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  1. These last ones are really neat. I'm digging it a lot.
  2. Oh. Non-recruitable. NPC Recurring character. Hopefully when I find time to actually sit down and do things again there'll be more things for her.
  3. I believe I fixed the issue where she won't load past chapter 15. Took a little figuring out once I sat down and started working upon it but it should absolutely work now.
  4. Oh. I would just call it a Hiatus. I've been hard pressed to work on much of anything for a while. I have some stuff prepped but I have to do some things on my end to work out the technical issues. I can't promise anything immediately. I never put out anything I'm not comfortable with. Maybe there'll be a small patch? But thanks for the expressed interest.
  5. Out of every character so far, and there are many I dislike. I absolutely hate Takumi, having played Birthrite and Conquest to at least chapter 15 in both routes. Can't stand him.
  6. Do it! Do it! Do it! Do all the things. It's okay!
  7. That. Is. FUCKING. Sick. I (as politely as possible) demand an animation package. C:
  8. Noted. I won't be posting another update immediately though. Not until I have something to show for the critical. But thanks for the input.
  9. Okay. Uploading more garbage. It's coming along. Not quite done. Also a palette change for the sake of the animation palette. I went with Raven because Raven is easy to recognize.
  10. Female Lord/Squire Description: Sword only. Female Lord type animation based on Karina from TLP, please do not rip any portraits. Most appropriately used for female characters that utilize rapier like weapons. In this case the sword is meant to more akin to an Estoc. Package include Palette Examples, Frames, Script. Credits: DH_Ninja + ArcFalchion (No Permission Needed but please credit). Download Link
  11. I'm about to post it. It should be up in a few moments in the Resources thread but I encourage you to take a look. I worked hard upon this. ^^; It could use some touching up but I don't want to linger too long on this. Edit: It is up now. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=54826&p=4180035
  12. Heheh. So people don't think somethings up. It wasn't anything bad.
  13. <3 Okay but in all seriousness I'm going to watch the submission. There's quite the story behind this. At the very least it seems like people are enjoying it which I think is what really matters for something like this. Edit: This is a message from DH_Ninja. I await you in the PM Box, Marky.
  14. Just do the thing. It could be a bit before I get to it. No progress but i'll certainly follow up on peer review.
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