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  1. *Googles cost of running for some office and clicks on the first link.* Hm, I wonder why more blue collar people aren't in office.
  2. pink hair. it instantly makes any unit s tier.
  3. lag can be circumvented with already common low latency monitors. yes pal vs ntsc v1.02 is always a relevant question. hopefully it would be 1.02. hopefully the series means nintendo will be more inclined to make a game with gpod mechanics this time.
  4. brawl = smash 4 and probably ultimate too. competitively
  5. probably, but delibird's borderline my new favorite pokemon.
  6. do you rememberrrrrrrrrrrr when this thread would get a thousand posts a day or something like that. oh man.
  7. take a shot for every time you hear this from somebody pro-guns. there are much better arguments for guns than this... guns are dangerous. insane people can be dangerous. combining both is even more dangerous. "it's not as simple as that", but they're both obviously problems. if you disagree, tune in to next week's episode of "around 10 people dead from shooting". edit: holy shit, your last post damn it i was trolled
  8. the celica gt4 is pretty badass. it came out of the factory with an antilag system (...in the 90s) and it was a rally king before the celica and lancer evo were.
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