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  1. Why the hell would you be living in a ghetto? You haven't moved out? Dumbass.
  2. I left, and then I came back, and suddenly a bunch of people are like, stealing my name. Is it a fad or something?
  3. Bad fad is bad.

  4. Latinos? Like, Mexicans? I saw this girl in my class at Staples last summer :o And I thought her boyfriend was her brother O_O Weird.
  5. Knowing me, I'll NEVER wear mine.
  6. I'm not using Jumpluff. Jumpluff would ruin the entire team's synergy and leave a multitude of weak spots in my strategy, as well as force me to rely on luck to win. Any more posts about Jumpluff and I'll report them as trolling. You mean Tangy? No, because I hate it and it doesn't describe Tangrowth. Puppy: Arcanine's a dog. Cherry: Cherrim is a cherry. Eggy: Exeggutor is an egg. But Tangrowth.... Tangrowth is just a jumble of vines and crap! Viney... Weedy.... Seaweed... Nothing works!
  7. My only problem with Leafeon is that all she does is recover her status, which doesn't happen much in 2vs2. And yes, I have Wi-Fi. Jumpluff CAN'T ATTACK. Cherrim HAS FLOWER GIFT. Cherrim can dish out Solarbeams, which help a lot. Sleep Powder has bad accuracy, and it's risky to use it. Who wants to risk losing a battle on luck? Not me. Besides, would I rather put a Pokemon to sleep, or would I rather kill it? And does Jumpluff boost stats? No. Using Jumpluff would wreck the synergy in my team, also leaving Puppy wide open to be killed by things like Surf, Earth Power, etc., and there's no reason why I'd want to give myself a weak spot. Jumpluff is inferior to Cherrim, if only in my team. Jumpluff is shit, end of discussion. I'm using Tangrowth. Next question, what should I name Tangrowth? If it doesn't have a cool nickname, I can't use it.
  8. No, if they look ugly, I don't like them. If I don't like them, I won't have fun using them. If I won't have fun using them, I'm not having fun. If I'm not having fun, why am I playing the game? I'm fine with OU, just not generic things, but I will consider Tangrowth. However, I would have to give it a good nickname, which I can't. If Tangrowth can't fit in with Cherry, Puppy and Eggy, I can't use him or he ruins the team. /facepalm How'd I forget about Salad Head!? I already have one, but it's SD Baton Passing. Maybe I'll revisit Salad Head. Cherrim has Flower Gift, which boosts Puppy's Attack and both Pokemon's Special Defense. Much more useful than what Jumpluff can do. Not to mention Cherrim also has less weaknesses, and can actually attack. Jumpluff has a mediocre 55 SA, and not being able to dish out ANY defies what the entire team is supposed to do in the first place. Set up on the first turn and take out one pokemon. Next turn, kill 1 or 2. Last turn, gang up on the last Pokemon. Jumpluff would throw a wrench in the entire strategy.
  9. This Thread Is Still Going ? Hm . I Thought It'd Be Dead By Now .
  10. Those 3 are completely unusable, and Shiftry is quite ugly.
  11. The secret to a good relationship is finding a girl you like, not one that has a nice ass. Start a relationship for the sex and you can only go downhill.
  12. Jumpluff shatters in half after one attack, and Tangrowth, I guess is good, but only has one STAB and not really enough different tyes, but I'll look into it. But I don't want to use Tangrowth because it's generic. I want to keep OU and generic pokemon off my team.
  13. I can't keep up with all these name changes >_________________> I feel old.
  14. He and I are the only ones here who don't actually like Fire Emblem.
  15. -Snorunt evolves at level 42, and into a giant floating head. Absolutely not. Snover also evolves at a very late level, and because of horribly slow autoscrolling and loading, Hail will add hours onto the already-long battles, not to mention Hail SUCKS. I decided all Ice Pokemon suck and went with Lucario. I don't want Charizard because he's too slow and weak, and Blaziken's just too slow. I also want my 4th Pokemon to have an ability that works with Sunny Day.
  16. Destiny Hero


    Three things about Pokemon: 1. I have a four-man Sunny Day team. Invincible lead with Cherrim and Arcanine, then Eexeggutor for backup. Cherry, Puppy and Eggy were with Heat Pan, who was filler. I need a good Pokemon to replace with Heatran. It has to be: Hopefully, has STAB Fire or Grass Can learn Solarbeam Can learn some supporting moves (or things like D-Bond, etc...) Can probably use both physical and special The thing is, this team's opening has ultimate synergy: Puppy's Intimidate and Cherry's Flower Gift make both Special AND Physical attacks worthless against them. Also, Flower Gift boosts Puppy's attack, which is already max, and with Adamant. Cherry is Timid with exactly one more speed than Puppy, so they ALWAYS attack consecutively. Puppy also has a lot of HP EVs, and with his Sitrus Berry, dishes out OHKOs with his STAB, double-boosted Flare Blitz and improved resistance against its backlash, and only atack moves, to cover every type but Dragon. Even Extremespeed, which is GREAT with Cherry's Helping Hand. So, I want a physical attacker with Fire attacks, to work good with Cherry, and maybe even something like Follow Me. I also want it to be able to kill really fast. NOT Infernape, because Inferape is the gayest Pokemon in the universe. _________________________________________ (bla) _________________________________________ How can I replace the battery in Gold/Silver without losing the save data?
  17. I've told mods about this. I say that anyone posting a Rickroll should have their warn raised and be automatically suspended for 3~5 days, no question. Rickrolling is, if not anything else, trolling.
  18. If anyone doesn't get it yet, 3 on its side makes boobs. When I figured that out I was like "Ugh, perv."
  19. In Final Fantasy 3, I got to the final boss. I saved first, to do it later. Along the way, I decided to start a new game using only Freelancers (the worst class). I saved over the file I was about to beat >_____________> And I never picked up the game again...
  20. I JUST got that. Kids and their shennanigans or however ya spell that....
  21. >_____> How did you ever figure me out? /facepalm
  22. Men are superior to women. Women can't even take their shirts off, and it must be pretty freaking annoying having to carry around two huge lumps on your chest. Also, they have to have the baby, and they have to take it :U As long as the men aren't retarded perverts, they're superior.
  23. Jeez, I'm never on here any more. I hate this place T_T Anyway, enjoy this. Watch it the ENTIRE way through, don't stop it. And no, it's not a Rickroll, because I'm not a faggot.
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