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  1. Happy Birthday, sorry for being late!

  2. I don't see why axes should have ribbons... it's okay for lances or some kind of swords, but it's strange for axes... anyway the concept is not that bad if you like it, I was just thinking that that axe's ribbon should be sprited better because right now it's a bit confusing... :) Also I like the title of this topic... genius... ahah....
  3. Heartwhisperer

    stuff i made

    Oh, the map sprite is really beautiful... Did you refer to something in particular to while doing it..? Wanted to make a custom map sprite too.... Don't know about Lucina's, need to see it moving... Also great work with the music..!
  4. Hmm.... this is interesting... not an easy choice, every sprite has its own particular feeling... The first one is the cleanest, very well done... but its concept is a little to similar to the original sprites... Also I don't know what's happening with her collar... seems strange.. I like the flower on the last one.. it's a great idea. What was that done with..? Fir's hair..? Mmh... the second to last is medium-quality (the body is good but the hair needs some polishing...) however it has an interesting palette (FE8 colors I guess) and an overall interesting look... I think I'll go with this one... Congrats to everyone else though; away from the ones I already mentioned, I particularly liked the one with the wedding dress too... but her dress is a bit confusing.. especially the far shoulder..
  5. They look good... I don't like very much the red in the Silver Axe, it looks a bit confusing...
  6. Up! I noticed that using the nightmare module to change the palette screws up the palettes of that character if he is of another allegiance (NPC, Enemy)..... How could I fix it..? With GBAGE I think but.. where can I search for the enemy and NPC palettes..? And should I pay attention to something...?
  7. Just what..? I don't even imagine how you did those special tiles, they look great. ^_^ Also about the difficulty, I find interesting having a hack which is challenging. The original games are enough mainstream and easy if you want, so those in search of a good hack would also seek for a challenge, in my opinion. I honestly found TLP easy for the first 15 chapters, medium for 16-23 and hard from 24, but it's okay like this.. I liked the difficulty...
  8. You should know what a offset is, it's something simply basilar when you have to hack. Obviously if you write data to offset 0 things get screwed up. You should find some free space in your ROM and write the map to the offset (see: the place you're writing your information to) there. Otherwise, you'll overwrite important data and screw up the game. Please refer to this for Tiled: http://serenesforest...showtopic=26486 And to this for a basic knowledge on how map insertion works (only parts 3 and 4 if you are using Tiled): http://serenesforest...dpost&p=1503742 Also I would suggest you to read patiently the whole Ultimate Tutorial if you're seriously planning to hack something.
  9. I confirm that the trainees, in their own slot, have no palette. (which means that if you have a trainee class as the base class of some character, you can apply that character's base palette to the trainee sprite. But if you want to keep the original Ross/Ewan/Amelia class slot, you have to resprite the whole thing...) Basically the only point in keeping them as trainee is that those particular class slots have hardcoded ASM that let them automatically promote when they reach level 10, I guess..
  10. I don't know. They aren't listed in the palette editor and I think they work just like Eirika and Ephraim. I changed their animation and mantained the lord class, but the color didn't change according to a specific palette, so they don't have a palette and they just use the animation colors. Which is also logic, since they are the only "Eirika Lord" and "Ephraim Lord". And since Ross, Amelia and Ewan are the only "Journeyman", "Trainee" and "Pupil" of the game, there is no need for a palette for them as well.. Palettes are used to make the same sprite look different, after all. But this is only a theory of mine, I'm going to change the animation and see what happens... I'll let you know... =>
  11. Meh, you all are so hard on her... I don't see sprites like that very often and, honestly speaking, even if it doesn't look like Marth I don't care. It would make the game fresher and let Marth giving a different impression to the player. Also Arch approves the idea so I guess it's okay like this... Also desperately wanting a resprited character of a fanmade remake to be exactly like the original, is a little fanboysm As for the other critiques, I don't see an awful problem with the eyes either. I don't think there are lots of spriters out there who could do a work like that, so I don't understand why everyone is complaining wanting that Marth to be PERFECT when it already is extremely well-designed, sprited, and looks like a badass for once. also his map sprite is a bad-ass... literally Well, peace & love, I like the sprite, I think lot of effort was put in making it. Maybe you don't like it, you want it different, you want it more like the original Marth or whatever. Different opinions. The only current opinion which can make the difference in this project is Arch's anyway, so. Have a nice day
  12. Ah alright, eheh! Don't worry, you helped me a lot anyway!! Still need to know if the trainees have their own palette by the way. XP Mmmh.... maybe no, since they're unique classes, right? There is no need of a palette for a class which is character-only! That's also why Lords don't have palettes. I think I got it. I just need to resprite the Pupil with new colors and then rewriting the script and reinserting it. Oookay!
  13. Okay I tried it and it worked, thank you very much! ^^ Ah I didn't understand this: Why should the palette look weird using the nmm? It's okay till now, it worked... Is associating the palette to another class supposed to screw up something? Ah, also.... I was wondering if there was a palette offset for Ewan(Pupil), Amelia(Trainee) and Ross(Trainee).
  14. Thanks for the information, Kitty. Thank you very much, Moocavo!! Really..!! I'm trying this out right now, I'll let you know if it worked! ^_^
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