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  1. I've been pretty lucky with my pulls. Despite being F2P and generally not playing all that much, I have pulled the following ten 5-star units (in order of acquisition): Azura, Camilla, Robin, Tiki (old), Lucina, Seliph, Eirika, Xander (Spring), Alm, Olwen I've also got 200 orbs and 40k feathers saved, so that number will definitely increase once IS releases some more worthwhile characters (cough Tellius cough).
  2. Happy birthday!

  3. Was Xander's VA the voice of Zelgius from back in FE10? They sound super similar. Unfortunately, I can't find a name for Zelgius' VA to check.
  4. I doubt a Smash NX port would have more characters. Probably just a "Complete Edition" with all the DLC so that new players don't have to spend ~$100 on everything like we have. We've never been given any indication how far along the Ice Climbers were before they got canned (they were running, but that doesn't mean anywhere near completed/balanced), and the supposedly last-minute inclusion of 8P-Smash could pose problems for the Icies anyway. As for other characters, that would NOT be received well by the community, and it would defeat the purpose of ending development of the Wii U/3DS games to free up the developers to work on other projects. I expect a straight NX port, with prettier lighting/textures at best. I'm not even sure I expect any further balancing changes.
  5. By early 2013 we already had Zelda 3D, Star Fox 3D, Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, NSMB2, Kid Icarus, Pushmo/Crashmo, Resident Evil, Dead or Alive, Metal Gear 3D, Professor Layton, SSFIV3D, Theatryhthm, Kingdom Hearts 3D, SMT: Devil Survivor, Paper Mario, and Zero Escape in terms of well-received 3DS games. And Awakening came out near the releases of Luigi's Mansion, DKCR3D, Monster Hunter 3U, Animal Crossing, and Etrian Odyssey IV. The good reviews helped, but Awakening sold because it was advertised highly and word of mouth was super positive, not because there was nothing else to play.
  6. Why do people keep saying they wish Lucina was demoted to a skin? That's literally just wanting less content. No upside. No other character could have been made in her place (except maaaaybe Alph) since she was a straight clone upgraded from a costume. You would just have one less separate character. @bold: That's not at all his motivation, even in the Japanese version, so look up the actual convo before you get all offended over it. And there's no way it's making it past localization anyway.
  7. Not at all true. ZSS is fairly difficult to use at the top level (where people know how to get out of her cookie-cutter combos), and Sheik is not particularly easy (especially since everyone knows the matchup). The reason Sheik and ZSS are used the most is because they are straight up better than other characters. They have virtually no lag on their attacks: startup, endlag, or landing lag. ZSS is easily one of the hardest-punishing characters in the game. She can kill you at like 50% off of a single mistake, and her only real weakness is a slow grab. Sheik, on the other hand, has the best neutral in the game, can rack up damage ridiculously fast while remaining super safe, can recover safely from virtually anywhere, and can kill easily off either a pseudo-50:50 from dthrow or early gimps. She's probably top 5 in the game at gimping other recoveries. It's not so much that they're easier to use, but rather that the reward-to-effort ratio is way higher.
  8. Well after Awakening they decided to add feet to all the characters, but adding shoes was too much effort. Regarding my personal opinions of Corrin, I think he looks fairly unique for a sword weidler (similar to Robin). I don't really care about the character, since his game isn't even out yet, but in the end I'm sure he'll be fun to use and battle. He looks like he has potential for competitive play, though these trailers always make characters look way better than they are.
  9. Well she won with the big asterisk of "among realizable characters". That means excluding anyone that the devs couldn't get the rights to or couldn't come up with a design for. Which could be pretty much anyone, including a decent chunk of characters like Banjo, K Rool, Isaac, Inkling, and other common picks. Frankly, they could exclude pretty much anyone from this results on a whim and say they were not realizable. I just have a hard time seeing Bayonetta as ranking #1 anywhere, since I saw virtually no buzz for her. That all said, I am THRILLED that she is in this game. I never even considered voting for her because I didn't think she had any shot. But seeing her in motion is amazing. She looks like she was pulled straight out of her games, with loads of recognizable moves and strategies. They even managed to maintain her exaggerated sexuality without breaking the E10+ limit. Brilliant character choice. As for Corrin, I understand the community's FE fatigue, but he looks like he has an incredibly unique playstyle. We don't have any other transforming character like him. I'm not particularly invested in the character, since I haven't played Fates yet, but I'm always up for a unique playstyle.
  10. I don't know why people even both posting music screens. They're ridiculously easy to fake, so even if you somehow did miraculously manage to leak something no one would believe those screens anyway. And if you're faking them you're wasting your time. That said, the Wolf model, CSS, battle image, and adventure stuff look pretty impressive. Calling fake, but still nice work.
  11. I love my Wii U. It might just be because I'm super busy starting grad school, but I honestly don't have enough time/money to play all the games I want. I mean, in terms of good exclusives we've got: New Super Mario Bros. U / Luigi U Nintendo Land Pikmin 3 The Wonderful 101 Super Mario 3D World Hyrule Warriors Mario Kart 8 Bayonetta 2 Super Smash Bros. for Wii U Splatoon Super Mario Maker Yoshi's Wooly World Xenoblade Chronicles X And Star Fox, SMT x FE, and Zelda Wii U are still on the horizon. Not to mention the few good multiplats plus virtual console and all the great indie games. Nintendo games may not be for everyone, but there's more than enough stuff on that list that I like to keep me content.
  12. Speak for yourself, man. I beat ZeRo in a tournament... ...Okay, it wasn't in a tournament, it was in friendlies. And I didn't beat him, but at least I took a stock... Okay, I didn't take a stock, but I did actually hit him... Okay, I didn't hit him, but I did play him once. Well, not so much him, but I did play someone. In friendlies. And that person's percentage was Zero at the end of the game. So it's basically the same thing. On topic, I really hope Nintendo was not actually planning on suing the PM guys into bankrupcy. I get that they need to protect their IP's and whatever, but skipping right past the C&D to destroy the lives of some of your most dedicated fans is a total slap to the face.
  13. Someone's gotta make it happen. Take Smash 4 and make it floatier, then add back tripping, chain grabs, and hitstun canceling. But hey, at least Marth gets buffed, right?
  14. I'm seriously bummed about this. I haven't played PM much recently since I was waiting for the inevitable Knuckles/Lyn/Isaac update to drop. I don't even think I ever got 3.6. Now I'm super disappointed we'll never got to experience the fruits of the devs' hard work. Here's hoping someone leaks what they had made already, so that somebody else can finish the job. Also, warchamp7 has insisted that no legal action or threats were moved against them, and that no one on the team is working for Wavedash. He basically confirmed this was a preemptive move to dodge future legal concerns. The only thing he hasn't said is why this happened so suddenly when just two weeks ago they were sharing art for the new update. And from the sounds of it, we might not ever know.
  15. Ike You definitely want upthrow for your one throw. Dthrow knockback scales up very quickly, while upthrow stays reliable much later. Picking aerials and recovery moves definitely gets tricky, though, since full recovery ability requires two moves instead of just one on most characters. My gut feeling would be: Jab Nair Fair Bair Quick Draw Jab, nair, and fair are for sure. I could see an argument for dash attack or Aether making the list over bair/QD, but I think QD and bair are more broadly useful. Bair and dash attack are both great kill moves, but bair can autocancel out of SH which makes it slightly safer to throw out when compared with dash attack's crazy ending frames. Ledge-drop bairs are also super nice damage-builders on several stages. 3/5 moves being aerials does seem a little unbalanced, though. Unfortunately, neither QD nor Aether are really useful outside of recovery, and I don't think I can justify wasting two slots on Ike's measly recovery. So I have to go with the single most helpful recovery tool. While QD is more gimp-able than Aether, I feel like it can save you in a larger number of situations since it works from most launch trajectories above the stage. Could be wrong there, though. I haven't actually compared Aether vs. QD usage in pro matches.
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