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  1. Don't care what Rowlet turns into in the end, that's my family's 'Aumakua (Hawaiian Family God) and I'm sticking to that.
  2. Assuming that the crater is the southern most part of the island, then sure, it's Oahu rotated about 15 degrees clockwise.
  3. Nope, it matches the Island of Oahu: 1. the Volcano/Crater in the south is Diamond Head/Kaimanahila 2. There is a harbor in the south which is Pearl Harbor 3. The giant pink building seems to be based on Tripler Army Medical Center a famous Hawaii Landmark. 4. I think the main town is based on Downtown Honolulu. 5. The enclosed bay on the East side seems to be based on Hanauma Bay
  4. Yeah, I think it'll match with the geography of Hawaii and maybe be an archipelago like the Sevii Islands. Its definitely too small to be the WHOLE region. I mean this current island seems to match the geography of Oahu.
  5. For those of you who are curious. Aside from LItten whom I guess is just a generic cat for now, the other two Starters: Rowlet is based on the Pueo/Hawaiian Owl (My family's Aumakua (spirit animal) Popplio is the Hawaiian Monk Seal or Ilio-holo-i-ka-uaua.
  6. Hyped for the Hawaii region! Official Region name is the Alola Region. Also Professor's name is Kukui
  7. That was wonderful! Bravo! Thank you for your contributions to the series!
  8. Updated mine to have Aptitude Kaden: 15025-17078-64047-82625
  9. 3DS Friend Code: 3136 - 7088 - 2625 My Castle Code: 15025-17078-64047-82625 Chosen Affinity: Valla Name: Ft. Naui (Coming up with a name later) Region: NA Food Resource: Rice & Meat Mineral Resource: Jade and Topaz Battle Level: Easy. No weapons, no defensive spawns. Easy Seize Units: Avatar = Counter & Aptitude Azura = Aptitude Felicia = Astra, Vantage, Aptitude, Sakura = Counter & Aptitude Hana = Aptitude Rinkah = Aptitude Selena = Aptitude Elise = Aptitude Kagero = Aptitude
  10. Currently, Roy's amiibo is listed as not compatible with Fates, though that may change given that I think that Fates is not entirely done with DLC given the "Wave 1" DLC label on the official NOA site.
  11. So, in Awakening, Manaketes and Taguel's kept their Dragon and Beast unit statuses even when they were not in a class that had either status. Does the Avatar, Kana, Kaden, Selkie, Keaton, Velouria have this quirk?
  12. I thought it would have been Suiga. Asugi sounds so...weird.
  13. I know quite a bit, especially some heavy spoilery stuff on the Conquest and Birthright side since I work on the FE wiki. As for the Revelations side, I really don't know much because I've made an effort to avoid it as much as possible. Other than that, I don't know the full story and the events that transpire in all three routes, so mostly unspoiled, but still heavily spoiled for the first two routes.
  14. Does Nyx's Personal skill stack on Magic Counter, or does Magic Counter take prescience due to the higher damage reflect? Nyx's half damage counter + Magic Counter's full damage = 1.5x damage edit: In fact, does this apply to counter as well if all three can stack? Nyx's half damage counter + Magic Counter's full damage + Counter's full damage = 2.5x damage?
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