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  1. It's still long. I believe it took one of the previewers 20hrs to complete the game post skip
  2. I downloaded it, can confirm it's the cutscenes. Mine, at least, don't have any audio but, definitely the scenes
  3. Using the leaks we've seen so far, I put together a timeline of Fodlan. 41 Years Before the Empire's Founding: Saint Seiros appears, gathering together people who would form the Church of Seiros Imperial Year 1: Adrestian Empire is founded Imperial Year 32: Wilhelm Paul Hvesvelg raises an army to unite Fodlan under the Adrestian Empire, and specifically targets noble houses seeking more power Imperial Year 46: The Battle of Gronder occurs, a major clash between Nemesis and Imperial forces, which the Imperials won Imperial Year 91: The Battle of Tailtean occurs, and Seiros kills Nemesis while fighting for the empire (The opening cutscene. Also interesting to note, Seiros and Nemesis have at least 150 years alive at this point) Imperial Year 98: Wilhelm's son and current Emperor, Lycaon, dies of a sudden illness, and the chance is taken to bring the war to an end Imperial Year 721: The First Mach War, Dagda invades, and while the Empire manages to drive them back, the land of Mach sustains heavy damage Imperial Year 728: The Empire invades the Brigid Archipelago, allies of Dagda at this point. They refuse to surrender, and lose, thus being relegated to a life of Imperial subjugation Imperial Year 731: Using their foothold in Brigid, the Empire invades Dagda, but are pushed back Imperial Year 747: Loog, a descendant of one of the houses that the Empire targeted, demands independence for Faerghus, raising an army in a conflict called the War of the Eagle and Lion Imperial Year 751: Loog was successful against the Empire's forces, and with the Church of Seiros mediating, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is founded. Imperial Year 801: A rebellion breaks out in the region of Leicester. The Empire is unable to quell the rebellon, and Faerghus occupies the region, claiming it as their own Imperial Year 861: King Klaus I dies and the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is split into three territories, each ruled by one of the princes (Who become archdukes in this process) Imperial Year 881: The Archduke of the Leicester region dies of illness, and the nobility refuses to recognise the next in line, instead plotting to rule as an alliance Imperial Year 901: The Leicester Alliance is officially formed, after getting rid of all opposing forces and nobles. Duke Riegan was the heart of this alliance. Imperial Year 961: The nation of Almyra invades the Alliance from the east through a pass called Fodlan's Throat. The Empire dispatches forces to help beat back the invasion, only just winning victory Imperial Year 1101: The Alliance, Empire and Kingdom join forces to rebuild a great fort called Fodlan's Locket to protect the three from future Almyran invasion Imperial Year 1135: Alois is born, second son of a merchant family Imperial Year 1146: Alois is discovered by Jeralt, and becomes his squire Imperial Year 1157: Mercedes is born to the late Count Martritz Mercedes' mother is remarried into House Bartels Imperial Year 1158: Mercedes' younger brother, Emile, is born into House Bartels. He has a Crest Manuela becomes a member of the Mittelfrank Opera Company Imperial Year 1159: Hanneman becomes an authority on Crests in the Empire Jeralt vanishes Alois is knighted into the Knights of Seiros Imperial Year 1160: Hubert is born, the eldest son of Marquis Vestra Sylvain is born, the second son of Margrave Gautier Leonie is born, daughter of a hunter in Sauin Village Imperial Year 1161: Dorothea is born to a lady-in-waiting of Imperial nobles Dedue is born, the eldest son of a blacksmith in Duscur Lorenz is born, eldest son of Count Gloucester Manuela gains fame as the Divine Songstress Imperial Year 1162: Edelgard is born, the 4th daughter of Emperor Ionius IX Bernadetta is born, the eldest daughter of Count Varley's son Ferdinand is born, the eldest son of House Aegir Claude is born, grandchild to Duke Riegan on his mother's side Hilda is born, eldest daughter of Duke Goneril Marianne is born to an unknown lord in Leicester Raphael is born, eldest son of House Kirsten, a merchant family Seteth is summoned to the Monastery as an assistant to the Archbishop Imperial Year 1163: Casper is born, the second son of Count Bergliez' son Lindhart is born, the eldest son of Count Hevring Ingrid is born, eldest daughter of Count Galatea. She is engaged to Glenn, first son of Duke Fraldarius Felix is born, second son of Duke Fraldarius Annette is born, to Gustave, a Kingdom knight Ashe is born to restaurant owners in the Gaspard region Ignatz is born, second son of a merchant family Imperial Year 1164: Petra is born, grandchild to the King of Brigid Hanneman gives up his noble peerage after the death of his sister Imperial Year 1165: Lysithea is born, eldest daughter of House Ophelia Hanneman absconds from the Empire, and joins the Officer's Academy Imperial Year 1167: House Ordelia (Lysithea's house) is involved in House Hyrm's rebellion. In retribution, the Empire meddles in the internal affairs of House Ordelia, leading to a sharp decline in its noble standing. Lysithea is caught up in this. House Hyrm's genetic line is wiped out, and is currently headed by an adoptee Hubert becomes Edelgard's vassal Mercedes and her mother are removed from House Bartels and flee to a church, Mercedes takes up her old name Imperial Year 1168: Casper's father inherits the Count Bergliez title after his grandfather retires Imperial Year 1169: Lindhart and Casper meet and become good friends Early Imperial 1170s: A famine occurs in the land of House Galatea's lands (Ingrid's family) Imperial Year 1171: Insurrection of the Seven occurs in the Empire, where the nobility strips away most of the power of the Emperor and Hvesvelg family. House Aegir (Ferdinand's House) takes the role of Prime Minister and now holds most of the power in the Empire Lord Arundel (noted to be a major instigator of the Insurrection) takes Edelgard and flees the Empire Dorothea joins the Mittelfrank Opera House Imperial Year 1173: Ashe is adopted by the lord of the Gaspard region, Lonato Imperial Year 1174: Edelgard and Lord Arundel return to the Empire Dorothea becomes famous as the Mystical Songstress Leonie meets Jeralt and is inspired to become a mercenary like him Manuela leaves the opera and becomes a teacher at the Officer's Academy Imperial Year 1175: House Nuvelle falls to ruin after letting the combined Dagda and Brigid forces make landfall in their lands Petra loses her father in the Dagda and Brigid War, and is sent to the Empire as a sign of vasslage Imperial Year 1176: King Lambert of Faerghus dies and Grand Duke Rufus of Itha (The King's brother) assumes the throne in Dimitri's place Dimitri is the sole survivor of the Tragedy of Duscur Ingrid's fiance and Felix's brother, Glenn, dies in the Tragedy of Duscur Subjugation of the Duscur region occurs Dedue loses his family in the subjugation of Duscur. He swears fealty to Dimitri and becomes his vassal Many members, including the head, of House Bartels, die in mysterious circumstances, and this is attributed to the heir, Emile Ashe's adoptive brother Christophe is executed by the Knights of Seiros Marianne is adopted by Margrave Edmund Imperial Year 1177: Gustave, Annette's father, disappears, and she goes to live with her uncle Baron Dominic Miklan, Sylvain's elder brother, is disinherited Raphael's parents are attacked and killed by monsters Imperial Year 1178: Dimitri serves as a commander suppressing a western Kingdom rebellion Felix serves as a squire suppressing the western Kingdom rebellion Annette enrols in the Kingdom's sorcery academy, achieving excellent grades Lorenz enrols in the sorcery academy in Fhirdiad, but leaves early due to political changes in the Kingdom Imperial Year 1179: Claude is announced as a legitimate heir to House Riegan, after his mother disappeared Raphael sells his family's estate, gives up the merchant business, and resolves to become a knight Flayn begins living at Garrag Mach Monastery Imperial Year 1180: Current Day
  4. Someone on 4chan has the game and has been highlighting screenshots and story details from the Black Eagles playthrough they're doing
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