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  1. I meant the spot you circled in green, but the other section could also use a teeny bit of improvement now that I'm looking at it. Also I was more referring to the skin underneath the hair, not the hair itself.
  2. It's a very good start, but it doesn't look quite finished. The headband is all jagged, and the shading underneath the hair on the right side of her face is nonexistent. Also, it doesn't look like you merged it onto Brunya's body properly, like you just panned the body underneath the face's layer and left it at that.
  3. Not the pose necessarily, but try to change the look of the character more. The two examples you have right now are very clearly Tana and Marisa. If you're aiming to make a project with an original characters and story, you'll want them to look different. This can be as simple as mix and matching the hair, face, and body of three different characters, but you should generally try to be more creative when combining assets. If I didn't explain that very well, here's an example of how to go further with splicing by Taoamr.
  4. It doesn't actually matter as long as it's different from the rest of the colors. Ideally it should be something light and pale so you can see your work better, but I don't think there are any actual color restrictions.
  5. Remember, those 16 colors include the mandatory background color, so your character is really only allowed 15 colors on it. You'll also need animation frames if you want it to function properly.
  6. Another thing worth noting. This sprite looks like it goes over the 16 color limit. If you want to use this in an actual hack, you won't be able to insert it.
  7. If these aren't for practice, and you're planning on using them in an actual project, you should try to be more transformative. This isn't exactly required or anything, but it will make for a more defined final product with it's own identity.
  8. Zelkami

    Auto's Sprites

    Very good for a first time. Nice and clean, and you've made good changes to the source items. A couple things I would fix though. Red isn't a bad color for this guy, but Amelia's color makes him look like a silly strawberry. Might just be me though. His collar could also probably be shaded a bit better. Looks very flat currently.
  9. I'm not going to critique these new guys specifically, but I'll use them as an example as they're fairly emblematic of a common problem in your work. You seem to only be using base character sprites like a character customizer, taking hairs, faces, pieces of clothing as they are, and sticking them together. Your 3rd sprite for example, it's painfully obvious it's just Vaida with Fir's ponytail and Garret's shoulder armor. You'll get much better results if you take it further. Don't feel tied to a single piece, and don't be afraid to make minor corrections. Here's a visual example made by Toaomr in case I didn't explain that very well.
  10. I guess that's fine if you're just for yourself, but you should still try to keep track of what pieces you use from which artists, just in case.
  11. Here's the sheet in question, but you do have to get direct permission from the artist to use these.
  12. I don't know who Astra is, but here are some sprites that are completely free reign to use.
  13. You should upload your sprites in their original, unzoomed resolution. This way they can be judged properly. Just going by eye though, here's what needs fixing. From left to right: 1. Good job on the hair and face. I'm having a hard time telling where you got your pieces from, which is a good thing when it comes to splices. Everything from the chin sown needs work though. He needs more shading on the neck to make his chin stick out a bit more. His armor could also be touched up. It's clear you're trying incorporate Ephraim's armor, but it's not done well. The way the cloth attached to the shoulder armor made sense. Here, it's not clear what's supposed to be going on. 2. Simple fix. Needs more shading on the forehead and neck. It looks very flat. Also, round out that cheek of his. It's unnaturally sharp. 3. Yikes, where to start with this guy. His chin isn't properly outlined, so it looks like it's stuck to his neck. Even if it were outlined properly, that doesn't change what a poor fit it is. The way the body is positioned, his head should not be facing at that angle. If you're dead set on using Geitz's body and Hector's face, I'd redo the whole thing with the version of Hector's face that's facing the player. You should also at least recolor the body to differentiate it from Geitz. 4. Nothing much wrong with this one. His hair looks kind of flat though, so it could be shaded better.
  14. I think the other two put it a bit more eloquently than I could, so I won't delve too much into where they've already gone. As for the splices themselves, they're not great, but I've definitely seen worse. There's a bit too many to go into individually, but there is one common theme I can see that needs to be addressed. Color consistency. You're clearly using colors from both the FE6/7 and FE8 palettes. If these are all going to be part of one game, you need to settle on one or the other. I'd also suggest you try to be a bit more creative and ambitious with your design choices. None of the characters really stick out from the crowd or catch the eye. Not every character necessarily needs to be a stunning bastion of originality, but there's not a lot of inspiration on display here. The lady with the bandanna and the purple braids, and the smug looking green guy are a step in the right direction. More of that please.
  15. Nanna's feather was bugging me so I fixed it a bit. Added a her necklace, and updated her minimug to be more accurate.
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