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  1. Hello! Does anyone know where in the app store I can find the FE iMessage stickers? Somehow stuff doesn’t always show up, which is odd. Thanks in advance!
  2. Happy Birthday!!! (sorry for a couple days late, my Internet connection had a problem)

  3. My 3DS clock is on todays, date, and I haven't been messing with it :/
  4. Chrom's birthday isn't even mentioned in my game :( Can I do something about it? My 3DS clock is onMay 27...
  5. Isn't it Chrom's birthday today? Nothing happens .__.
  6. Just wanted to say that your art is precious :3
  7. Thank you very much! Finished and submitted my skit :D Not very funny or anything, but hopefully people will enjoy it. If you like it, I'd be very happy of you'd vote for me <3 If I win, I'll be holding a giveaway for some of the prizes since I'm getting the game and the Tipo Steelbox when the game is released etc. Contest is found here: [https://apps.facebook.com/photo_contest_two/?pid=68973&page_id=171035032926046]link[/url]
  8. To me her expression looks just fine. She's mourning, isn't she? Maybe she just cried a little =') I think this is very sweet and I love the colors you picked for her.
  9. Tales-skit styled portrait of myself for the Tales skit contest. Still need to think of something funny for the contest, though ;w; That's the worst part...
  10. Moontoon

    Amelia's Gallery

    Gorgeous <3 I feel bad for being jealous of other peoples' skills, but do take it as a compliment, yeah? ;w;
  11. Crying over nostalgia

  12. Happy birthday, husbando that forced me into marrying you since I didn't know watching the S-support would lead to marriage! (jk I love you, hubby) Cake time <3
  13. Shiny Caterpie and Tangela in Pkmn Gold. Since then, nothing. I remember getting really excited and sort of nervous when encountering the golden Caterpie. It was on the Bug Catching contest which made things harder ;w; I caught it, though! It later evolved into an pink Butterfree (which was my favorite pkmn at the time <3)
  14. I'd cosplay Nino if her skirt wasn't so short ;w; Her oufit is so cute. Not sure what I would have done about my hair, though. The hairstyle is right, but obviously, my color isn't.
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