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  1. my first hack was decay of fangs, but its dead now still loved the story i think it has 12 chapters and custom mugs plus is not overly difficult. but as for reskins try fire emblem mk404 it is a reskin with 1 or 2 custom classes and once again alot of custom mugs.
  2. Yay, Go arch now i have to download and play just like everyone else is jumping to do!
  3. Yeah all rom hacks work on any type of computer as long as you have the programs and they work, to patch just use multipatch and as for emulator VBA works great as long as you get the mac version or Desmume for DS hacks.
  4. happy 19th birthday!

  5. I would love to see this become as popular as last promise!
  6. Good luck from what i tried hacking is hard and what your planning is well... just good luck.
  7. If you go back a couple pages Arch posted one that goes up until pent.
  8. If you go into the library and then to application support then over to VBA or visual boy advance or what have you then you can put that save in to the battery save slot just be sure the rom and the save have the same name.
  9. So am I and it won't patch for me either.
  10. i like the idea that you have made and i hope that you may continue on this and i want to see this story unfold and how you make it.
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