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  1. [Weapon] Precision/Focus/Avoid/Power are not Sync skills. Lucina doesn't quite buff bows, Ike doesn't buff axes, etc., nor do they give penalties related to those skills.
  2. You can ignore everyone and still get bond fragments from characters. That said, don't think you -quite- missed anyone. Accidentally spoke with a character twice one time -- a character with a blue dialog box -- and ended up getting their standard dialog along with bond fragments.
  3. I think Timerra and Ike are fine, but there are better pairings for her. Personally like Sigurd since she gets Bld, Dex, and Def while Sigurd gets someone capable of wielding great lances.
  4. Between Emblem design and how so many encourage being the aggressor, Chain Attack which itself encourages aggression, fliers being jerks ideally shot by archers who are notorious for having a weak EP, and thieves, I figure WTA having no effect when defending was another one of many decisions to encourage moving forward no matter what. ~~Tatakae, TATAKAE~~ Could WTA have -some- effect when defending? Maybe, but I think not Breaking was a balance decision because it disproportionately affects Swordmasters who lose a lot of power if they're incapable of doubling. Halberdiers wouldn't be affected as much, while Berserkers will laugh because they don't normally double anyways -- and then there's all the classes that exist outside the melee triangle.
  5. Both at their final forms? *Super* overkill. Up to Ch. 22 where you probably don't have them in their final forms nor Engage+? I think they're fine together. Don't recall a time Alear got ignored by Berserkers before then.
  6. Not gonna make a whole tier list at this time 'cause that'd take a while, but I'll comment on a few. Canter's definitely shot up in value for pre-Ch. 10 units. Even Jade can theoretically inherit it now despite having no chance to get SP before then. I'd still say Build+3's worth a look given its 500 SP cost and ability to stack with Speed+3. Extra Spd's never unappreciated by the weaker characters. Personally, I like not having to run away from my problems because my problems are now dead. Marth's Avoid and Sword Avoid skills are nice for one or two characters you want dodge-tanking. Actually inherited Perceptive early on because Alear couldn't inherit Sword Avoid at the time but figured I could transition a few chapters later (A few, I thought...). It's obviously not as nice, but it helped. Sadly, you probably won't have SP issues getting the more passive +Avo skills this time; Think it's awful now for inheritance.
  7. It'd really help if you posted the full build (or better yet, a vid) 'cause I could punch Generals and never see this. Closest to that I've seen is punching a mage you out-speed while paired with Marth, but that's four full-power hits and four half-power hits. That'd be six full-power hits effectively, but not quite what you're seeing.
  8. Been wondering the same thing. If only Chrobin's wielder got the extra Chain Attack while Engaged, it'd be like a weaker version of Marth's Divine Speed. Now, if it worked how you're thinking and Chrobin happened to be paired with a Hero, that'd be 3 Chain Attacks coming from one unit.
  9. I wonder if Robin doesn't necessarily only do Chain Attacks for who he's Engaged to i.e. 3 Chain Attacks from one Hero? Would distinguish Chrobin more from Marth who gets a free half-power swing while Engaged.
  10. Given the number of times I've seen people misunderstand the royals' 'retreat' speeches with permadeath enabled, I'd ask for multiple auto-save slots. It'd save me the trouble of doing my own rotating manual saves in case I do something dumb too. Besides that... Item stacking and item merging. Improved skill descriptions, distinguishing inherit-only skills from sync skills. Prompt to equip skills upon inheriting. Better engrave UI.
  11. Correct. You have to take on the reinforcements no matter what. Personally, I let him get near the exit before ganking him. Figured being able to deal with small bunches of reinforcements immediately would help.
  12. I can think of maybe one situation where it'd make a noticeable improvement: Warp Ragnarok. ...Though that depends on whether warping counts as movement. And whether you want to use Warp Ragnarok 'cause lol Warp Ragnarok. I'm still not over how everyone thought it'd be busted until we actually got the game.
  13. Have to say that it sounds like you didn't use Ivy. Considered a good unit, but notorious for having no aim and for randomly exploding without certain engraves.
  14. Yes, it works on enemy phase so long as you hold.
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