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  1. Damage is damage, and you want to deal more damage. As those abilities are passive auras, they don't require burning an action to use either; just careful positioning. Hilda's been pretty nice as a result as has Leonie.
  2. Though I'm only at Ch. 4... Skill / class exp gains in combat (weekly studies are another thing) don't seem to be reduced. Everyone got HP+5 well before hitting Lv. 5. Suppose it helps that exp gains are reduced. Even ignoring that, enemy count seems to be higher, and they certainly do take more hits from multiple units. Would say it's more than feasible. Didn't have too much trouble even back on Hard, though I did fight just about every other week. If nothing else, you can try refreshing auxiliary battles until you get the wimpiest enemies near a forest tile. Little scummy sure, but the payoff is way greater than say, grinding out S+ Swords for Swordfaire.
  3. With accurate weapons (See: The 'joke' weapons and Berserker Axe in particular), opting to not use Pair Up as Tag-Teams boost Hit... Even if you were to ignore that, they do have the triangle to work with and don't have to deal with weapon proficiency giving enemies Avo. They also don't have to deal with 99 Spd enemies. Nyx is more durable and accurate in Lunatic Conquest than Lysithea in Maddening Three Houses.
  4. Terrible compared to everyone else -- and still more viable than what you get in 3H because they don't have to deal with bulky 99 Spd enemies.
  5. Conquest's enemies do not become (much) stronger as difficuly levels rise. Stat-wise, they're balanced in a way that just about all of your units feel viable unlike 3H where most feel barely usable (if at all). Instead, Conquest's enemies rely on tighter formations, greater numbers, and...creativity. You know how in 3H every thief, every archer, every fighter you fight feels like the one you fought before just with more stats? How you feel like you're just sticking to a routine? In Conquest, enemies and their skills are more curated, designed with the maps and their mechanics in mind. If you thought you had everything including the kitchen sink thrown at you by Ch. 10 (to be fair, that might've been half the Hoshidan army), you'll find out that was really just the front door. There are very few straightforward fights past that point; almost every chapter will force you to adapt to new mechanics, skills, and formations designed to kill you in ways you didn't die to before. And in turn, you'll have to fight in ways you didn't before. There are ways to break Conquest, but if you don't find the ways (or choose to ignore them), you'll be in for a crazy ride.
  6. Neither; go War Master. Less effort, crazier results. 8D We all recommended mounted classes for Hard because Hard was just that easy. While hit-and-run tactics still work, you won't be able to just steamroll everything in the way on Maddening, allowing infantry to actually contribute as the mounted units can't run too far ahead. And of the infantry, War Master stands out because Quick Riposte is objectively busted against endgame enemies with all the Spd. Edit: That said, if you insist on one of those two, I'd go Wyvern Lord over Bow Knight. I just really like Alert Stance.
  7. Re: Brigand Dimitri Dimitri has a weakness in axes, right? Well, NG+ means you'll at least be able to offset the weakness for tuition purposes with statue bonuses. However, you can't offset the weakness for weekly study purposes; Yes, it's going to be a problem just reaching C. Re: NG+'s effect on difficulty You get more money at the start for buying weapons, Aren't restricted by Prof Lv for purchases (Silver Shield would be greatly appreciated at the start, for example), Get access to fully-leveled battalions (including Lord battalions) from the start of the game, Have statue bonuses for tuition and exp gain, the latter of which being significantly reduced from Hard, Can burn renown on former students to get them without effort, Can burn renown on Byleth if you can't burn renown on students on a route you've never done, -- Among other things. Yes, NG+ eases the game up quite a bit.
  8. She's not getting it on Maddening. >.> (Fun fact: I checked out weekly study exp after reading this. Had a feeling something was wrong beforehand...) Oh, uh, this may also healers who'd like to go Dark Knight for firepower over Holy Knight, warriors who'd like to fly, etc.
  9. In my ongoing Maddening Deer run, I've noticed the weekly study results screen ending just a bit faster than I remembered. Wasn't entirely sure, so I took some screen caps on Maddening, then did a very quick run through the game on Casual Normal up to the first week of study in Ch. 2. Was a bit slow on the trigger taking the pictures and some have already gotten their exp or are gaining exp in the 'before' shots, so I'll be focusing on Marianne for both sets rather than someone like Claude who's at the top. Normal - Before and After Marianne's Reason: 40 -> 12 (28) | Faith: 96 -> 64 (32) Maddening - Before and After Marianne's Reason: 97 -> 77 (20) | Faith: 217 -> 193 (24) Perhaps I should've given someone a weak subject of theirs to study (we actually don't have that listed at all), But I'm confident in saying that weekly study exp gains on Maddening are -8 across the board compared to Normal. Confident too that Hard is -4 across the board compared to Normal. I...probably should've checked sooner when I thought I was math'ing wrong. Anyways... This makes promotion timings tighter than ever; plan accordingly. Authority B is going to be a bit trickier to reach quickly...
  10. Well, guess that's a Linhardt thing. Did fine with Marianne. *Quickly checks* Yeah, Marianne has 7 Spd base. Mercedes has 8. Really is a Linhardt thing, poor guy. Aside: Caspar being surprised by Mercedes' speed in her paralogue makes more sense now. lol
  11. That's a Commonobler thing; it's 10 when you're in a proper mage class. And if you're worried about getting doubled by archers you can't counter, try equipping Heal instead of Nosferatu.
  12. Is Cyril's Point-Blank Volley -- a Brave-like Combat Art in a game where doubling is hard -- really that worthless, even when he gets it at C+? >.>
  13. Might be oversight rather than "We thought this was a good idea", though still shit. I can tell you that Catherine and her squad scaled up in Ch. 3, at least level-wise. Assuming stats got scaled too. The sidekicks actually outspeed the first enemy swordie, so... That said, I've not seen the paralogue on Maddening and don't remember enough of it on Hard to say this is possible, but... Stride + Impregnable Wall on Flayn -> Rescue Rodrigue might work? Good luck with the villagers if they're not scaled up too though.
  14. Maybe I'm going crazy (it's Maddening :V), but I feel like weekly study exp was reduced. The results screen finishes quicker than I remember...
  15. Tier lists generally want to sum up "Who will contribute the most across the entire game?", not "Who is the most important?". Someone like Roy would be bottom tier as his one contribution is seizing the throne. Important sure, but 99% of the game is trying to get there (which he's not very helpful with).
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