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  1. I just added your FE7 speedrun to my calendar so I won't miss it! I live 10 minutes away from the AGDQ venue but unfortunately missed out on tickets this year. Otherwise I'd be there in person. :)
  2. Hi, SF! I'm really struggling with the final chapter of Conquest. (End Game: Night Breaks Through) Are the reinforcements endless? What triggers their appearance? I'm torn between riding out the waves of reinforcements until they run dry or trying to blaze ahead blindly to the boss. Neither strategy is working too well. Any tips or advice to beat this map? My tanks are Xander, Effie, Midori and Princess Popo. Everyone else is capped at level 20 and honestly trash. I got destroyed by the RNG this time. TToTT
  3. Can former mods join? ;w; I should have asked that way before I started. XD
  4. I'm back the DC area and I'll be at Katsucon this year in the Artist Alley! Come find me if you're going! I'll give you free stuff if you're nice. XD
  5. Happy 26th birthday Popo!

  6. Happy birthday!

  7. Blitz

    Happy Birthday Popo!!

  8. Popo

    Popo's Portfolio

    New poster! Also, I'm taking $6 commissions. Info here!
  9. Of course not! Personal use only. >w<
  10. Holy shit, this is incredible. OwO I hope you don't mind if I use this as my phone background~ ♥
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