it just takes up too much time to do these days. I've actually tried, but it's difficult to get myself to do it when I'm home. :/ So to give you a straight answer, most likely not. My current job keeps me extremely busy so it's hard to find time to think about fan translating as a whole. That's not a complaint, though, because I do what I love at work (translating games and such).
  13. Apologies for quoting myself from another topic but this comes up so often.
  14. You're not the first person who's experienced this. The issue has been reported in the patch thread before, but I wasn't able to replicate it. No idea what causes it. :P
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