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  1. Why have a translation with localised names in? Personally I prefer Shiida to Caeda.
  2. Thank you for your words Newtype Eldigan Yes my views may upset those "gender spectrum types (fan-supporters)" But I just simply find this whole thig ridicuous. PLus I forgot to mention I have a trans friend and even she thinks it's stupid so Not transphobic. So if this "almighty Admin wants to kick me then do your worst douchebag cuz I don't give a shit i'm not like mangs and cancel culture and the so called "karens, sjws and 100 gender Drones don't mean shit to me! so do your worst!
  3. be like that but my opinion still stands and there are ONLY two genders male and female no neutral your born a male your a male transition to a femal your a female simple science really this whole thing is just because some jumped up sjw thiught lets give people more thigns to be bithcy about at this was born. imnot homophobic like i said i have gay frinds and they are hilarious so are my lesbian friends but this stupidity has to stop
  4. I wish roy's sprite didn't look so derpy would it be possible to use the eliwood sprite for the base unpromote then once he obtains the binding blade he uses the one he uses when he gets that?
  5. I still stand by my statement I have no issue with gay's or lesbians I actually have gay and lesbian friends.but i disagree with this gender spectrum nonsense plus even science has debunked this so why carry it on? Warn me all you like but im not changing my statment. This video explains it in more detail.
  6. sorry but this whole multiple gender thing is bullshit there is and always will be male and female so people need to stop being stupid even when going for a sex change you will still be male or female it's just twitter morons wanting more attention.
  7. This looks so amazing defiantly keeping an eye on this.
  8. if need be i may just go for fire emblem rom hack instead but keep the details i already disclosed just alter the name a little Just call it Final Conquest
  9. just checked the damn demo version wont allow you to export the demo game which sucks, so it's pretty restricting.
  10. i'll do the demo for free and with the full thing being a paid thing plus i'm having the money go straight to the PDSA.
  11. dragon quest and a con i need to save for as im splitting the hotel bill with my best friend so funds are hard to get so i feel your pain buddy.
  12. are you able to output a playable version with the demo version? plus nearer the time i'll be putting a request for a beta tester before i release the demo to the forum my goal is to get Mangs to play it as i find him very entertaining plus i plan to include him in the game somewhere as an enemy or a recruit-able ally but only if certain conditions are met.
  13. Thanks ProfImpossible, I can share a bit of info on the game You follow the Journey of Gladiator Ivan, his Sister's best friend Mercer an archer with a very serious attitude and Martel a swordsman tasked with protecting Ivan on his Journey (the Jagen of the game Not a super Jagen) in the four playable chapters you will recruit a flirty Dragon rider who develops an interest in Ivan called Shara, A skilled Thief called Freyja, a Dancer called Celeste and last but not least a sage by the name of Ried who is a little like Lute from Sacred Stones. As for the Demo It should be available once i can figure a few things out as the demo is very limiting.
  14. I will share the game rest assured only thing i'm trying to figure out is how can i change the main screen before you begin the game the demo i'm working on will have 4 chapters and i plan to have 30 chapters and may include voice acting since i do that myself and i'm working on becoming a professional. Would anybody be interested in being a beta tester for me once i've done a good amount of work on the demo version and once i figure out how to change the back ground for the screen before you start the game?
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