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  1. I compared my 2 cipher cards to my mtg cards and they are the exact same size.
  2. You made a little mistake under weak point in character creation "ドイ prone to making mistakes" should be ドジ. Thank you so much for making this amazing reference for us.
  3. lucina from special edition:
  4. Right. I seem to have made a mistake in my excitement. Lucina card was behind it; I didn't notice until you said that, then I remembered it seemed extra thick.
  5. The game was 19580 JPY which is $158 USD (including shipping) The 3DS was 27680 JPY/$224 USD (incl. shipping) There's an option to download the 3rd path DLC, but it doesn't work at the moment. A paper in the game case says it'll be available on June 30th of next year.
  6. I finally got to the game. At the end of the opening movie Aqua's amulet breaks off her necklace and splashes into water. The start screen ("press any button") is the amulet and pieces of the chain slowly falling from the top screen into the bottom screen. When it gets to the bottom it starts showing the classes.
  7. I pre-ordered mine from nin-nin-game.com and I assume I got the fastest shipping but my memory is just a blur of excitement. Someone else I know ordered from solarisjapan.com and got the fastest shipping; his expected delivery date is Monday.
  8. I had a whole lot of excitement, starting when I woke up, increasing as I heard the doorbell, growing even more as I was opening the packages and taking pictures and then dropping off as I had to go through all the set up and now I'm waiting for an update to download.
  9. Here's some pictures: http://imgur.com/a/Dzult It's an imgur album because the pictures are fairly large. Sorry the quality's not the best but all I have to take the pictures with is my cell phone. And this is a scan of the Marth TCG card that came with it: http://i.imgur.com/1DhzWkj.jpg And the Lucina TCG card: http://i.imgur.com/PZ33I9w.jpg
  10. I just got my special edition on the mail. Here's the Marth card: here's the back
  11. cipher "introduction video" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NjtvhatST54
  12. When I was reading the rules back when I started this topic it seemed like you could play a promoted card on top of a different promoted card by paying the promotion cost and it would be called "class change" and work the same as promotion.
  13. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=54387
  14. shadowofchaos will probably do an english subtitled version of the video eventually, since he's done all the videos so far. you can subscribe to his youtube channel to make sure you don't miss it https://www.youtube.com/user/shadowofchaos725
  15. well, this is what he says about each of the two games (~2:02-2:15): hoshido story: fight back against the nohr invasion. nohr story: prevent intrigue/conspiracy (probably rebellion) from within. higher difficulty. stuff we pretty much already knew, but it's confirmed. there's a scene of Aqua using a lance to attack at about 3:16. pair up and dual guard are explained, but that's already in the front page articles. as we already knew, Kamui isn't the only one with a skill (dragon's vein) that affects the battlefield. other royals have skills and Camilla is shown using some sort of fire move that turns the river to steam (presumably so that your allies can walk across it). you can also see male Kamui using some sort of ice-based skill on an object which freezes a small pond or lake on the map at 6:34. there are over 60 characters that can be recruited into your army. [spoiler=male kamui can bathe with ryouma]
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