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  1. turtles to the trampoline!

  2. Does this make me a heartless bastard?
  3. Thing is, Deadpool talks to us in those funny yellow boxes, while everyone else acts like we don't exist. :P
  4. Answer, and if the person is talking to you in English, speak Spanish. Then when they get someone to talk to you in Spanish, speak English. Then wash, rinse, and repeat.
  5. Oh my gosh, swine flu which is less dangerous than the regular flu, run!
  6. I think angel is a pretty cool guy, eh he flies and doesn't afraid of anything.
  7. I guess I'm sticking with Tingle, BUT I'M CHANGING MY AVATAR AND BANNER! *Cue dramatic music.*
  8. Because I need a life. And a girlfriend.
  9. I just want one because I have several systems to play GB/C, and GBA games on already, and I want my own DS.
  10. Stay away from FFTF for a while. Otherwise you'll be like me, an egg for eternity. :P
  11. I would consider not hating the series if they actually got their vampire facts right.
  12. Just wondering. All the choices are from LoZ except Unit 01, from Neon Genesis Evangelion. For other LoZ people, I was thinking the cannon guy or the Flight by Fowl dude.
  13. Tingle

    Girls - Analysis #4

    Anything from "Slightly Plump/Average+/A little more to love ;)" to "Skinny/Lean/Stick" Except I won't like skinny people if they're forcing themselves to be skinny, like anorexic people. Cause that's nasty.
  15. We've got crabs. But they're dying out.
  16. Cause we've got rich people, and crabs... and stuff.
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