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  1. Nintendo released a statement a few days ago confirming that this will happen https://gonintendo.com/stories/340993-nintendo-confirms-removal-of-chris-niosi-as-the-voice-actor-for-f
  2. I don't know if I have a favorite character ending, but Wolf's ending in FE12 always stayed with me so I'd like to give it some praise: I'm not a fan of most of the changes FE12 made to FE3's story, being able to save characters who previously could not saved included (Michalis has already been discussed in this thread for example). Despite my grievances, what they did with Wolf is the exception that I don't completely dislike. The fact that he never recovers from the events of the war like the rest of the Wolfguard, as well as the implications of this ending paint a very grim picture that's still consistent with his character. It's probably the best direction they could've taken with him after no longer having the dilemma of being forced to fight some of your former allies with no way of recruiting them. My least favorite I'd say is... a tie between Michalis and Minvera if Michalis is alive in FE12, yeah. Unlike other bad endings that aren't consistent with the character(s), these endings also change a story that was already told years before in a strictly negative way, and that just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.
  3. Yeah, I really only got lucky with the PSTV sale, it's pretty lame tbh
  4. I managed to get a PSTV on sale to play Golden and honestly I recommend it over vanilla P4 a hundred times over despite the console limitation It really sucks that it's not more accessible
  5. Bartz (FFV), Cecil (FFIV), Faris (FFV) Zidane (FFIX), Garnet (FFIX), Tifa (FFVII) Terra (FFVI), Gilgamesh (FFV, and others), Rydia (FFIV) Shout out to my boy Bartz for making it on three of my 3x3s
  6. I've got a level 80 Lily and level 98 max HP and attack Artoria at the ready for this event. I'm on the fence on if I want to use quartz for MHX. I guess I'll do at least one roll for event CEs, so I'll see what I get.
  7. @eclipse sent a request
  8. @QKumber sent a request
  9. They're scheduled to arrive after the daily reset.
  10. @Megalodon966 It was difficult to figure out how to get it in there with the other hat, sorry if it didn't turn out too good @TheKingOfTheDragovians
  11. Smash 4 had just about everything I could ask for in terms of extras and roster size and such, so really there are only two big things I'd like changed. First, probably the more debatable of the two, game speed that's comparable to Melee and Project M. I don't care about playing competitively or high level techniques, I just want that kind of speed and flow to the gameplay back. The second thing I'd like, and one I think everyone could agree on, really good online play. Not just improved online, not just decent online, really good online. Aside from that I'd just want some smaller changes, like instead of having omega stages we can just turn off stage hazards, or a better menu layout cause in Smash 4 it feels like they just put stuff on the screen and in other menus at random.
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