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  1. Why are you so defensive? I asked you what changes you'd like to see made because I am curious about what kind of America U.S. conservatives want to live in. I asked about those two cases in particular, because they're a prime target for review, since first was fairly recent and second hinged on the right to privacy, which was a central issue in Roe. If you don't have any opinion on those two, or don't wish to share it, that's fine. But I asked a question--what you would like to see the SC achieve--in good faith, and you responded by flaming me.
  2. Why is anyone here bothering to debate the ethics of abortion? There is no way to reach any kid of accord on the matter, much less sway someone to the other side. However, @AnonymousSpeed, I really am quite curious about what other 'positive changes' you'd like to see the U.S. Supreme Court make. Since you are pro-life, would I be correct in assuming you are hostile to the Obergefell v. Hodges and Lawrence v. Texas decisions?
  3. An overturning of Obergefell v. Hodges and /or Lawrence v, Texas, perhaps?
  4. You keep strange company. '[A]ppropriate'? What does that even mean here? I understand that it would be unwise to do that, because neglecting those responsibilities yields unpleasant consequences, but 'appropriate' feels...inappropriate...to convey that meaning. Moreover, I think you're mischaracterizing his statements. His words are thus: His concern does not seem to be that he will have too many other commitments to spend time interacting on SF, but rather, that it is somehow unbecoming of one who is 30 to do so. This compulsion to modify how he spends his time based on adherence to some perceived 'age-appropriateness' scale bespeaks a self-consciousness about his maturity; such insecurity is endemic to youth.
  5. Anxiety about the 'age-appropriateness' of something is characteristic of the young. You'll grow out of it.
  6. I am Sock Puppet, not Straw Man. I never said that.
  7. I don't remember widespread hatred for her from the community, although her frailty certainly did not make her extremely popular. However, I have never liked her as a character. Her ardent nationalism is weird and out-of-place; it does not fit at all with the rest of her characterization. Moreover, the only way the game can make her seem virtuous is by pitting her against the most one-sided, Agarthanically-evil villains in possibly the whole FE series.
  8. I agree that Radiant Dawn is the most difficult FE on Normal mode (although the difficulty drops off significantly later in the game). The easiest is unquestionably Sacred Stones. That game is so easy, that even its Hard mode offers barely any challenge. The general pattern of FE is that your units are stronger than the enemies one-on-one, but the enemy has greater numbers. A lot of Radiant Dawn's difficulty comes from the fact that the early game does not really follow this pattern; by about the mid-point of Part 1, most enemy units are just as strong, if not stronger, than most of yours. It doesn't help that your lord character has all the durability of tissue paper and will be slaughtered by any enemy who can penetrate your fragile battle line. This doesn't last, though--Part 2 is not terribly difficult, and Part 3 is easy. Sacred Stones has the same pathetic enemies as FE 7, while also offering unlimited grinding EXP and unlimited stat-boosting items.
  9. Sort of. Like many non-Japanese fans of the series, my interest in Fire Emblem began when Marth and Roy appeared in Super Smash Bros: Melee. I head never heard of Fire Emblem before then, but I quite enjoyed playing as Marth, though he wasn't my primary fighter. Nevertheless, I liked the two enough that I wanted to experience playing them in their native environment. And so, I was excited when I heard that Nintendo would be releasing Fire Emblem internationally in 2003. I could finally play as Marth and Roy in an actual Fire Emblem game! Bear in mind, however, that I knew nothing about the series at the time. From the few screenshots I saw in pre-release material, I assumed it was going to be a hack-and-slash top-down adventure game, something like the original Legend of Zelda on NES. But at the very least, I knew Roy was going to be in it--who else could that red-haired sword-guy in all the advertisements be?
  10. Weapon durability is stored in a single byte, so it can't go over 255 base uses. Even then, in PoR, RD, the GBA titles, and Genealogy of the Holy War (and possibly more, but I haven't tried), for some reason, the game cannot permanently store any usage level over ~80. So, you could give an iron sword 200 uses, but even if you don't use it at all, when you load the next chapter, it will have significantly less, generally ~60 if you give it 255 uses.
  11. Greetings to all. I have been tinkering around with the weapon stats for FE9 in the system.cmp file using a hex editor, and I was wondering how to make weapons unbreakable. Is it a property stored with weapon data, as in the GBA games, that can be easily edited? Thus far, I haven't been able to find anything that all unbreakable weapons in the base game share.
  12. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a week late!!!

  13. First of all, thanks to everyone for your replies. It appears as though it is the first track that is unable to burn. Strangely enough, this is also where the tempo of the song appears to be stored. I was able to change the tempo by placing the BB XX (per Blazer's suggestion) at the beginning of a different track, but the track that is missing contains a fairly important part of the song (it's the oboe-sounding thing that comes in at the beginning of the 3rd phrase and carries the melody at the beginning of the 5th). If anyone knows a way to fix it such that it can be fully burned to FE8, I would be grateful. --Sock Puppet
  14. Greetings, all. I'm trying to replace most of FE8's music with FE7's using Zahlman's Song Editor. All of the songs I've tried thus far have worked perfectly, except for "Inescapable Fate". When I rip the song from FE7, the program gives the error message shown below; however, I can still successfully burn the song to FE8. But, when I tested the song in-game, it played correctly, but at twice the tempo. If anyone has any knowledge as to why the song is behaving thusly, I would appreciate your sharing it. Thanks. --Sock Puppet
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