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  1. So as Hero of the Fire Emblems said, the main reason this patch is being held up is the graphics. Which is entirely my fault, since I'm the sole graphics hacker working on this. When I started this a little over a year ago, I wasn't really planning on there being a lot of work. When it became apparent that the original team had moved on from the patch, I decided to try to fix the typos and name corrections that were never implemented. In my head I was thinking that it was going to take a few weeks at best if I worked on it here and there. I wasn't aware of just how much work had to be done at that point :D I really only started this because the other project I was working on was stalled for a bit while we waited for a new graphics editor. FE12 being my favorite FE game, I decided to make this quick patch during that time. Obviously I wasn't able to finish everything that needed attention at that time, and after a little while I had to go back to my other project, which meant I was dedicating barely any time to this. Well, my other project was finally completed 2 months ago (check it out in my sig if you're interested, it's a great game), so this will be my main priority now. A new patch should be out relatively soon! Just figured I owed everyone an explanation after I started this and then disappeared without a word.
  2. Roderick's Lance was shortened to "Roderick's Lnc" iirc. If "How's Everyone" and "Barracks" share the same name in the japanese version than it will be changed. And yes its supposed to be smaller (~74 mbs i think)
  3. Is this project still going on? I'm just trying to figure out if I should wait or go with the beta patch. I don't mind waiting, but if a new version isn't planned then I'll go with the beta. Finally trying to get into the jugdral games now that fe5 has an active translation that has a functional menu :D
  4. Which xdelta gui did you use? I know there's a modded version out there with some additional features, but that one isn't compatible with the patch - you'll need the one from RHDN.
  5. Did you patch it with the updated patch AFTER the HoS 3.01 patch? If yes, are you sure its still the original patch? A quick way to check is if "Hero-King" has a dash in the intro. Sorry for taking so long to respond, I didn't see your post until today.
  6. Thanks! What chapter was this in? It doesn't appear to happen in the Endgame at least.
  7. Patch your japanese fe12 rom with the 3.01 patch found here- http://www.heroesofshadow.net/p/downloads.html?m=1 Then apply the patch in the OP on the same rom. My apologies, I haven't been keeping this thread updated. I've been very busy the last two weeks with the holiday weekend and a lot of work at my job. I'm going to spend this weekend fixing the bugs that were brought up here. If someone could post or pm me a save with a chapter with mage breath in it I'd be grateful. It'd save me a little time since I lost my one and only fe12 save :)
  8. Oh i didn't know it doesn't work on zsnes. I kind of equate using zsnes to using windows xp these days. It's old and has compatibility issues but it's still used a lot for some reason :D
  9. Shouldn't the FE4 patch on this page be changed to the project naga one? Also, the titles of FE1, FE7, and FE12 were localized in Heroes but the site uses the old names for FE1 and FE7 and is inconsistent between "Heroes of Light and Shadow" and "New Mystery of the Emblem" for FE12. Although I'm guessing this would take a fair amount of work to fix, otherwise it would have been done already :D Also - Fates, Echoes, Heroes, and Warriors have the "Fire Emblem" title before them while FE1-FE13 doesn't.
  10. Cool, did you manage to implement a vwf, or is that the multiple letters on one glyph trick?
  11. Thats from drastic, i'll have to check it on my flashcart tonight.
  12. I fixed the Draug and fighter text, once again I'm not sure how that happened :D Must've been something I screwed up with a "Replace All" Would you mind sending me that epilogue save? I'll look into what's going on there. I still haven't figured out how to change the order of the names in the guide... I'll keep trying though. I looked into this. I managed to fix a few like "Sword", "Axe", and "Lance" by adjusting the spacing, but some of them still repeat on the other side of the screen. I'm not good enough with ASM hacking to fix this unfortunately. I'll go ask in the SF romhacking discord though, there's a fair bit of experienced hackers there.
  13. Beta 2 is up! The number one thing that needs to be checked in this one is the chapter title screens. This would include 7, 10x, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 21, 22, 23, and 24. I never got a chance to verify that they display correctly because I don't have a save with those chapters.
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