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  1. PMs, I guess you could say. After that, I lurked for a bit and couldn't miss a chance to avipost like in ye olden days
  2. To quote the old man; people like their memes
  3. O...old... But really, with the exception of now and up to June, I'm usually only on the forums once a month to change my avi. Basically to re-confirm that I'm idol trash, in other words
  4. Soon as I decide to not be dead for a bit, I missed some familiar faces, gdi
  5. Also, talking about SRW almost exclusively lol Double posting lawl
  6. I suppose not. That side, I clearly wasn't thinking about Crossgate shenanigans that already exist in OG. ...The more I think(read: tinfoil hat), the easier I can see how to make tetris(connect dots) with where the OG plot is and Z's plot
  7. I recall reading about them hinting spheres, but I have mixed feeling about Z-verse being added. Dimension bomb how do. Mainly, I'm just tired of seeing "MasAKEE gonna TuRN into asAKEEM", like that's all there is to Z. As much as I don't want that to happen, I'd be intrigued admittedly.
  8. Yah. 2 years ago, there was an Idol x SRW OG collab, but in the idol game instead of Cross Omega. There, along with many idols piloting mechs from the OG-verse, she was in the Cybuster. They also "fought" Keiser Ephes, it was amusing. I lost the twitter post that showed which girl piloted what mech. If you'll pardon the ramble: The very interesting thing about this collab is that while it's an SRW OG collab, the featured artwork has Gunleon, who is clearly not OG. So that tells me two tinfoil hat-esque things: The next new SRW is surely OG, and it may most likely finally feature the Z-verse...!
  9. Ah yes, that is two things: A nod to Cybuster's theme, and since there's an Idolmaster/SRW collab going on in Cross Omega, with Uzuki Shimamura being the pilot of Cybuster(again), one of her abilities is called "Neppu Shippu Shimamura"
  10. Neppu! Shippu! Shimamura! ...and all that good shit. I aim to please. sometimes even sarcastically
  11. s T o P g A T e k e E E p I N G t H e n e W F a N s, w E d 0 N t w A n N a L e A r N ! That gave me a headache to type
  12. Nioh 2's character customization is good, namely the hair... specifically the hair, rather. Made me more aware that KT be sleeping on character customization in their Musou games That Ken clone from that irrelevant fighting game series is in Smash. When's my Geno because being a side character in one game compared to Terry friggin Bogard makes makes him the most relevant fucking character ever People's feeling are hurt because Death Stranding isn't a brain dead run and gun, or a carbon copy of Metal Gear because Kojimalol, also is a walking/delivery service sim. On the other side of the coin, people are too quick to defend it because it's "not all about action, some games are about the story, exploration, etc" or what have you. While I don't disagree with that sentiment, I just wouldn't get so wound up about it People weird
  13. Poor you I'm not sure which of those I'm giving my sympathy to; being horribly bored in general, or being bored enough to do... that
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