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  1. Why won't you come back to us Rody ;_;

  2. about the tier list...it is almost in alphabetical order, and it's hard to believe that it's not coincidence.

  3. Rody... Come back ;_;

  4. I would say that cliches aren't something to be avoided, but then everybody will just laugh and go back to tvtropes.
  5. I don't know how FE8's inter-character balance is (besides Seth being broken), but when attempting LLR in FE7, I discovered that only a very select number of characters (around 3 or so) outside of Marcus and Oswin were usable early on unless I was playing on ez mode. Early game FE7 characters aren't capable of working together as a whole if you take away the strongest ones.I don't think any other FE I've played felt so limiting in how I was allowed to use my characters. Even a game like FEDS allows for improvisation and on the fly strats.
  6. Pretty much. A lot of the cheerfulness is off putting too. It was nice going to an FE game that wasn't trying to match the mood of an Advance Wars game.
  7. I don't much care for FE7's story or characters, but it tends to get used as a shining example of story and character.
  8. I haven't even played Sacred Stones (besides Mekkah's troll hack) and I am starting to think it is much better designed than FE7, not because of extra features like dual-class promotion or monsters, but because they actually kept things like 3x effective Mt and apparently late game enemies are actually kinda good (if it weren't for everybody being super heroes). That and its color palette doesn't suck. The game just needed a bunch of hard modes like FEDS and FE3DS have. Any FE game is gonna have the conviction of having to compared to FE7's story and wind up being bashed for it, so FE8 isn't alone here.
  9. GUNS! (I didn't know which Tangerine to use here so I put both) Tangerine (the one from Smogon) Tangerine Those "Tang!" commercials with those chimpanzees SWORDS! Red Fox of Fire Jyosua Fireman FIREWORKS! MCDONALDS HAPPY MEAL TOYS! EVERYONE ELSE FINAL FANTASY 8!! Ninji Swordmaster Saber Blacken The Rail Racer Kiku-Ichimonji Grandkitty Candlejack Fayt Zelphir Loki Laufeyjarson TRUEBLADE TIER!!! Trueblade Swordmaster Tier list created using A Kitty's Guidelines. Without him, I wouldn't be able to participate in the community.
  10. TC's name dooms him to fail any future relationship.
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