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  1. Thank you. I'm taking the time to learn how to use FEBuilder and relearn eventing a bit. I'm thinking of moving things over to FE8 but the only issue is figuring out how to implement the tactician there. It would make things easier with how much stuff has been documented for FE8. EDIT: 11/11/2020 It's been a long time since I updated this post and I apologize for that. Motivation is very fickle to me and likes to come and go whenever it wants. Plus 2020 is a massive flaming garbage dump. I’m about 60% done with carrying the prologue chapter from FE7 to FE8. Going to copy and paste from my FEU update post here. I’ve updated the world map to a nicer version and will include the “Magvel” world map introduction events. I've also updated the title screen a while back but forgot to make the post here. Sorry about that. Changed the stat screen as well. I was stuck on figuring out how to assign weapon levels to the tactician character based on player choice. So it took some time, but my workaround is that the tactician will have a rank level of “E” for all weapon types and will be given a bronze weapon to level up the weapon of choice. The weapons other than the bronze weapons that are originally E rank will be bumped up to D to avoid the issue of the tactician being able to wield all weapon types regardless of player choice. I’ve also been redoing the tactician animations to make it more unique and not just a reskin. So that will take some time to do. However, I’ve been tweaking the pegasus knight animations in order to have a larger range of palette choices. Here is the new version of Zemira’s palette. I’ve also included the new palette for the falcon knight class as well. I’m going to edit the animations for both classes in order to have a public release in the future so that everyone can have the opportunity to colour their pegasus the way they wanted without the restraint of having the pegasus’s mane be stuck on yellow. I’m also working on the ulfos (wolf) animation so that a transformation animation is included. I’m aiming to make it be similar to the manaketes’ animations in the original fire emblem games. I will also make that public once I finish it and have it working in my hack.
  2. Have a small update for you guys. Just made a custom animation for Patrick Patrick Mage Attack Animation I also worked on the ulfos animation as well. Ulfos Attack Animation Ulfos Critical Animation Still trying to work on figuring out how to fix the howl sound to play correctly.
  3. I am alive, just been very busy. The project's not dead, just been in and out of motivation to work on it. But I have made progress on it since the last time I've updated. Been practicing to get the hang of FEBuilder and I've managed to insert a knife animations. Sorry for the potato quality. Been a bit rusty with making gifs. https://imgur.com/a/TYG1pSe I'm also rewriting the prologue chapter so I'll post a patch for it when it's done.
  4. Thank you for understanding. Been fiddling with FEBuilder so another small update.
  5. Hey everybody, a much-needed update is in order. First, I apologize from going AWOL for a long time. A lot of things have happened since I've last updated and I'll admit my motivation for the project has dropped immensely. I worked on this project for far too long for it to end up dead so it may seem like it, but it's not. It's just incredibly taxing to take on a hacking project by yourself for the most part. It makes it much harder to get back into it when I'd end up stuck on a portion of the hack and lose the drive to work on it. Because I've been gone for a while, a lot of stuff has changed with how things are done with respect to hacking. So I pretty much have to relearn how to hack again. I'm starting on migrating over to FEBuilder from FEditor and picking up things as I go. Before I get into the hacking portion, I want to work on the world building and plot of the hack first because I felt that it needs to be built more in order to have a solid story. I think that's part of the reason why I kept getting stuck with the hack. Every time I felt like going back to it, I look at my notes and see where I left off, and then I'd lose that motivation immediately and drop it again for a bit. I know it's not fair for everyone that you have to wait for such a damn long time for me to release something, but I just felt that I can't release it till I feel it's ready. I would like to ask for help on it, but I feel that because I've been away for so long, it wouldn't be fair to those who offer help either. I could lose that motivation again and be on another long hiatus and I don't want your efforts to go to waste. I do appreciate the help I've received in the past and those who have offered in the past though. I won't forget the help that got me this far in hacking, even though it's not much yet. Maybe once I get things going again I'll accept help, but for now, I'll take baby steps. TL;DR: I took a long hiatus and am back for who knows how long. Sorry to those who have waited for this project and I thank you for being patient with me. So, for now, a little snippet of what I was working on.
  6. Can't give a specified date because every time I do it never happens. It think it's jynxing it tbh lol. Have to say no because again rl stuff happens =/ Sorry that you have to wait so damn long for this thing. I'm actually happy that you accidentally remembered haha. But i do have a small update. I find that I tend to get the motivation to get back into hacking by working on the graphical stuff. So here ya go. Updated the soldier animation And did a recolour of the cavalier animation I will do the same for the female cavalier and both paladins as well. Got the colour schemes down, just need to put it all together. But I'll hold off the paladins till when I need it. :) I have a week off from work, so hopefully I can get right down to it and make more progress on the hack.
  7. Almost done making the bow animation for the tactician. Also reworking the plot a bit as well as the dialogue. Going to release the patch after chapter 3 rather than 4 because I want to get you guys playing as soon as possible.
  8. Yup still alive and kicking. Just a bit slow. :)
  9. Thank you. The first week with the injuries was a very rough one but don't worry I healed up for the most part. Definitely took my time with this as much as I hated having to take a mandatory hiatus. I have used the emblem weapon slots many of the original item slots to replace them for items such as beast slayer weapons, knives, beaststones, etc. So I would need to expand the item table as well as the weapon icons and I need to look that up and figure it out if I want to add emblem weapons for the tactician. Thanks for being patient and understanding. :) Much needed update. Somehow forgot about making a post in the thread about the status of the hack. Sorry about the huge lack of updates. I'm slowly going back into it and I find myself tending to jump here and there when it comes to working on the hack. I mean I was working on this rather than working on chapter 3. Some fixing up is needed with the timing, but hey I got transformations in there at least. I'll admit that I tend to work on things that are way ahead of where I'm currently at and I need to stop doing that lol. Seriously, I was working on Andros' promoted animation and 2 other custom animations when I was working on chapter 2. Speaking of animations, I'm redoing the tactician's animations. I've looked at the comments posted on the youtube video I posted to showcase them and I felt that I need to make them more unique, rather than reskins of the originals. The only one I'm keeping is the rally animation. Any ideas or suggestions on the tactician's fighting style? Having some trouble with matching the fighting style with the tactician. I need to focus on getting the patch out. I think the trouble I'm having atm is maintaining the motivation to work on this. It always comes in bursts and I would prefer a steady one so that I can actually get a patch going. And sorry for the wall of text. =p
  10. I wish I could say that I did. But sadly I broke my finger and got two other fingers pretty cut up. So I couldn't make it in time. So updates will have to go much slower and maybe even a hiatus. It gets kinda frustrating when you can't do much work with three less fingers. =( I'll update when I can though.
  11. Ooh thanks for offering some ideas for new classes. I was going to change the falcoknight to use spears and staves similar to awakening's. Haven't really have many ideas for brand new classes yet since I want to focus on getting the patch ready for release in two months I think? Whenever FEE3 comes out. Copy and pasted from my FEU thread on what I have so far class wise that are new/changes to old classes [spoiler= List of New Classes] * Tactician: The MyUnit character. At the start of a new file, the name and affinity you chose will show up when you check the Tactician's stats. The gender will show up during important scenes in the game.You will be prompted to selecting which weapon you want to use (sword, lance, axe, or bow). The tactician can refresh units using "Rally." * Grandmaster: Tactician promotes to this class. Again, you will be prompted to make a choice, this time you'll choose which type of magic you want to use (Anima, Dark, Light). You will still be able to refresh units and use the weapon you previously chose at the beginning of the game. * Aendar (Originally Yamanu, but didn't sit right with me, so I decided to change it): A race that are able to shapeshift for battle (Laguz equivalent) More will be added in the future * Ulfos (Wolf Laguz/Wolf Skin equivalent) They'll use beaststones in battle * Ludrak (Dragon Laguz/Manakete equivalent) They'll use dragonstones/firestones in battle * War Monk: This one is WIP atm. Not sure whether the monk will promote to this class or the priest. But whichever class promotes to the War Monk class, the other will promote to Bishop. * Griffon Lord: WIP Use Swords and magic [spoiler= Changes to Old Classes] * Thieves/Assassins: Will be able to use knives. The knives won't be part of the weapon triangle. It will combine with the bow to become a new weapon level. So instead of just a bow weapon level, it will now be a projectile weapon level. The knives and bows will have weapon locks so that only thieves and assassins can use knives and not bows. * Falcoknights: They will no longer be able to use swords, but will be able to use staves instead. * Wyvern Rider: Switch from using lances to axes. * Wyvern Lord: Use Axes and lances, switch out swords * Bandits: Changed stats so that it's more power based * Fighter: Changed stats to have more skill and speed * Pirate: Changed stats to be in the middle between the other axe users Probably will add female equivalent classes as well (Mercenary, Hero, Cavalier, Nomad, Nomadic Trooper)
  12. Oh, so that's how they do it. That makes a lot of sense. Really?! That would be awesome! I could use the help since I don't have much experience when it comes to making battle frames. I'll pm you the frame and we can work from there.
  13. I had a feeling that was the case. I've seen other battle frames that were much more fancier that were inserted alright, so I though mine was simple enough. I'll simplify it further and try to reinsert it again when I have the chance to.
  14. Now that I got the ulfos animation fully functional and learned how to set generic palettes for custom animations, I've been playing around with palettes for the ulfos. Going to work on other palettes here and there and continue working on chapter 3. Order of the palettes: Ally, Enemy, NPC, Other/Arena
  15. Been a while since I last updated. So I'm pretty much finishing up tweaking chapter 2 and heading into chapter 3. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the sound effects for the mauthe doog to work for my custom animation. I know that in shadowofchaos725's notes, the command for it is 5A for the growl, 5B for the bark, and 5C for the howl. Putting those in the script didn't play the sound for some reason. But the original animation works fine. If anyone has an idea on how to get this to work, please let me know. With the help of circleseverywhere, I got the sound to work for the ulfos animation! Yay! Knives are working for the most part, just the battle frame darkens a bit before the animation is played. Hurray for no more glitchy lines! I tried a bit in making battle frames. This is just a mock up of what it would look like when it's inserted. Nothing too fancy, just wanted to try inserting this before going all out. Any pointers on making this better is definietly appreciated. =) First time inserting it and here's the result. Oh...Well not exactly what I had in mind. But hey it was my first time attempting it. Proabably should leave that for later.
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