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  1. Sakura has the same voice as the first english trailer. The chances of these not being the real voice actors are pretty slim. Remember Sakurai even said Corrin was in production for awhile now.
  2. Err..well that was disappointing. Ryomas voice was spot on and Sakuras was pretty good but Xander and Elise..I can tolerate Elises but Xanders was just awful.
  3. Both the jap and english special editions shall be mine.. Missed out on the amazon so i went ballistic when i saw the gamestop pre orders.
  4. I turned my aqua in hoshido to a pegasus warrior end game and she did a lot more than when she was a songtress. Making her into a maid isnt a bad idea
  5. The problem with the nohr dark blood is that you already have way too may dark mages and others that can you use tomes. If your Kamui isnt good in magic, I saw no real reason to even use the tomes when i promoted. End game I had 2-3 tome users. With the Light blood, staves are at least a little more useful since unless you have 5 healers on a team, you cant go wrong with a unit just topping off your hp. And yes, Ive gone through both pathes. Both have their uses and are great promotions(dark blood looks cooler) but..yeah #opinions
  6. Just a random question I wanted to ask. In eponnes sidequest in nohr, how do you beat it? You cant talk to her with zero, you cant kill her, im not too sure what im supposed to do since if she gets away its gameover nvm I'm an idiot
  7. All shall worship the booty queen effie
  8. Beats me lol Well its a good thing I stopped going through the chapters and grinded for supports. The shara chapter is really bothersome if you dont know what youre supposed to do e.e
  9. This is the chapter where Kaze potentially dies right? Or is that just in Nohr? Regardless I have an a rank with Kamui anyways
  10. I feel like I did something wrong. I married Kaze to Mozume but there isnt a paralouge for Midoriko...and she's one of my favorites too D:
  11. We need to see OboroxKamui. Nuff said. I need to see the convos with my waifu </3
  12. There really should be a Support Conversation thread thats updated. I love reading these support conversations but Ive missed alot thats been posted here
  13. so killerger(mozume) has an axe that can strip people down to their underwear. I am fairly amused with this
  14. Oh god Youve wished me happy birthday twice when I wasnt on the forums alot in these years. So you SO so very much :)

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